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Can anyone provide any input on whether or not it would be a good idea to use some Saphir Renomat cleaner on a pair of 1K's. I would normally use saddle soap as it has been recommended here but I would really like to remove all the extra wax/polish/silicone and other crap I have accumulated on it and start fresh using Crane's method of caring for my boots.    Ive heard that Saphir Renomat does wonders for removing all the excess gunk and stripping the leather down to...
I got the Obenauf's Watershield as a part of their combo pack and was wondering if anyone had any experience using it on their leather shoes/boots? Some members mentioned they wouldn't go near their leathers with the stuff so I was wondering why that is since Obenauf's says the spray wont hurt or damage anything. I have already applied a single coat on a pair of Wolverine 1000s after a couple coats of the LP. Any input would be appreciated!
Just wondering if there is a reason you wouldn't use the watershield on any of your leather? They state it is safe to use and wouldn't harm anything. Just curious what your experience is with this. Any input would be appreciated.
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