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Thanks for the insight. Appreciate it
@Despos how do you find the cape horn classics for a suit then? is the 1% cashmere affecting how it holds a crease or durability? Thanks! 
@SpooPoker My bad. Must have done something to it. thanks for checking!
 Hi @SpooPoker It was for the socks. the calf length ribbed short. I included the order in the notes. But just to double confirm. the calf length ribbed short in S for navy, forest, bark. thanks! 
To those that have tried the Holland & Sherry Cape Horn Classics 11 oz (if I'm not wrong), is it hard wearing? Or does the 1% cashmere make it kind of fragile? Thanks for the inputs! 
Hi guys,   Here is a pair of Never before worn VASS double monks in oxblood in size EU40/UK7. Selling them at the price I got them for. Might be cheaper for people in the US who have to go through retailers.   Price non-negotiable.    WILL SHIP ANYWHERE. 
Great outfit! And especially lovely socks! If I may ask where from? Thanks! 
Fukuda-san is amazing to work with. Definitely worth the wait, the shoes turned out so much nicer than I could ever hope. 
Looks great! if you don't mind.could you share which book you used the cloth from? thank you!
Looks really great! could you let on who the tailor is? thanks!
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