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French blue Doyle. Jacket in hand is my little man's!
My first pair of Carminas - plain captoe in dark brown suede from The Armoury 3 years ago. Still my faves and still the only Simpsons that fit me. The sole edge needs some love I know...
On the road with my Color 8 CXL tassel loafers...
Thanks! Just rocked them again today. Pretty much the perfect early fall shoe. And going from super comfortable to insanely comfortable. Plus the crepe sole would make them unbelievable ninja shoes - I can sneak up on anyone!
Mimo, don't be an Anti-Dainite! It's rubber, not plastic!
Light brown alpine grain austerities (MTO)...
Another pic
Sashiko navy suede chukkas (jeans from Gustin)
I waver back and forth on the medallion. Sometimes I think it balances out the design nicely, other times I prefer the clean look of the toe without it. If we get six and the preference is with medallion, I can go along.
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