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My picks:   TS(S) Dobby Cotton Cardigan Straight up gorgeous.   TS(S) Dobby Cotton w/ Ribbed Detail Trousers Stupidly comfortable pants that look awesome to boot. I had a chance to try them on when they first came in and absolutely loved them (unfortunately the inseam in my size was too short or they'd already be mine).   Niche Hooded Jacket Great for a cool summer night    Niche Cotton and Linen 3/4 Shirt Honestly, all of the picks for the Niche shirts...
Definitely don't size down. Would be too tight.
On the Oliver Spencer Madras shirt, what is the purpose of the tab closure between the 2 top buttons?
There's no guarantee that they'll come together or even in the order that they were placed since the production queue for each jacket is different. You could try asking if they could hold off on production of lamb MA-1 until you've received your wool MA-1 though.
It's normal, the queue is long.
If you're going for a 2013 dr, definitely get it in calf.
Shiiiit I wanted that.
Yea.... it's not. It would be terrible in that makeup anyways.
As long as it's not yet in production, you're free to change it however you like. And given that it's been less than a month, you should be perfectly fine.
You're looking for:  [[SPOILER]]
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