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Article in today's Telegraph about the demise of youth "tribes": http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/fashion-and-style/11624401/Why-dont-young-people-want-to-be-part-of-a-tribe-any-more.html There's a link within it to an earlier article about the Derek Ridgers' photo book (think it's been mentioned on here previously). Lots of the usual nonsense in both articles, not least blurring the difference between Original and 1980s revival, but I've put the link up more for...
Thanks, yankmod & Soul Vision ... didn't realise they'd been so prolific
Indeed they were City girls... and from Dublin
Thanks, GSVS5. Have been a bit intermittent in my reading, hence belated Ivy League comment. Well spotted on the rucksack. Reminded me I borrowed one to go away with in mid-70s. They often had a metal frame with quite sharp edges ... this one ripped an L-shaped tear in the seat of my jeans so I came home rather ragged-arsed ...
I've been sorting through some of my old books recently and came across this photo in A Pictorial History of Manchester City published in 1998. It shows two lads who'd hitchhiked to Spain for City's European tie in Bilbao in September 1969.   Another example (on right) of "double denim", with jacket fastened at next to top button, scarf worn muffler-style ... and sunglasses similar to others seen on here quite often. On left you can see denim jacket cuff turned...
Belated input on discussions about how aware anyone was of "Ivy League" style back in the late 60s/ early 70s. For my part if any had mentioned Ivy League to me back then, I'd have thought they were referring to the "pop group" of that name from the mid-60s:     Not that they had anything to do with the look. And I now find from Googling them, that two of them wrote and recorded "Let's Go to San Francisco" as The Flowerpotmen in 1967 - pretty far-removed from this...
I had a mate who had a pink check Ben Sherman short-sleeved BD in about 71. I seem to remember him getting a bit of stick about the colour as it was very unusual. (Neither of us were skins as such, coming in at the suedehead/smoothie end of things.)Purple I only remember seeing in City scarves
Welcome, Soul Vision ... You've a good eye for a smart longwing
I had exactly the same, 67-68 from memory, and similar locality
Off topicOff topic, perhaps MoM ... but I also got that book and still have it. Mine also fell apart pretty quickly- not a well-made book. And agree about that Stones SS picture - a clever representation of Their Satanic Majesties' public image in the 60s but not for online posting.
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