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50-70 is not expensive for a knife. But keep in mind most of the people giving you advice are well-off adults that cook as a hobby and devote a lot of time to it.
In all cases.
Fwiw, lodge makes killer products and the texture doesnt negatively effect cooking whatsoever ime.
This is almost exactly my life story too!
Then again, I have a team of peons to do my dishes for me.
Guilty as charged.
Some of you dudes other than impolyt have apparently never been to college. Kid needs cheap stuff, decent quality, and he has little space. I'd get a cheap ass chefs knife, a paring knufe (for your purposes, fuji, chicago cutlery is just fine) and maybe a serrated knife. Then you need your cast iron, a 10-Inch saute pan, amd a 2 or 4 qt saucepan. Do you an oven or just a hotplate type setup? If an oven, grt one sheet pan and one rack thatll fit it. Other than that, you...
Anyone here with glasses notice that onions are incredibly volatile? This may sound really silly, but for the last 11 years I've been wearing contacts. Onions never bothered me. Well, not never, but about as close as one can get. I hardly ever cried or teared up from them. I always kind of used onions as a gauge for when I needed to sharpen my knives. If an onion started to bother me, I assumed that my knife was dull and was rupturing the cell walls more than usual,...
Les Nomades is still there, but longtime chef Chris Nugent left late last year to open his new place Goosefoot. Haven't heard any reviews or anything about LN since he left.
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