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Actually, looking for non-westernized stuff, I'm pretty open to everything and where I'm from it's hard to find anything even half-decent. Is there something essential I should try? Also, not necessarily looking for imported brands, any cool local ones?
 Yeah, we're doing a couple of festivals. My first time in China so trying to make most out of it, was hoping to hit some stores and eat myself silly.
Going to be in Shanghai and Beijing for a couple of days, basically have a day and a half in both of them. Anything cool near Expo Park in Shanghai and Tongzhou Canal Park in Beijing?  
Been looking for short, unlined gloves for quite a while, and then stumbled upon these Anyone know how's the sizing on these? What does size 3, which seems to be the only one they have, translate into in inches? Tried inquiring H.Lorenzo, but received no reply.
Wait a minute, Helsinki - New York return tickets usually 1200-2000 eur? Never ever paid more than 700. 241 is nice though!
Hey, a Finnish musician/software developer here, mid thirties, mostly interested in streetwear/denim, selectively in classic menswear. Cheers!
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