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Steve, Do you have a list of pre-orders or possible pre-orders? Would be nice to know what's coming down the pike for planning purposes! Thanks!
If I was in DC (as I usually am) I would have found it hard to resist picking up a flannel (if the gods had smiled on me), but in LA at the minute and not exactly in the frame of mind to collect warm pents. Also would have preferred to be able to get side adjusters, but that might have exploded EP's site. I did enjoy watching on the sidelines. Was great theater. And in truth I nearly, nearly grabbed the forest hopsack. Will probably regret not doing that, but figured...
70 degree day in LA. Really missing the East Coast....ummm yeah.
This reminds me of the virtual version of one of those wedding dress sample sale royal rumbles where you see women tearing each other's hair out. We're much more civilized, of course...
This is the equivalent of a pants crackhouse. I feel like Mike should be walking around in a kimono while doling out our fix, such is the opium den he has created...
Probably only interested in 3202 as I have too many captoes as it is. I think the austerity brogue you references shows that it can work nicely, but I definitely understand your concerns. Keep me posted. I'm not a definite at this point, but definitely interested.
Digging the 3202. Would be superb in museum. What is the 946 last like. I'm utterly confused by the EB lasts.
Thanks! Truth be told I was partially inspired by your custom trench boots with the Huntsman leather. I love it - so much visual interest in that wax flesh. Excited to break these out soon!
Here's the goods...
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