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Talk about worlds colliding.
Another job already? Who do you think you are, ksilk?
My BCBS recap: 1 store, 11 4-pks.
Anybody from CO in this? I want dat crooked stave
Can easily fit 18 12oz bottles or 12 12oz +3 22 oz into a 12x12x12 once they're individually wrapped in bubble wrap. Then you can out that box inside a 14x14x14 with packing peanuts and its practically bomb proof.
Thx brosI think the key phrase in his posy was "minimum billable hours.". They aren't even doing the minimum.
So glad I took 4 days off for Thanksgiving because this is by far the shittiest week of work in my life. Shitty by schedule, though, not really shitty work. Add to that my greenfrogs grandfather passed away this morning and it's just.... Feck. But I did get offered a promotion today!
You watched it with the sound on? Newb.
Kokomo 2010 Peters Vyd pinot on Thanksgiving and the day after. Eric/Kokomo always does a really solid job with Sonoma Pinot.
Word. Had a pretty decent haul today. 6er Alpha King 6er Pride and Joy 2x Bruery Hottenroh 1x Bruery Oude Tart 2x B Nektar Zombie Killer 1x B Nektar Necromangocon
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