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Yay work on Sunday! At least gives me a reason to wear these beauties.
Seeing the color of this leather in real life convinced me to nab the Epaulet Alt Wein version pre-order this morning. They look awesome.
Love them. Very toasty and the CXL keeps the boots nice and water resistant and comfy. It's gotten down as low as -5 here in DC (that's Fahrenheit). No issues whatsoever.
Shearling lined chukkas in the snow
Well hopefully the, you know, making money part helps comfort them!
Damn, I needed the small!
Mike, on another note. Any chance of this one being restocked at some point:    http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/epaulet-by-new-england-shirt-brown-navy-check-brushed-twill   I totally wavered too long and my size is long gone.
It's been done did!
Haha. I was curious about that too! I was thinking, that's quite a forgiving deadline! In the meantime, earth chamois has been procured - super excited about this one.
Where? Not seeing it!
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