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@gdl203 Would like to ask when I can roughly expect the delivery of the buttero sneakers pre-order? Thanks!
  Received pictures of my completed shoes from Yohei-san of Yohei Fukuda after a 9 month wait, like to thank this thread and especially @nutcracker for letting me know of this amazing shoemaker. Can't wait to get them on my feet 
Would appreciate it if anyone can point me in the direction of a light grey sharkskin between 11-13 oz with lots of mottling. Can't seem to find any from my tailor's limited supply of cloth books. Thanks in advance! 
is this the blue wine repp from vanda? Thanks! 
Would royal oxford be more suited to a button down such as 'broke & bespoke's' or a collar such as the 'nobd'? Any opinions appreciated. Thanks! 
what collar did you use for the albini? Looks great!  Would be nice if you could provide the ref number too. Thanks! 
 I was under the impression the formosas offered at NMWA were all of the same cut? Was the 3rd suit cut differently? Thanks. 
which last is this btw? awesome looking shoes
Thats looks amazing! Could you provide the name of the maker? Also,  which was the the Japanese kurozan leather you picked? Couldn't figure it out. I too was blown away by the Japanese when I was there previously. 
Has anyone tried the grandi and rubinelli cam 200 range and can give comments as to wrinkling and thinness of fabric? Thanks! the link to the fabric is below   'http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/grandi_cam2000_b_02836_09188_fine_white_plain_weave' 
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