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Mike-will there be a return of the Nightshade fabric this season (or something similar?). Kicking myself for not picking up a pair last season.
Mike- Any update on the Fairfax jean?
Patrik- what are the details on the Thorpe?
Indeed...thinking a burgundy Utah Nevis...
Brown Utah...From Skoak's blog... @Leaves what other colors does the Utah come in? I know you posted the tan and above is the brown.
Brown Utah from Skoak's Tubmlr...
I think a Nevis in Willow would be amazing...it would also look pretty good in the Utah (if this is what this pic is really of):     @NAMOR how about it?
Rezsö said the factory will not shut down this year as they have a ton of orders. Production will slow a bit but it will not stop like it usually does. I am guessing they are staggering vacation for the craftsmen.
Any details/rumors about the location/opening date of the DC shop? Really looking forward to it.
Antic Cognac Cordovan
New Posts  All Forums: