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Leaves,I think the important takeaway from this is you have a loyal group of customers who trust you and revel in your customer service, unique makeups and transparency. I know who I'm buying shoes from.
Anyone interested in this exact shoe but in polo suede?
As I said, I gladly await Leaves' explanation and let's please return to the regularly scheduled programming.
Wow, glad you can make all sorts if moral judgments about me based on my decision to try a pair of shoes on in a store where I'm expected to pay 60% more than I pay at another comparable retailer. Didn't realize it was my moral compass that's out if whack. Seriously though, if Carmina is providing duch drastically different margins for different retailers that seems like it's something you should take up with them, not me. Also - let's be real - the retailer probably spent...
Agreed as well, but in this case all three retailers I'm referencing have brick and mortar locations and online channels. Two are based in the US. That's clearly not the issue.
Guessing its snuff and polo. Would love to see them side by side to get a direct comp.
I'll try to put this as delicately as I can, but I'm not going to feel too bad for retailers charging $550 for Carminas when they can be had online through other retailers here for $100-$200 less. The exchange rate only goes so far to explain that huge gap. What's troubling to me is not that the retailers here charging $550 haven't met Skoak's prices but that they haven't even lowered them at all in the face of market forces. If they are going to stick to that price, then...
What's the proposed makeup? I think a sleek PTB with this would be awesome.
Just wanted to say my MTO Walts in tobacco linen-cotton are superb. Third wear on them and they are so damn comfy and versatile. Went from wearing them today with a sport coat and oxfords during the day to a t-shirt and Vans at night and they looked perfect in both settings. Kudos Mike and team!
I second this - have the ranger sole on a pair of ranger mocs and they are incredibly cushiony and grippy and have gotten more stable as time has gone on. Wholeheartedly recommend.
New Posts  All Forums: