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How is the fabric selection process coming for the Eidos field jacket pre-order? Did you find a navy version of the brown glen plaid linen? Also an FYI...there is a 54 of the hemp hop sack version back in stock...
Is there a faded green or olive? What are the new seasonal colors? Actually let me know everything that is available. One can never have too many pairs of Epaulet canvas pants.
Mike- Will the cotton canvas MTO pant (Rudy/Walt) be added soon?
As long as there is a navy option I will be happy...is there a navy version of the glen palid? That would be quite nice.
Sounds good. Really liked the navy hemp. Hopefully there is a similar navy fabric. Perhaps a regular navy linen?
Will the pre-order restock of the Eidos field jackets go up this week? What is their typical turn around? Thanks
Will the GMTO for the hemp field jacket be included?
We're going to need them for the MTOs
the site was slow but I was lucky enough to get a 54...hope it works...may be a tad small...if it is hopefully they will be able to offer the same fabric or something similar as an MTO...
Interested in this as well...thought it was not uploaded when the email arrived, then realized it was already gone...
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