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Is it still possible to order the cafe racer that was based on Junya's design? Thanks. 
Broke my buttero leather laces, does anyone know where I can get spares? other than from buttero because the shipping is 10 times (literally) the cost of the laces. 
     Thanks for the input guys and yes I agree after thinking it through. Guess I'll save up some more and approach Fukuda in the future. 
 Thanks for the input Jeff, I was looking at this greenish balmoral from Yohei Fukuda, going bespoke is not something within my means yet, however an MTO is still affordable and I like Koji's style as well so it's a win win.  
quick question. How customisable is the design aspect for a Spigola MTO does anyone know? Thank you!
^^ That is some excellent customer service and I'm glad things turned out well for you. 
  Thanks guys! 
This is extremely nice! excellent purchase mate! 
 X-post from the carmina thread. This pair of boots is absolutely amazing. Can I expect them to darken over time? Any opinion is appreciated. Thanks!
Dear all, I am selling the below boot in a size 7uk, it was an MTO from skoaktiebolaget. Selling because I require the funds for something else. I have definitely not tried it on, it's still wrapped up in the box. I'll even throw in FREE SHIPPING to ANYWHERE. Price not negotiable as its definitely new and never even tried on.    Specs: 80092 balmoral boot  eyelets: 10: 6 blind 4 speed hooks colour: dark brown/vegano marron Soles: Dainite rubber soles     For sizing...
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