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Thanks: today I have combined it with denim blue chinos and dark brown suede loafers.
Orian, Santarelli bespoke, Drakes.
New Henley;
Just to put you in doubt a little; Berkeley is pretty safe.. Hythe might give a little more 'length'.
New Edward Green Cadogan, picked up in Maastricht: Yesterday was wearing these; Rye in Bauxite;
English isn't either my first language, but collar is the correct word! Thanks for your reply.
At this very moment I have 5 shirts by Abbarchi. For my last order of 2 shirts, I have had the boards changes, a little less classic, more Italian. To me they are a little too 'low' in the neck and a little too pointy. The rest of the shirt is fine. Since I am not 100% satisfied,I was wondering if the boards potentially could be replaced?
Today, polo suede Alex.
I have the same shoes and once got a remark regarding the greasing in the toe-cap, refered to as a defect (inner cap being too short). Now I see yours, looking exactly the same. Any opinions here?
Had these ordered during the trunkshow at Jacob Amsterdam last June. It's a modified model 207, in 074 buffalo, on the riva last. Laces are a bit too long, but yet that can be fixed;
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