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Don't group a classic sneaker in with a snort speed, satan tee-shirt, thanks.
 Nah, an XL is going to fit like a tent. I wear an L and it its still pretty relaxed fit. I would suggest you go with a M.
Is the bottom protrusion the top of your shorts, or a massive outtie belly button?
 Yeah, you don't have to quote the whole post, you can spoiler it or just leave one. I have had them for a week or two now, just got around to posting them. They aren't see though at all really. The white is slightly, more translucent of the two 90/10 and the 100% linen are heavier and aren't see-through at all.
With more snow today it seems ridiculous to buy anything summer related, but it will be 90+ in Chicago before we know it.    T by AW 90% Linen / 10% Silk            100% Linen In both the Heather and the Light Heather (pictured)   MMM  71% Cotton / 29% Linen
 I often see him wearing one of your tees amid all his SLP gear at work. He speaks highly of you guys and not just because you hook him up. 
Ryan at the Chicago SLP has been a fan since the beginning. He says what up. John.
Good catch on the typo, at least I didn't spell it phonetically "Seamons"I believe Ssense was the only place that sold this version, at least online. I know TBS, oki-ni, and Colette's had some of the collection.
Couple of purchases for me today: As you may or may not know (RFX45 posted my photo here before I joined) I had purchased the Raf Simmons holographic Space sneakers from Ssense when they came out. Ssense was out of my size 45 so I tried my luck with a 44. When they arrived they had several scuffs that wouldn't come out, one of the tongues had a cut in the fabric, and they were slightly on the small side. I sent them back and have been searching for a replacement pair off...
New Posts  All Forums: