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Ordered samples of Russian Tea by Masque, reviews seem promising, can't wait to try it. 
Dear all selling these carmina cordovan boots. Got them at $800 selling at $500. Have been maintained and cared for with saphir and shoe trees. I'll even throw in free shipping!  price negotiable but only reasonable offers entertained.    Pm me for more details
 I'll be in Japan for about 6 months, visiting him then and hopefully will be able to fit in the fittings. Not sure if he visits any countries though. 
  Going to commission this pair from Yohei Fukuda, undecided on the colour and may vary slightly from this design, but love the way he shapes his last and like the aesthetics of his shoes in general. 
Would like to commend @Skoaktiebolaget for their excellent service and my 3rd (4th MTO on the way) with them. Gabriel went back to the store on his off day to check on my shoes to ensure I got them in time for my event which I really appreciate. Really a pleasure transacting with Skoaktiebolaget as usual. 
 Could I know how you folded this square? Looks great! Thanks!
Just ordered a boot in the model 3922 in burgundy calf llama all visible eyelets in the 74945 last on the millerighe sole. An example of the boot below.     
Is it still possible to order the cafe racer that was based on Junya's design? Thanks. 
Broke my buttero leather laces, does anyone know where I can get spares? other than from buttero because the shipping is 10 times (literally) the cost of the laces. 
     Thanks for the input guys and yes I agree after thinking it through. Guess I'll save up some more and approach Fukuda in the future. 
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