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My entire town (40k people) got 2 cases last year. Individual 12 oz for $7 Iirc.
Pretty much. Opened my mouth and heard a record skip.Aren't you married bro? You should know better.Then again after a year and a half with her I should as well.Note to self: "and aside from all that, it's really futile to whine about something you can change" is not a good closing line.
I'd be happy to do this.But it would be the most wildly unfair trade in the world. Speedway Stout is ridiculously easy to find in the states.
Made a mistake this AM. My GreenFrog asked me for advice and I actually gave it to her. Now she's mad. It's a rookie mistake, and ya hate to see it happen.
It's a pretty pimpin' facility, too. Our upper managements guys were all at the opening party Tuesday and said its sweet.
Talked to the two owners today about some concerns I had regarding the upcoming move. Come out of the convo with them paying moving expenses, renting a uhaul, giving me a moving bonus, and about an 8% raise. Kicking ass at your job has some cool advantages.
So fucking ISO
We have a snow day from work!!! Yay. So glad I don't have to pull a MrG and call in sick.
This is different than someone getting tipped out. A somm making 35k a year that gets tipped out will make 35k plus whatever tips there are. This isn't even management requiring tipouts. This was management holding server tips and using that to pay the original 35k. Yeah, thats a problem.
2 week old Hopslam. Pretty damn good
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