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I have the same shoes and once got a remark regarding the greasing in the toe-cap, refered to as a defect (inner cap being too short). Now I see yours, looking exactly the same. Any opinions here?
Had these ordered during the trunkshow at Jacob Amsterdam last June. It's a modified model 207, in 074 buffalo, on the riva last. Laces are a bit too long, but yet that can be fixed;
Chelsea 3 = 238 Chelsea 5 = 335 Chelsea 8 = 341 Edit: thanks PCK1
I thought that 348 was a benchgrade only last, its equivalent on handgrade being 358? Anyone here?
A picture is always helpful. As said, I have no problem combining the 609 color.
I recently got model 114 in the 609 colour and found them great under grey flanel, combined with a blue sports coat. In my view they're formal enough, but can also be worn under jeans for instance; something I won't do with my black cap toes.
My feet are 25.5cm by 9.5 and I am wearing a UK 6 and 6.5 in 348. All my other C&J lasts are sized the same. Hope this helps.
I have been told that the 358 has een little more room in the front than the 348. I have 2 pairs of monks in 358 and 4 pairs 348, all with laces. Reckon that gives a different 'feel' as well. I tend to agree that the picture indicates the opposite..
I purchased those at Shoes&Shirts in Maastricht (Netherlands), reckon they still carry it.
  about a year ago treated myself on a pair of Bontoni's: the model is called Primo.      
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