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My new dark gray (lack of better words?) suit. NOTE: It is darker than appears on these images.    It's beautiful but I'm starting to think that it may be too mature for my age... I'm still in my early twenties and haven't worn it out yet. I don't know what to wear with it aside from a typical white shirt haha. What do you think? Is it a little too old-school for someone in their early twenties?? Or how may I make it work?      
Been so addicted to this show! I just discovered it last week and it has really motivated me to dress nicer Hahah 
  I know the pants are a darker grey than the ties. But would that still be okay? Or should I just go for black to be safe? It's for a formal dressed birthday party/dinner
Here are photos of the outfit I've narrowed down to. I switced to a striped shirt. Which tie do you think I should go with? They both seem to make sense to me loll As you can see, the pants are darker than the grey tie      
What color dress pants should I wear with a Navy shirt? Black or Grey?   If either, which color tie? Black or light Grey?   I'm wearing Black shoes & belt with these.   Outfit A) I've heard to not mix Navy & Black so I'm leaning toward Navy shirt + Grey pants. But is it okay if my pants are on the dark side and my Grey tie is lighter? Or would that mess things up?   Outfit B) I can also just wear a White shirt, Dark Grey pants, and a Navy sweater. Should I...
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