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Patrik- what are the details on the Thorpe?
Indeed...thinking a burgundy Utah Nevis...
Brown Utah...From Skoak's blog... @Leaves what other colors does the Utah come in? I know you posted the tan and above is the brown.
Brown Utah from Skoak's Tubmlr...
I think a Nevis in Willow would be amazing...it would also look pretty good in the Utah (if this is what this pic is really of):     @NAMOR how about it?
Rezsö said the factory will not shut down this year as they have a ton of orders. Production will slow a bit but it will not stop like it usually does. I am guessing they are staggering vacation for the craftsmen.
Any details/rumors about the location/opening date of the DC shop? Really looking forward to it.
Antic Cognac Cordovan
Planning on wearing them with both denim and blue/grey slacks for business casual...
The pic on the website looks like it is from the first hatch grain GMTO batch from last year. They did not have nearly the burnishing this batch did. I would have kept my pair but I already had a pair from the previous batch.As mentioned, the GMTO was supposed to be a dark brown scotch grain:But a mix up at the factory led to a burnished hatch grain. The burnishing looks great.
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