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If anyone is on the fence about these, consider this pic. It's a cardigan vest bought by my wife's grandfather in the 70s in England, handed down to her father and then to me a couple years ago. Made by William Lockie.
Mike was rocking these the day I met him and they honestly looked exactly like regular jeans.
TS folks, have the shadow plaid workshop glaciers also shipped? Haven't seen anything about that!
Had a drink w/ Mike last night in SoCal. As if it needed to be said in this thread, Mike is just an awesome guy. Thanks for the great discussion and nerdy menswear insights. I'll put some karaoke on the agenda next time I'm back in LaLa Land!
Huge congrats on this and your overall success Patrik. It goes to show that nice guys can finish first (and look great doing it). Wish I could be in Stockholm for the opening (and just in general actually!).All the best!
Agreed, if only your NBA rooting sense was as strong as your dress sense...
I had this happen to a pair of dark brown suede Carminas. Nice oily splotch from dropping a bite of food on them at a reception.My move? Took them to my cobbler, who got the spot out (no idea how) so completely I've forgotten which foot it was. Think it cost $20-25.My feeling on this is don't make a bad situation worse - let the pros handle it.
Yup. Did that too. No biggie - not like I'm short of shoes 😬.
No dice for me yet on museum or horse hides.
Nope - haven't got my shipping notification on them.
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