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And EP Earth Chanois Alt Weins today...
Loden Walts in action. So warm, so soft.
Leffot Cooney boots from yesterday.
See my issue is that the EB I have (74945 last) fits absolutely perfectly in the heel and width. But the instep is soooo high that I needed an insole insert. If they could develop a style that keeps the width the same but the instep lower, I'd probably have 5 pairs by now.
Mike, any moleskin coming on the EFF Rivets? I've been living in my moleskin Walts during this cold snap...but I can't wear them every day.
I have two flannel suits in H&S cloth. They're so soft and cozy I sometimes feel like they'd be good pajamas.
Five-year-old suede oxfords, more comfy with each wear. My first Carminas and probably still my faves.
Carmina loafers from Skoak. Breaking in nicely on South Beach.
Is it possible the up charge is so steep because they have add the midsole relative to the camp sole? Agree though that's a big up charge and would put me off.
+1 Mike, I never comment on your shoes because well, I'd be commenting every day. Like saying great shot every time Steph Curry makes a 3. But these are fantabulous.
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