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Just got the Frank Leder great coat, sale price was too good to pass up
Hi All,   Selling a brand new falcon leather jacket. Selling it for cheaper and you'll receive it without having to wait! In a stock size 48. Free shipping to anywhere.    Price non-negotiable.    Specs: Hide: Lambskin Lambskin Color: Dark Wine Size: 48 Body Zip Pockets: 3-Zip: Slash Pockets (standard) Lapel Snaps: Hidden Shoulder Gussets: Yes (Standard) Pocket Zipper Pulls: Bar Zipper Pull Color: Silver Sleeve Zipper: Rear  
@gdl203 Hi Greg, Will the G.Inglese preorders be arriving soon? Thanks!
Hi Gentlemen,   I'm planning to commission an overcoat from BnTailor and was thinking between either heavy wool (e.g H&S Pardessus) or Fox heavy Lambswool.    Other than scratchiness, does Lambswool not hold up as well as wool? This will be my first and only bespoke overcoat, therefore I want a piece that ideally will last me till I get that next promotion.    Appreciate any help!
@gdl203 will there be any navy db overcoats by LBM this time around? Thanks!
Just commissioned a suit with BNT. Super stoked for the end results, Chang Jin was patient (had like a 50 email correspondence) and kind enough to accommodate my travel schedule for the commission. 
Thanks for the insight. Appreciate it
@Despos how do you find the cape horn classics for a suit then? is the 1% cashmere affecting how it holds a crease or durability? Thanks! 
@SpooPoker My bad. Must have done something to it. thanks for checking!
 Hi @SpooPoker It was for the socks. the calf length ribbed short. I included the order in the notes. But just to double confirm. the calf length ribbed short in S for navy, forest, bark. thanks! 
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