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Far fetch used to have great prices until they realized they can make more money by charging higher prices that are closer to US retail and not the euro pricing like when it first started. Selection is good and if your item lasts till a sale it's not bad.
 Did you buy the purse?
For those asking about the color of the Hedi jodhpurs this season, here is a comparison versus the 2013 ocher suede Wyatt. The color is almost the same, but the ocher suede has a slight orange tint comparatively.
They only produced the L17 in calf for one season, s/s 13. They recently released the L17 in a thick lamb, its close but no where near as nice as the original.
I think this belongs here but it would help if you included the color you were looking for. There have been a couple brown color sand a black suede that released in the Wyatt. This season's suede is called "nut" and is in stock at ysl.com and Barney's in the size your requested, in addition to a few other spots.
 Go fuck yourself Moo these are my photos! Are you that desperate for thumbs you front other members purchases as your own?http://www.styleforum.net/t/164746/recent-purchases-part-ii/42800_40#post_7018360
Sorry for the late reply, but why does your shadow look like the gombas from the Super Mario Brothers movie?
Don't group a classic sneaker in with a snort speed, satan tee-shirt, thanks.
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