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Way too light to be salmon. Then again, I shamefully called carrot puree sweet potato puree just a few short hours ago. Maybe my awesome glasses aren't working like they used to.
Aren't those carrots in the second dish too? It goes directly against God to serve the same item on two courses in a meal. Short, squat, fat, large head, and a little quenelle on the right side only..... it's a shape I'm very familiar with.
Looks like sweet potato puree, so thicker es bueno.
Sure as hell looks like a young ramp
Chlorophyll is made with sunlight. Chloroform is made with the hope of lonely souls.
Now THAT sounds like something you'd have to eat at Coi.As a matter of fact, I think straight chlorophyll is something we ate at Coi. Garnished with flowers, naturally.
Just picturing this in my head is great.
Hey, man, that guy is up for a James Beard Award you know.
Make bobons, obvi.
I love spring.
New Posts  All Forums: