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Is that tobacco on Forest last?
The next step is when shoe fundz are redirected to a hotel to get a decent night of sleep...
So, I made my first visit to Epaulet today after purchasing about 10 items online (with two more on the way!) Went to the BKN shop where Mike was busy loading up EFF Rivet fabrics. Let me just say that Mike is just about the coolest guy - tremendously friendly, tremendously helpful, tremendously knowledgeable. Spent an hour with me locking in my sizes on Rivets, shirts and sport coats. Anyone who's bought stuff from EP, you owe it to yourself to stop in and see the...
Mike, any chance you'll be in the LES store tomorrow evening? I'm in the city for the day and planned to make my inaugural journey to the mecca!
I think we all need to realign our priorities here. I love shoes as much as the next guy...but Swedish au pair? Don't bury the lead!
 Cool. I have the same ones with Dainite from GF (assuming these are on the Forest last). They're great. Can't wait to bust them out in fall when the weather gets nasty.
Are these dark brown or black? Hard to tell on my screen. And is that scotch grain or some other grain? Very nice!
That's maybe the dressiest Galway I've seen in a while and shows a whole different dimension to that style. Well done.
Mike,   Any chance you'll be in the LES store the evening of July 23? I'm planning to pop in for my first visit as I'm in the city for the day. Would be great to catch up!
Would that be considered a major pattern change or subject to the normal 15% MTO fee?
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