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From what I can see (by magnifying the photo) I'd say the ones on the left look as though they have a thickish sole, a bit like the crepe that was briefly fashionable around 1973-74, and the ones on the right look more like a platform sole with a bulbous toe and pronounced eyelets, often seen in two colours and again fashionable around 1973-74. To modern eyes the latter would look suitable for Coco the Clown (although just quoting that name probably gives my age away). I...
Don't blame you. I'm not keen on them either but I thought I'd just mention it as a possibility. Enjoy your trip.
Belated response to your question, MOM: if you have a contactless payment card (I think most debit cards are contactless now) I believe you could use that and get the same capped fare as with an Oyster card. So that might be useful for an occasional visit. (This website probably tells you more than you'd ever want to know about the subject: http://www.oyster-rail.org.uk/contactless-vs-oyster/). Look forward to seeing the then & now photos.
I don't either, roytonboy. But in the mid- to late-seventies - in the bootboy/ white butcher coat era - there were the Kippax Kool Kats. Particularly remember seeing them at away games. One of them put out a book about their exploits a few years ago.
 I think this might be the look you're remembering, skinny legs  He wore that on Roxy Music's tour, late '74.
Don't think we had that one before, but it looks more late 70s early 80s ? [/quote] My gut reaction is that's actually early 70s - maybe even 71. Kid at the front in the Harrington - looks to me to have a Lancashire red rose on his left side: that was very popular accessory in my area in 71; don't think you'd see it late 70s. He's also wearing one of those cheap trilbies they sold at the seaside - the detective in me says the slogan on it is "I'm only here for the beer"...
Article in today's Telegraph about the demise of youth "tribes": http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/fashion-and-style/11624401/Why-dont-young-people-want-to-be-part-of-a-tribe-any-more.html There's a link within it to an earlier article about the Derek Ridgers' photo book (think it's been mentioned on here previously). Lots of the usual nonsense in both articles, not least blurring the difference between Original and 1980s revival, but I've put the link up more for...
Thanks, yankmod & Soul Vision ... didn't realise they'd been so prolific
Indeed they were City girls... and from Dublin
Thanks, GSVS5. Have been a bit intermittent in my reading, hence belated Ivy League comment. Well spotted on the rucksack. Reminded me I borrowed one to go away with in mid-70s. They often had a metal frame with quite sharp edges ... this one ripped an L-shaped tear in the seat of my jeans so I came home rather ragged-arsed ...
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