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+1. The only pics to delete are the nudes of your ex once you get a new gf. And you don't really delete those, you just email them to yourself and take them off the phone.
Go to the bristol you nutsack
I love that beer but man those lists are dumb.
I think I destroyed all the pictures from that fateful night.
Drainpour it to show you're really baller.Saber it then give it to a homeless man.Christen your penis with it.
Rogue sucks. That Soba beer is disgusting. The rest are okay. Ayinger Celebrator is awesome.
We're all surprised.
bang her
Walking Pneumonia. ANDwe were supposed to do Christmas with my side of the family this weekend but the impending blizzard has ruined that. Worst part is the doctor told me I couldn'tsmoke until I got better. dumb muhfucker. Looks like I'll have chronic walking pneumonia
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