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Antic Cognac Cordovan
Planning on wearing them with both denim and blue/grey slacks for business casual...
The pic on the website looks like it is from the first hatch grain GMTO batch from last year. They did not have nearly the burnishing this batch did. I would have kept my pair but I already had a pair from the previous batch.As mentioned, the GMTO was supposed to be a dark brown scotch grain:But a mix up at the factory led to a burnished hatch grain. The burnishing looks great.
They were part of a GMTO that Carmina made incorrectly. It was supposed to be a jumper in the dark brown grain and they made these instead. Mike was awesome and gave us the option to buy at a steep discount or get a refund of the deposit. I had a pair of hatch grain jumpers from a previous Epaulet GMTO run.
 it is a modified Theresainer...instead of the normal cap toe this has a raised seam that creates the cap...it is on the P2 last
Mike--   Any chance that a khaki colored chambray fabric will pop up for MTO Rudy/Walt/Driggs?
It really changes based on the light...
New MTO arrived...grey museum calf from Ilcea...fantastic job as always...
Mike-- How about the Fairfax jean? Did not see that mentioned in the upcoming roll out list.
Mike--any updated timeline for the EPLA shorts?
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