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I agree.
That is the TS Project Jacket. I imagine there will be a run of them soon.
Will there moleskin pants this season?
Would you be able to inquire with Antonio about it? I find that Its much easier to herd the cats when we know the exact number of participants needed and color options.
What would the fabric minimum be? Would the same hold true for camel casentino or is that stocked? Trying to get an idea how many people we would need for this potential, hypothetical, speculative GMTO.
^Who would not want that in camel casentino...
Eidos Hunting Jacket GMTO--Follow Up   After seeing Greg's sneak peek the other day I wanted to follow up on this idea.    Greg said that MTO/MTM is not an options this season but a GMTO might be.   There were five interests a couple of weeks ago (3 for camel casentino and 2 for blaze orange).    Not sure what the magic number would be to get Eidos to consider doing this.  Let me know if you are interested and we'll see if Greg can convince the factory to make...
Greg--   Is there a chance of putting the Tie Your Tie MTO options up on the site?  Perhaps do a preorder similar to the Inglese polos and just put the link up on SF?
There is a MTO option for Tie Your Tie? Need more info on this.
Mike- Is the mushroom moleskin MTO fabric a grey tone? Is there something similar to the lava in the Rudy factory?
New Posts  All Forums: