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Can anyone direct me to any mill with 11/12 oz cavalry twill? Thanks!
In my opinion, closer to a rain fit @TtownMD 
Great look!Could I know the width of your lapels btw? I am around the same build and it looks really good on you. 
That looks very refined. Thanks!
anyone have a picture of a bevelled waist from jan kielman? haven't seen any thus far. Wondering how it looks before I take the plunge
it really depends on the style you prefer. Yohei is excellent to work with and has very well proportioned lasts. my 0.2
please keep us informed when its ready! thanks! 
Can anyone who had tried the lesser 11/12 oz cloths give comments as to how it compares to Harrisons frontier, H&S crispaire etc in terms of hand, drape? Thanks! 
Looks like it fits very well to me. should be just right when it's broken in
@luxire  any updates on the navy 120s wool with polyester blend pants? when they would be available etc. 
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