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Can I ask anyone who has used the replication service if they were satisfied with the end result? Thank you!
Just got the Frank Leder great coat, sale price was too good to pass up
Hi All,   Selling a brand new falcon leather jacket. Selling it for cheaper and you'll receive it without having to wait! In a stock size 48. Free shipping to anywhere.    Price non-negotiable.    Specs: Hide: Lambskin Lambskin Color: Dark Wine Size: 48 Body Zip Pockets: 3-Zip: Slash Pockets (standard) Lapel Snaps: Hidden Shoulder Gussets: Yes (Standard) Pocket Zipper Pulls: Bar Zipper Pull Color: Silver Sleeve Zipper: Rear  
@gdl203 Hi Greg, Will the G.Inglese preorders be arriving soon? Thanks!
Hi Gentlemen,   I'm planning to commission an overcoat from BnTailor and was thinking between either heavy wool (e.g H&S Pardessus) or Fox heavy Lambswool.    Other than scratchiness, does Lambswool not hold up as well as wool? This will be my first and only bespoke overcoat, therefore I want a piece that ideally will last me till I get that next promotion.    Appreciate any help!
@gdl203 will there be any navy db overcoats by LBM this time around? Thanks!
Just commissioned a suit with BNT. Super stoked for the end results, Chang Jin was patient (had like a 50 email correspondence) and kind enough to accommodate my travel schedule for the commission. 
Thanks for the insight. Appreciate it
@Despos how do you find the cape horn classics for a suit then? is the 1% cashmere affecting how it holds a crease or durability? Thanks! 
@SpooPoker My bad. Must have done something to it. thanks for checking!
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