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I ordered a couple of the Everlane U-Necks. I was rather disappointed. I ordered the same size as my other Everlane tees, which fits more or less perfectly. The u-necks are substantially longer, which is fine, but they're also wider around the hips, so they look blouse-y. I'm actually considering a size smaller, but I'm afraid that the tighter collar would defeat the purpose of the shirt. 
Any plans for short-sleeve button ups this season? I know you all had some last year... 
I ordered two pairs from Zeemon since I wasn't sure about sizing. I have 280s for sale from California for $72 shipped. They should fit a size 10-10.5 US. PM me if interested.
The jacket is cut slim in the shoulders, torso and arms. There is a detachable tan lining which is featured in one of the pictures. The lining has ribbed sleeves which poke out through the sleeves of the shell. The tail flares out ever-so-slightly.   It's a really cool jacket, and I bought it even though the sleeves are a tad short for my long monkey arms. I'd say the sleeves are average length. Other than that, it fits fantastically. I'm 6'1", 175 lbs.   Price...
Selling a pair of beautiful pair of Mark McNairy wingtip boots. The yellow sole adds a fun element to an otherwise serious shoe. From McNairy's interview in Complex:     "What was the thinking behind putting bright colored soles on dress shoes? When a guy dresses up, his sole means of self-expression with color or design is a tie. Putting colored soles on dress shoes is the same idea."       I've worn them a handle of times but they're a tad small. I wear...
Selling a pair of beautiful french blue chinos from Epaulet in Brooklyn. Lighweight and slim cut, but not too skinny. Get them like new at a discount. Worn twice.    Price includes shipping to ConUS. Feel free to ask about shipping elsewhere. Located in San Francisco in case you're interested in trying them on.    More info: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-chinos/products/rivet-chino-7oz-canvas-french-blue
  Do AllSaints shoes ever go on sale? I've been eyeing these but I can't bring myself to pay $128 for "piss poor" quality shoes.
Hey Zeemon, what's in stock at the moment? Looking for 275's. Thanks! 
Seeing that TOJ0 spontaneously pop up in my Facebook feed was seriously the highlight of my week. Copping as soon as possible. 
I have three M2M shirts and two more on the way. The first two are really good, but the third is absolutely perfect.    I live ten blocks away or so and stop in on most weekends to say hi. The trip is worthwhile; they are super friendly, but also next to Four Barrel, the greatest coffee shop of all time! 
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