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Super hoppy is great with aged cheddar. Something about that 8 year cheddar kinda sucked all the flavor and resin from the hoppy beers and left your palate relatively clean. Really cool. Stout (non barrel aged) with creamy blue was good. As was marieke with stout. And Gouda with a coffee porter was awesome too.
Tonight: Kiwi Rising (awesome) Heady Topper (fucking phenomenal) Odell Fernet Porter (mimt chocolate chip ice cream in liquid form) Odell Woodcut #7 (too much barrel flavor for me but nice)
Usually just Wabash Cannonball and Piper's pyramide. I always try to grab some Sofie when I go home as I absolutely love that. Doing a mini beer/cheese pairing with my tasting group tonight. 8 year cheddar, Marieke, Marieke w/ fennel, and a cheap but serviceable blue. Beers are Heady Topper, Kiwi Rising, Triton Four Barrel Brown, Odell Fernet Aged Porter (I'm thinking this with the fennel marieke will be awesome), Schlafly BA barley wine, and Schlafly Xmas ale. ...
CG, awesome thread. Can't believe I hadn't read through it all before. Quincy is a hellhole for most everything, but we do have one good cheese shop. No new styles ever come in, but we do get Marieke Gouda, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, and the occasional Capriole. How's the shop going?
Just wait guiz.
Any likes get immediately transferred to me.
It's so offensive to realize that a guy who is famous for being white trash thinks and acts like white trash.
Drinking that Wachusett Larry as we speak. Fucking really solid DIPA. Big plans for the Kiwi Rising and Heady this weekend. I will be the coolest guy in Quincy. I already am, but I'll be even cooler.
It's true for all 3. Printing your own shipment is typically a few bucks cheaper. Den stores got bills to pay sucka
Nectomangocon (mango/black pepper) is awesome. Zombie Killer (cherry) is also great. I tried Black Fang (blackberries and clove) but I don't like clove very muchso I wasn't enthused. Those seem to be the 3 easiest to find.
New Posts  All Forums: