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Mike said the Fairfax was still a work in progress. Perhaps by year-end?
Incoming...Austerity boot in navy museum from Ilcea...
There is a Plaza Indy...I'll post pics tomorrow...have the Plaza Indy in Ravello & Color 8 and the Aberdeen NST boot in the same colors as well...I absolutely LOVE the Plaza last...
Mike- Are you going to have anything similar to the herringbone nightshade flannel fabric this season? Still mad I did not jump on that fabric last year.
Mike-will there be a return of the Nightshade fabric this season (or something similar?). Kicking myself for not picking up a pair last season.
Mike- Any update on the Fairfax jean?
Patrik- what are the details on the Thorpe?
Indeed...thinking a burgundy Utah Nevis...
Brown Utah...From Skoak's blog... @Leaves what other colors does the Utah come in? I know you posted the tan and above is the brown.
New Posts  All Forums: