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Mike- Any chance of getting vests added to the MTO options? I know you were contemplating this a while back but as I recall the maker was in Greece and things kind of fell apart. Could this be an option for Southwick or the upcoming LBM program?
Anything similar to the infamous Nightshade? Still kicking myself for not ordering a pair.
Yes. It is brick Llama. Believe Epaulet called it Terra Cotta when they ran the GMTO.
Steve got a couple of pics of my Brick Llama Frackenstitch from the factory... I am sure he will get some hi-res shots when they arrive here...very excited for these...
Mike- Will the new MTO trouser fabrics you mentioned go up this evening?
Mike-- Did you find out which Kyber cloth is the midnight navy?
I have a MTO brick llama Frankenstitch in the works...should be completed by early May...I am sure Steve will get some great pics to post...
How is the fabric selection process coming for the Eidos field jacket pre-order? Did you find a navy version of the brown glen plaid linen? Also an FYI...there is a 54 of the hemp hop sack version back in stock...
Is there a faded green or olive? What are the new seasonal colors? Actually let me know everything that is available. One can never have too many pairs of Epaulet canvas pants.
Mike- Will the cotton canvas MTO pant (Rudy/Walt) be added soon?
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