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@NickPollica can you share the hunting jacket options for F/W 16? Saw the brown shearling lined version in the NMWA thread and wondering what the other makeups will be.
Will it come back in the near future?
@NickPollica glad to see you active on the forum again. Any chance we can do a GMTO for a Hunting Jacket through NMWA? Have a few folks interested.
Depends how you want to wear it. I am a XL in their stuff. Usually a 44-46. If you want a slightly snug fit and do not plan on wearing a thick sweater underneath go with a M. If you want a looser more casual fit or want to have a heavy layer on underneath go with the L. I went with the XL for a more tailored look.
The new DC store is opening tomorrow.
Do you have any more details on when/if the MTO program will return? The only mention I saw from Antonio was in the silly "is Eidos an Italian Brand" thread, where he said it was being scaled back.
Unfortunately I need a 56 in Eidos. Bummer that there is no MTO this season.
We were trying for a Hunting Jacket in camel casentino.
Greg has said that there is no MTM/MTO option this season. @nickpollica has also mentioned that the MTM/MTO program is going to be scaled back. Perhaps he can confirm the status of things.Being out of the typical stocked size range (need a 56 in Eidos), not having the MTO option is a bummer.Trying to get GMTO interest in a hunting jacket on the NMWA thread...have about 6 people interested but not sure if it will go anywhere.
Greg--   Any indication from Eidos if a hypothetical hunting jacket GMTO would be possible?  If we can gather interest in the next week or two in theory this possible order should be completed by Christmas.
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