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No experience with Chan too. But iris is excellent, and very pleasant to deal with. In my opinion, their specialty is in making suits. Have 3 suits made by them and pleased with all.   The other popular choices include Dylan&son, Kevinseah Bespoke, Inpersonam (instagram id: residentdandy)
Question: I like peaked lapel suits a lot more than notched lapel and commission most of my suits with peaked lapels, are peaked lapels very limiting though? Is it acceptable though to wear my peaked lapel navy suit jacket with my grey suit pants and vice versa? Thanks
amazing! deets on the cloth? 
 Can I ask who makes those button downs? Amazing roll on them. 
Thanks guys
Yes please!
I'll be heading to Korea soon and planning to commission something. Are the staff proficient in english? Thanks
Yohei Fukuda has a few options, I took the option almost full bespoke but choosing one of his designs and not designing my own shoe. So my own lasts, fitting sessions etc. Bespoke fit with a not so bespoke design i guess. I really like his ebony model from his heritage collection. it was like entering a candy store, the shoes on display were just mind-blowing. 
Selling these pair of nice boots only worn once to do the groceries. fit me fine in length but were too tight in the width and i decided to let them go. only reasonable offers entertained. SHIPPING included.    Last: 74945 leather: Navy suede uppers, burgundy llama calf.     pm me for any more info
Placed an order with Yohei Fukuda last month, looking forward to my fitting in a few months time. First bespoke order ever, was deciding between Qnai-san or Yohei, but decided it was more convenient to go with Yohei since I am in Tokyo and I prefer Yohei's style ever so slightly. 
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