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Of the shops that gsugsu mentioned, whats the price range. Also, anyone ever heard of Arthurinc on Crescent?
Hilarious - I am either a 38 or 36, depending on the line. I always hesitate with  Napoli - I've heard very mixed things about them and getting "liquidation" e-mails ever day is a red flag in my head. I have two blazers and a pair of trousers from Napoli but the prices vary by 250% on a monthly basis. They are also a bit pushy.  
Style is classic with potentially a modern flare. Budget is <$1,000/per  
Hey there forum - I am a young professional in Montreal looking to keep his wardrobe up to date. For many items (shoes, ties, pocket squares) I have found suitable online retailers that deliver quality at a reasonable price point. But from the suiting side of things, I can't seem to find something middle-of-the-road in Montreal without going overboard ($3K bespoke) or being ripped off (Harry Rosen) - are there any quality tailors/shops in the city which provide for a...
An amazing show with great acting and characters. I am always on the fence about Carey but I've finally decided - she's hot.
The company still owns the international portion of a huge growth story (NVO). I've put a stop loss on in any case but I like the free money (up like 2% per day....)
I am hoping this is going to be about Grand Admiral Thrawn. If it is - I will be SUCH A FANBOY
B.Com Graduate Degree (related to professional acct. designation) Professional accounting designation   24 y.o
$37K as a junior auditor in Canada. Once designated it bumps to about (55K) and about 10-15K per year after that give or take. Not the most money in the world but I've done well saving and investing and always laugh when my superiors that are making 200K have a negative net worth.
Sorry to hijack the Apple discussion but I wanted to bring up a company that I don't think has ever been discussed on here - Novo Nordisk. They basically own the international diabetes market (especially China) and with the world getting fatter and more prone to contracting the disease, they are a great growth story. The stock trades at a bit of a high multiple (25x) but has had excellent historical performance.   As it comes to AAPL, I think that their success is...
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