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Have you seen the Alnwick (black not brown but rubber sole) derby on the Charles Tyrwhitt (ctshirts.co.uk) website? Like you, I think a rubber sole can be very useful in our climate (maybe not just at the moment). I have a pair of their black longwing brogues (Paddington) with rubber sole and they're very good in winter; they're also currently reduced price on website.
(late reply but ...) Absolutely do that myself: Goodyear-welted is often a good indicator to me. I have a strong preference for shoes made that way.
Not a very seasonal photo but I don't think it's been on here before. Lifted from a splendid blog, gotnotgot, (which I recommend to anyone who remembers football before the Premier League) this is captioned "suedehead in the snow" and it brings the period back for me in so many ways. No details of when or where - so over to our usual forensic experts - but that red & black scarf (correctly tied) could be for my own team's away colours ...
Having been away for a little while with limited internet access, have just been catching up. Not wanting to fan any flames around Mr. Elms and his works but I have to say I enjoyed "The Way We Wore", regardless of any scepticism about the authenticity of his recollections. It set me remembering just where my tastes/ prejudices in clothing came from and when I started wondering whether and where I might find those Royal brogues these days, my internet searches eventually...
Acceptable digression to me, Ed. My late father-in-law knew that song well and he taught me the lyrics many years ago. I'd forgotten them so it'sgood to see this and be reminded.
Ed, you should have a look at the stories in today's and yesterday's Daily Telegraph ( only yesterday's online yet) about Jock Hutton. He was a 19-yr old Para who landed on D-Day; sounds like he wasn't frightened - recollects how "jacked-up" and fit his battalion was and that he was always a "vicious little Scot". He still looks in great shape and very smart at 89 and did a tandem-jump from 5,000 ft onto same French field yesterday. Respect is too small a word.
Great photo indeed, Ed. Perfect illustration of the "proper" raincoat. Still looking for that elusive combination of length (below the knee), colour (off-white/ stone) and flyfront. Very hard to find, i.e. no luck so far. Any more info on date? Couldn't make out headline on Evening Standard!
Happy Birthday, Ed ... many happy returns and good health for the future
I thought the second one was Cambridge 1971(?) - posted by Bunty who found it on Facebook?
Trevira is another word from this thread that rang a bell, but from where? Anyone else remember ads for "The Trevira Era"? This is a US one (couldn't find the one I remembered from the UK ... a bloke in a dark Trevira suit I think):
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