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Bunch of nice boxes up in this thread.
Abusive relationship chick could get abused by my cack.
There isn't a single beer in here I've had before, which is awesome. The box is like a roller coaster of hops. I fuckin love it
Shipped. My porch got ROCKED from MA today. Saw all the Wachusett stuff first. Was all like oh sweet I've never heard of these guys. Then I saw the anchor and was like oh sweet I've always wanted to try that. Was super excited about the sixpoint stuff too. Then I saw the bouncy house and got a chub because I love smuttynose. Then I saw the kiwi rising and got a full on boner. Then I saw the heady topper and my penis exploded. Fucking AWESOME box. Thank you so...
Damn my shipping was expensive. $40 worth of mikes hard lemonade is heavy!
Word. Baby wipes to get totally clean, tp to dry
Aw, you guys. I remember my first trade.
We were out of toilet and that ain't no good thing in the ksilk household (because toilet paper is a necessity). So while at Walmart(local store) taking their order (I sell beer), I bought some of the TP (toilet paper). I ce home and set it right outside the bathroom door. Later on I went to poo (defecate) and by the time I realized I'd left the TP (toilet paper) outside the bathroom, it was too late (I was mid poo). So I had to do that super awkward waddle to the...
All packed up! Shipping Monday. Pretty sweet box IMO.
Jesus what's the beer? Drank a 6er of little sumpin and THEN decided to shovel the driveway. Mistake.
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