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Mike- is the vest project dead?
Mike- Will the MTO vests go up this week?
Second on this...looking forward to placing an order...
Mike said they can do up to a 48...did not mention anything about long/short though...
Nice....will there be big boy sizing? The Southwick Napoli 46 fits me well...Never mind...saw on the original post you can do up to 48...
Mike- Are you working on the vest build out?
This is killing me. I only have one pair of jeans and am really not a fan of them...Christmas maybe?
Any chance of building out the vests as well? I know you are headed to Portugal but I think you said you would leave the ordering open for a week or so. It would be nice to try and get these by Thanksgiving also.
Mike- Are the vests going up soon? Is the green herringbone the same as the one currently up for the MTO trousers?
Go for it...I did the original Frankenstitch in burgundy cordovan as a single MTO and it was then done as a GMTO and is now also a stock item at Skoak...glad to create makeups that others enjoy...
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