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Ok so ive reached my breaking point on researching slim fit shirts that fit the best.   The truth is i either find the slim fits on certain brands...too slim - or too baggy.   So the only thing i can think of is i just need to have them tailored.   Now on to my few questions.   Can a decent tailor take a regular shirt that would fit me like a kite and make it fit perfect? I could stick with the slim fit so they wont have as much to take off. I feel like...
my CT Slim shirts came and fit pretty good, may have them taken in a bit, going to try their tailored fit one
Thanks for the response!   I was just browsing their site actually. Is the Extra Slim - not really extra slim? Like i said the Express Fitted shirt is a bit too slim. Maybe i will order a slim and extra slim to try.   I do like more Purple and fun shirts but also like to look professional. Any more suggestions?
Hello everyone.   Looking for some guidance here. Hope i am in the correct place.   So i have a hard time finding shirts that fir perfect. These are for work, which is in high end retail. Im not looking to spend $100 on a shirt or really have it tailored due to me being kind of rough on them during the day.   I am 29 5"11 and about 175 lbs.   Normal dress shirts fit me too baggy - way too baggy.   I have some Express shirts in "fitted" and they are...
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