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The side views really look kinda wrong... There is just so much flaws with this suit, its very disappointingI've always have doubts on tailored suit bcos I'll never how it will turn out until it is done and its not cheap. Its like taking a gamble.Good lesson learned. I'll just stick to those off the racks suits from now
I agree the button is too high
This is my natural posture standing relaxed. So I think its a suit cut badly...
Ok noted. I'll hem the pants make it shorter by maybe 2". Thanks! The suit had to be bigger to accomodate my tummy... maybe should trim the shoulders and waist more, but I do not want it to look all tight fitting with a pot belly bulging out in the center.
Hi, this is my first post, appreciate your comments on my first tailored suit. Tailored in Singapore.   Suit made of 150s merino wool in herringbone pattern fabric, full canvass.   Front view Side views (yes I do have a tummy..)   Waist coat (made same fabric & buttons with the suit)   Three piece suit   Navy blue waist coat   3 piece mixed   Working buttons sleeves Buffalo horn buttons Pick...
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