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wearing profumum fumidus today, smells great, a smokier version of sycomore i would say. 
  First pair of cordovan boots in the robert lasts. from unipair robert looks really nice and balanced. couldnt capture the cordovan's inherent shine. amazing pair of shoes overall.
Hi all,   Selling this pair of green suede f lasted chukkas to make space for incoming shoes. worn twice as seen in the photos well maintained and hardly any wear. Comes with shoe trees and free shipping to anywhere. Shoes are on a dainite sole   price negotiable, only reasonable offers entertained.    For sizing reference, Im    40.5/7uk in the u last 40.5/7uk in the k last 6.5/7uk in carmina rain (6.5 for chukkas because of the extra space) 7uk in carmina...
Selling a spot. paid 830usd. just asking for the same amount back. u can change the jacket to whatever you want. pm me if interested
Hoping for some help about Carmina cordovan boots. Do they fit the same as the calf counterparts in the same size? or is cordovan slightly wider? Thanks!
 Please do a group order for the SS field jacket if possible too. Long shot I know. 
Picked up the SK 14.5oz tonal. Excellent jeans. break in wasn't too uncomfortable and i really like how they look. 
Got these from an MTO through skoak. Dont wear them too often though and planning to make somemore space in my shoe cupboard. 15usd shipping to anywhere.  Most accurate representation of colour are the side view photos. Comes with a york sole, rubber at the front and leather at the waist, as shown in last picture. Only ever worn twice. condition 9.5/10. Selling because I hardly ever wear them. they have been maintained with shoe trees and nano protector, therefore...
@gdl203 Would it be possible to do a pre-order for the Spring Eidos field jacket in the glenplaid brown linen from Ormezanno? Those who want it can get it without rushing and you wont have to decide how many more to stock. Just a suggestion. Thanks! 
nooooo.. missed out the the eidos field jacket due to time difference. 
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