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Anyone have trouble with crotch blowout on Luxire denim?   I got all three varieties of Luxire selvedge denim (14 oz dark, 13 oz dark, 13 oz raw) and 2/3 have suffered similar fate.   2/3 (13 oz dark/13 oz raw) have been fixed/patched at a seamstress one time, but now it is a problem again, e.g. would require a second patching. Yes, I could probably do it myself for a a lower sum than at the seamstress but I'm not handy at all.   To me, this makes the value of their...
 No problem! I didn't go through with the order, but that was because I found a reasonably priced peacoat in a local store, so I just went with that instead of waiting for a peacoat from Luxire.
Hi! I wondered about some of the same things as you did and got some input from Luxire on the matter. Excerpts from my emails with Luxire;"Best to measure a coat that fits well, adjusting for thickness. Basically, an inch increase in body and sleeve widths should work well." "If you measure a similar jacket, we are all good and no adjustment is required." "The reason is that we measure the garment on the outside. The thickness of the fabric in the garment being measured...
 Hmm, I would say that the 13 oz raw indigo has a quite distinct shade of blue. The pictures you posted look more similar to the 14 oz denim than the 13 oz raw imo.
PtrckHmphrys - I would say about 4-5 weeks for trousers isn't that bad. It's a shame that the delivery times vary so much from customer to customer. ​ hoodog: that is quite a long time indeed. I got a feeling as I said over here that 4 weeks are quite standard for trousers.   I now have all the three different variants of the Luxire selvedge denim. And as there has been some talk about them I thought I could show them off.    From left to right - 14 oz dark...
 What did you order?  That is quite some time, but what did you order?
 Looks great, Luxire, which fabrics are those? 
 Good to see you are handling this. Do you have a way to handle the issue with fabrics running out and then being restocked with a slightly different fabric? That is a way to let the consumers know if it has been changed and when it was changed to a slightly different fabric? 
Expedient service by Luxire. Ordered Luxire Selvedge 14 oz Dark Indigo on the 6. of april. Got a mail that confirmed shipping today, 21. of april, which is just above two weeks time from order confirmation to shipping. The other denim I've ordered by Luxire has taken about four weeks, so this was a nice surprise.   Kind of regretting not ordereing some linen/light cotton shirts for spring/summer in the same order as temperatures here (Norway) has gone up quite a bit \as...
 OK, thanks!
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