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Meanwhile over on DogFashunzForum: Yeah so this dipshit I've never seen before comes over and tries to touch me. I dunno if he wants to pet me or rape me or what. Bitch you're in my house. Back down or get bit son. So I bite the shit out of him and he acts like I'M the dick. It's so strange to be around poorly trained humans when most of the ones I keep in my house know what the fuck is up.
My guess is bdeuce.Also, yeah surly is the shit.
I love Indians that run liquor stores. They buy everything on the biggest deal. See them once, sell them 100 cases of everything, they don't want to see you for six months. Come back, another 100 cases of everything. Its beautiful.Ps. Is it still racist if its a thing you like?
Betimes i think there is too much crying and not enough christmasing. Edit: oops looks like Bhowie beat me to making this very insightful point!
Fyi indesertum, mine should've dropped friday afternoon. Thats when my regularDT SS landed and they should've been same day.
Thats pretty lawlz.
And breakfast is pronounced "breffice."
Trying to gety cousin to mule me another currently. If I get it I'll send it. It's interesting. I'd have guessed more heavy licorice and bitter herb flavors but its really a one trick pony with mint chocolate chip.
Super hoppy is great with aged cheddar. Something about that 8 year cheddar kinda sucked all the flavor and resin from the hoppy beers and left your palate relatively clean. Really cool. Stout (non barrel aged) with creamy blue was good. As was marieke with stout. And Gouda with a coffee porter was awesome too.
Tonight: Kiwi Rising (awesome) Heady Topper (fucking phenomenal) Odell Fernet Porter (mimt chocolate chip ice cream in liquid form) Odell Woodcut #7 (too much barrel flavor for me but nice)
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