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NICE jacket, good shoes... the rest of the ensemble isn't me; but that's great, it works. I am just not that stand-outish! I prefer understatement. :)
I know that I am opionated and conceited... but I do think a corduroy suit makes a hell of a statement. I also don't think brown/brown is a no-no. But, vary the shades of brown. If the suit is dark brown London Tan shoes and belt would do nicely. Also, as someone else said here, keep the shirt/tie/accessories plain with a cord suit. flaunt your style, after all, no one else will!
WOW! Amazing work... I am SO impressed the the outsole stiching is darn near invisible! I worked for Church's English Shoes for about 8 years, so I know what you are showing! Glad to see this kind of work still being done!
Greetings... I'm new here, but I would like to ask right up front if anyone can tell me of any good sources for suits in small sizes? I am 5'7" 125lbs. generally a 37short with a 29x30 trouser.
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