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looking great dantebykiko and auburn!!! 
those black espadrille ones are pretty darn sweet 
yes it's from the women's =)
got this y's x joyce trousers with suspenders awhile back. not as nice as those vertice ss13 yohjis though...need to save up money for a new pair of yohji trousers =)  
those trousers and jacket are amazing!!!!
  Wearing a COMING SOON denim trench worn inside-out.  DETAILS OF THE COAT    
thanks for the compliment. actually i buttoned it that way (for the close-up photo) because one of the buttons had a loose thread and looked a bit distracting. but i usually like experimenting with the buttons...sometimes it's buttoned all the way, sometimes half-way or sometimes it's unbuttoned.
Got this 90's wool light blue YYPH waistcoat with lovely white painted buttons and striped back.   front   back
One of my blog readers gave me these mint condition vintage YYPH button-downs. Does anyone know which season they are from? I know they're in the 90s. YYPH wired collar button-down     YYPH oversized button-down     YYPH button-down with an oversized collar, shoulder overlay and ruffles    
thank you slstr! 
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