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 Can you tell me more about those pants? They look like exactly what I need right now. 
I've bought a lot of raw denim over the last few years, and love the aesthetic, but I secretly hated buying and wearing it. The size always changed and it was impossible to predict how it would fit after a year of wear and a couple of washes. Dollar for dollar, I was never satisfied with it the way I am with shoes or outerwear, which is why I've owned so many pairs. I ultimately succumbed to cheap Gap jeans and 511s and haven't looked back.
Has anybody gotten their hands on these? http://www.sneakerboy.com/shop-sneakers/krisvanassche-white-low-multilace-ss15kris5.html   I'm obsessed with them, but can only find them in black and blue in store. Would rather not pull the trigger on $500 shoes without trying them on first.
I found this Kris Van Assche shirt at a private sale and I couldn't pass it up. It's relatively oversized, like much of the KVA line, and feels huge on my 511s, which are usually my go-to with a well-fitted oxford shirt. Any recommendations for a pants and shoe combo that would work better? Open to specifics since this is new territory for me, but I'm thinking of something loose-fitted along the lines of...
I ordered a couple of the Everlane U-Necks. I was rather disappointed. I ordered the same size as my other Everlane tees, which fits more or less perfectly. The u-necks are substantially longer, which is fine, but they're also wider around the hips, so they look blouse-y. I'm actually considering a size smaller, but I'm afraid that the tighter collar would defeat the purpose of the shirt. 
Any plans for short-sleeve button ups this season? I know you all had some last year... 
I ordered two pairs from Zeemon since I wasn't sure about sizing. I have 280s for sale from California for $72 shipped. They should fit a size 10-10.5 US. PM me if interested.
The jacket is cut slim in the shoulders, torso and arms. There is a detachable tan lining which is featured in one of the pictures. The lining has ribbed sleeves which poke out through the sleeves of the shell. The tail flares out ever-so-slightly.   It's a really cool jacket, and I bought it even though the sleeves are a tad short for my long monkey arms. I'd say the sleeves are average length. Other than that, it fits fantastically. I'm 6'1", 175 lbs.   Price...
Selling a pair of beautiful pair of Mark McNairy wingtip boots. The yellow sole adds a fun element to an otherwise serious shoe. From McNairy's interview in Complex:     "What was the thinking behind putting bright colored soles on dress shoes? When a guy dresses up, his sole means of self-expression with color or design is a tie. Putting colored soles on dress shoes is the same idea."       I've worn them a handle of times but they're a tad small. I wear...
Selling a pair of beautiful french blue chinos from Epaulet in Brooklyn. Lighweight and slim cut, but not too skinny. Get them like new at a discount. Worn twice.    Price includes shipping to ConUS. Feel free to ask about shipping elsewhere. Located in San Francisco in case you're interested in trying them on.    More info: http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-chinos/products/rivet-chino-7oz-canvas-french-blue
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