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I have Saphir Reno and cream polish. Am about to get a new pair of Allen Edmonds loafers and was wondering should I do something to the loafers before wearing them? Should I apply some polish or reno? Also, as far as the procedure is concerned, could you lay something out when using the the saphir products? Also, when using a horsehair brush, is there some special technique like in circles, up and down, side to side, or does it matter?   Thanks!  
Do you guys recommend putting on a coat of polish and using cleaner/conditioner before wearing a new pair of shoes for the first time?  
k thanks, so the polish will turn them darker?  
Just got my shoes and while I love them, it would be nice if they were a tad bit darker brown. If the polish I use is a bit darker than the original leather, will it permanently change it to the darker brown as long as I polish regularly(how often should I polish)?  
  K thanks! But one question, you're saying for my frequent cleanings I should just brush and polish, but for my more detailed cleaning I should use the Saphir Renovateur? Why though? Wouldn't it make sense to use the Reno more frequently just to clean the shoes and use polish when the shoe needs some shine?
  K will do, what about the other stuff though? I've been seeing that Saphir Renovateur  is a really good product. Would a process like this be good enough to keep my shoes clean and nice and shiny and looking new?   1.Clean/remove stuff using a horsehair brush(DO I ALSO NEED TO USE A CLOTH AFTER THIS?) 2.Use Saphir Renovateur all over the shoe, let dry for 3-5 minutes 3.Remove excess using horsehair brush 4.Buff out with cloth   Would that be good enough, or should I...
There is so much stuff in this thread, I don't know what to do for my shoes. I just purchased these Allen Edmonds loafers, and want to know the best way to maintain the new look and how to care for them. What are some products that I should buy? Would a cloth, AE condition, and AE polish be enough or what else should I get? Should I purchase a shoe tree, if so what is a good cheap one? How often should I be cleaning them? They are expensive so I just want to make sure I...
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