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Unfortunately not. The only places in the US are Epaulet with stores in NYC and Brooklyn and No Man Walks Alone also in NYC. NMWA is primarily e-commerce but they do have a show room by appointment.
Mike- Any chance of the navy digital camo fabric making an appearance in the upcoming EPLA shorts?
Definitely need a picture of you with a mesh trucker hat and the leather driving gloves...The trunk show would be amazing, especially if we could get an idea for upcoming items and be able to order non stock sizes versus seeing what comes out and either waiting for a MTO or be out of luck for items like gloves that are ordered way in advance...
Indeed. Can I be your unofficial boot designer if you do have an outpost here?
That is awesome news! I love their stuff and always make it a point to visit the shop when I am in Atlanta. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. Now to work on epaulet....
How is the Fairfax coming?
Will the Luchino be saved since it had the shout out from @hommeschooled?
Will an XXL be available? Will you have 38s in the EPLA washed duck shorts? You at the shop today? Tried calling but no answer. Impressive if you are doing all this from the pediatrician's office...
Mike- Any chance of a flecked/speckled oxford cloth shirt? Something similar to this:
Any chance of sending some of these fabrics to the other factory for us Walt/Rudy/Driggs guys? The indigo sanded canvas looks amazing.
New Posts  All Forums: