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Trevira is another word from this thread that rang a bell, but from where? Anyone else remember ads for "The Trevira Era"? This is a US one (couldn't find the one I remembered from the UK ... a bloke in a dark Trevira suit I think):
Just catching up with this thread, having been away for a few days in one of those now rare locations without reliable wifi connection. Have to say that my initial reaction was that the thread risked duplicating or cannibalising the other thread but I was obviously a bit slow on the uptake. So a belated thumbs up from me to Mr. Knightley for setting in motion the discussion of how The Look Goes On ... in 2014 and beyond. Already some very interesting ideas and suggestions...
Gerald Ford looks like he's wearing Ruperts with matching jacket - a Rupert suit! (Not that I ever saw such a hideous outfit as a Rupert suit ... No doubt someone will now recall one )
Welcome again, Londonspykid.I can't add much to what roytonboy said about blazers in the Manchester area (1971): most prevalent were black barathea, 3-button single-breasted, silver buttons, badges as described. My recollection is also of double vents: seemed to make it easier for cool posing with hands in trouser pockets. I think I also may have posted earlier about seeing some extreme variations on sleeve buttons - one lad round my way had them reaching almost to his...
Good viewing that, Bunty & browniecj. Reminds me that The Who's "Happy Jack" was one of the very first singles I got as a kid. And Moon looks about 15.Some smart attire on show - a few Smedley-type shirts I'd be happy to wear.
That's interesting, browniecj. From the bits and pieces I've read it seems Mr. G. (however pronounced) almost saw Deep Soul as his mission - and missionaries do get preachy. Still, a lot of the music he pushed was excellent which is all that matters in the end.
That is indeed a very nice collection, Cleav. Something to wear with near enough anything I'd say.
Thanks, Little Queenie. I think that link to the man himself makes that fairly definitive?
Thanks, cerneabbas. Good to know I hadn't dreamed it. I'll look out for that book. Another one I recall is "Folk Devils and Moral Panics" by Stanley(?) Cohen. I think there's material on skinheads in it. I believe he died recently and didn't he appear in one of those early 70s TV documentaries (was it the one about the Newcastle lads) that's been linked from here to YouTube?As I said to Mr. Knightley, I'm very pleased with the scarf. Tootal's always a nice link to...
Thanks, Mr. Knightley. I'm very pleased with it. Looking at the design with those stylised horses it might be late 50s/ early 60s.
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