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which last is this btw? awesome looking shoes
Thats looks amazing! Could you provide the name of the maker? Also,  which was the the Japanese kurozan leather you picked? Couldn't figure it out. I too was blown away by the Japanese when I was there previously. 
Has anyone tried the grandi and rubinelli cam 200 range and can give comments as to wrinkling and thinness of fabric? Thanks! the link to the fabric is below   'http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/grandi_cam2000_b_02836_09188_fine_white_plain_weave' 
 may I know when the code expires? 
 looking for drape, smooth hand of the cloth, durability (pretty sure I'll never live long enough to find out)Value in the sense is the drape of the lesser better? or is the hand of the lesser cloth much nicer than the harrison oyster to justify the difference in the cost. Just a comparison of the 2 if you're handled both or commissioned suits from both cloths before. Thanks! 
Harrison's oyster grey sharkskin vs H.Lesser 13oz grey sharkskin. Any opinions on which provides more value? 
fresco? Looks great btw
Can anyone direct me to any mill with 11/12 oz cavalry twill? Thanks!
In my opinion, closer to a rain fit @TtownMD 
Great look!Could I know the width of your lapels btw? I am around the same build and it looks really good on you. 
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