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Mine went over well-ish. The old man loved them because he's a sour fanatic. Brother in law loved them. Sister almost threw up. Idiot! Oh BTW just mashed in my first homebrew.
Yeah, really wasn't a fan. Luckily that's why there are thousands of breweries making thousands of beers. Tomorrow I'm IP trading 4 4pks of it for 3 Jackie O sours and a bottle of Bruery Fruet!!!
Yeah, hated it too. Nice trade bait/gifts though.
Sours and IPAs here. Stouts and porters are okay. Nothing barrel aged. Not to my tastes.
Really? I like it. Nice entry to sours. Its definitely more sweet than sour though.
mashed potatoes with no milk or butter.... Sounds delicious.
The only offensive thing in that whole video was the lack of cleavage.
Quincy, Illinois
Our local store. Might go buy more. It's all 2013, apparently our bud distributor didn't get the memo about the release date. First time my town has ever gotten bcbs so it's kinda just sitting there. No variants down here.
Nice. Was that at FOBAB?
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