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Ordered a pair of dark brown oxfords from the classic line two weeks ago. The sole on one shoe split after the first wear and I noticed what appeared to be mold inside one of the shoes. I will save up for Carmina's next time, but hey, at least the delivery only took a week from start to finish this time!
 I agree. I bought the light blue one as well because I liked the collar. The fabric is horrible though, compared to CT's twill fabrics. Such a shame!
I have them. I don't have the measurements right now, but I bought a size 50 (I'm 6'3 185 lbs 32" waist). The waist is a little big but everything else fits great (the fit is very similar to how they fit the model in Mr Engineer's picture above). The fabric is very nice and the legs are unlined as well. I don't know about shipping, but wouldn't you just have to order 2 for free shipping?
 It's not particularly heavy, I suppose you could wear it at least spring, fall and winter. But it might be too hot for summer, depending on where you live. Overall, I'm very pleased and thankfully there's no poly in the fabric (although there is a bit of linen along with the wool, cashmere and silk) and I think it looks much better in real life than on the website.
 It is really brown and the fabric is very nice as well. Unfortunately mine is at the tailor's, so I can't post pics yet. Here's a picture though, albeit not a picture of the whole jacket: 60667196668
  Hi Jorgenjevne, welcome to StyleForum!   A couple of things I feel could be improved: - Jacket is too short (it should fully, or almost fully cover your rear, even if you're wearing jeans) - I would not wear a french-cuffed shirt with jeans and that SC. - If you want to wear white, I would suggest an OCBD. But rather, I would prefer a light blue OCBD/Spread. - I'm not a fan of the multistripe socks, and would choose a more subtle pair. - It looks just a tad tight across...
  Would be very nice if you could check either:,en,pd.html?start=5&cgid=Jackets,en,pd.html?start=11&cgid=Jackets   or,en,pd.html?start=19&cgid=Jackets   If it's not too much of a trouble that is (assuming they carry them in the US of course). Would especially...
    I was thinking the same thing, but I just noticed they're 3.1" wide and the knits 6 cm, which is too narrow for me. At least on the EU website the width is specified, though I haven't seen any measurements before so it must be a recent addition.
 Ah, I see. Personally, I don't think the stains are a big worry (they are hardly noticeable), but that's just me. If you like the tie as a whole I would keep it as it came at a good price due to being an outlet tie. I definitely think it's within your right to return it though seeing as there are spots, and if the 7-fold makes it too thick that might be a deal breaker for you. If you had paid full price for this, I would send it back and get a new one without a doubt,...
  I have no experience with the "outlet" ties, unfortunately. However, if there are stains I would definitely send it back. As for the pocket squares, it clearly said they're 30x30cm when I opened the links. Apart from the stains, I wouldn't complain if I got a 5- or a 7-fold instead of a 3-fold 
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