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This is lol.Sent from my phone while driving 78 mph on the highway
Would have to agree. First thought was "definitely not as bad as I thought it'd be. I'd drink this if there was no cool craft stuff.". Falls off to quickly though.
Biiiiiiitch you gon get a lot more than 5 inches. Oh u meant snow
Poon's a hell of a drug
+1. "Smell my finger" is more subtle but nothing announces to the world that you're a cocksman like TunaSuit.
Those dipshit Texans, not being prepared for a ton of snow and ice.
one of the first things you told me about bring a supplier rep was the importance of relationships with the individual sales reps. Couldn't you get one of those nutsacks to send a pic? I just did that for my Boston beer rep last week sucka.
Talk about worlds colliding.
Another job already? Who do you think you are, ksilk?
My BCBS recap: 1 store, 11 4-pks.
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