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Sorry for the late reply. I ended up having 2 suits made at Cheverny. They have a decent choice of wools, though most were Italian Super 120's. You must imagine that the situation in Argentina doesn't help imports these days. I ended up with a 2-button navy suit with double vent, and another 2 button, light gray, with a single vent.   They tend to prefer by default the more "classic" (read excesive cloth, loose fitting) style, which I'm guessing suits, ahem, their...
  He probably means a business meeting. I understand, I do business in LATAM and what he's wearing fits pretty much 95% of the casual business meetings here.   OP, that sort of attire gives you many options. You can get away with almost anything, really. Chukkas, brogues, double monks, etc.
Are you asking for a particular brand and model? Or just model? I personally hate loafers, but that's the "casual" standard.   I had a couple of double monks made, and I think that model serves the purpose of "casual". For colder days, a pair of EG Silverstone or similar would work great.
Boxer briefs. Bjorn Borg
Bjorn Borg
Couldn't find a similar question using the search function, so I apologize if this has been answered before.   I recently bought a SG1105 from Self Edge. This was my first pair of raw denim and did the pre-soaking ritual. I have been using them for about a week and have been generally surprised by two things:   - How rough the denim feels in some places (but I know this might be more due to the fact I've mostly used Diesel jeans) - How the denim has reacted...
  QFT!   I just watched Argo yesterday (it took a while for local cinemas to premiere it). While I enjoyed it, must say I was surprised by the end that it won best picture. This was supposed to be a strong year for cinema!
Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I think it's the most complete thread on BA and is worth an update.    I've been coming to Bs Aires pretty much on a monthly basis since 2005, and have lived here for a while during these year (about 2 years). I now find myself back for a couple of months and have been digging deeper into the sartorial side of town. This is mostly due to the fact that the market for dollars makes it very cheap for travellers to spend money here....
  This! Now that you've satisfied your "right now" need, you can take your time to find that big goal...that "classic" timepiece or "heirloom". Enjoy.
Schedule loss against the Cats last night for the Cs. Unfortunately, it seems luck has it against the team this season. Barbosa is now likely out for the season. Awful really.
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