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Fit pic: Petit in size 33. I'm worried that the fit is too tight in the thigh and knee area—lends my figure less masculine profile with ma' curves. What do you think?
RECOMMENDATION FOR JEAN WITH WIDER KNEE I need a jean with a knee that measures around 10" across. My knee curves more than the typical man's, I guess, because most jeans do not flatter and give this leg area a bit of a womanly profile. The closest I've seen is the APC rescue that measures 9.75" in 35. I actually want the waist to stretch out to 35", but I understand that APCs stretch out a lot. Sizing down to 33 or 34 has 9.5" knee, but I don't think the knee will...
Thanks everyone. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3
Hi all, I can't figure out what boots these are. They look like a western roper style with the walking heel and all, but there's a zipper on the insole and I haven't been able to find anything like that. I've linked some pictures and hopefully you can help me figure out what boots these are. I like them. Thanks!
Anglo American Optical Model 102 45 Eye 21 Bridge Classic wire-rimmed eyeglasses with P3 ("full-vue", "panto") lens shape. These are brand new, still have the demo lenses. $70 shipped to the continental U.S. PayPal preferred.
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