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I had exactly the same, 67-68 from memory, and similar locality
Off topicOff topic, perhaps MoM ... but I also got that book and still have it. Mine also fell apart pretty quickly- not a well-made book. And agree about that Stones SS picture - a clever representation of Their Satanic Majesties' public image in the 60s but not for online posting.
Been looking for a cardigan of the proper style for some time. Seems to be as hard to find as a white or stone mac these days. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a cardigan in a Levi's store while passing by and didn't have time to go in and haven't been by it since. Looking on the interweb, it seems to be this one: http://www.mrporter.com/mens/Designers/Levis_Vintage_Clothing (Hope the link works) Just wondered if anyone had...
Think that could be 1970 FA Cup Final replay: Chelsea v. Leeds. Looks like fans on pitch after a Chelsea goal. Peter Houseman player on left? But is little lad at front of picture holding a Leeds scarf? I can't see it clearly enough on phone screen. Others (lasttye, flyfronted) probably best qualified to comment if it is that match.
I'd been thinking that mac lengths were a bit longer, an example being this photo I posted on the other thread a while back ...
I think you're probably right about Crombie-length back then, covskin. I can't swear to it from memory of mine but if you have a look at the classic Sunday Times magazine photo "Meet the Crombie Boys" the length there was just above the knee.
Sounds like it will be worth watching after all. (I'm saying nowt else about tonight's football )
On BBC4 tonight at 9pm, series on link between music and fashion in 60s "Oh! You Pretty Things: The Story of Music and Fashion". Supposedly will include coverage of rudeboy and skinhead trends. May well just be the usual clichés and stock footage but you can hope. I'll be recording it to watch later in the week as a certain football match will have my attention tonight.
A bit further west, Saint, on the "right" side of the Pennines - Maine Road, Manchester. (Kippax is in Yorkshire but Kippax Street - and the terrace with the same name that I mentioned - was firmly in Manchester.
Indeed, roytonboy. Local variations could be very local - and I think your ripples in a pond analogy is a good one. North Stand 71/72 - yep. IIRC it was a standing terrace just for that season. I seem to remember that at first home game of the season, the Kippax was the usual place to be and the North Stand was pretty empty but before kick-off there was a spontaneous mass rush from the Kippax, swarming into the new stand. And that was the place to be for the rest of the...
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