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Gdl is there a chance of an Eidos Hunting Jacket preorder?
@Epaulet I would keep the length where it is. With a four button front I cannot visualize it getting shorter. Could you also elaborate on the Como fit pant? Sounds interesting. You are giving us thick legged guys lots of love with Rudy Rivet and now the Como! Will the Rudy Rivet be based on the new Rivet (mid 2016) or old Rivet? Also, any timing on the next round of museum calf sneaker pre orders?
Can you also try to offer XXL or 46/48 if that is the sizing. Sounds like an awesome project. Looking forward to the Rudy Rivets. Also, never thought I'd pay north of $200 for sneakers but I now own two sport trainers and will be ordering a Saffaino pair. Any date for the next round of museum sneakers?
This is pretty close to why I am selling. Right now I am wearing mostly Carmina shell jumper boots, E.G. Nevis, and some Vass. The Alden's were just sitting in my closet. I have already gotten the joy of hunting them down and wearing most a few times. Glad members are snapping things up.
I need the Rudy fit, so a Rivet option would be a no go for me.
@Epaulet I'd be all over a stretch knit denim. Especially in a Rudy fit.
Mike-- Any update when the MTO cordovan sneaker program will launch? Will it just be for cordovan, or will museum and the horsehide be options as well? Thinking an oxblood sport trainer would look nice.
Greg--are the measurements on the navy Scott & Charters shawl sweater different than the other colors? The navy XL shows a chest of 47 and the other colors show a chest of 50. Thanks
@Epaulet] any plans for another round of museum calf sneakers? Know we are still waiting for the first round to arrive but think I regret not ordering the brown ones as well.
Mike--an sneak peek pics of the new sneaker you mentioned last week?
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