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Having just flown to India for the third time in 15 months, I have to prioritize comfort. For me that means worn in Chinos, polo, sweatshirt and usually Vans. I'm not trying to impress anyone, just make it to the other dude without a DVT, As for domestic travel on biz, which I do regularly, I definitely wear trousers and a jacket (no tie if it can be helped) and usually tassel loafers for convenience.
Mike, any further ETA info on the shell trainers?
X-post from TS: All Made in the USA while in India. Taylor Stitch brushed twill and Gustin Okayamas.
All Made in the USA while in India. Taylor Stitch brushed twill and Gustin Okayamas.
Steve can PM you with cost and ETA, but I believe usual turnaround would be around 12 weeks.
For folks on the fence on GMTO #2 split toe, this would be the leather used. I think it'll be a fantastic shoe.
I'll piggyback on this. Dustin and PDG are great to work with - as he mentioned a long time ago, going through PDG means you're supporting two businesses in one purchase. But more to the point for you, PDG has access to "secret menu items" that aren't available on the Rancourt online shoe designer. 
Roger, I suppose some of the aesthetic preference on Forest comes down to how relatively bulbous it is to other similar shoes in your rotation. For me, my Forest PTB looks downright sleek after a day of wearing my Alden PTB. I just picked up a captoe derby in Forest from SkoAB - yet to wear it outside but tried them on inside and they look solid, but still sleek in smooth calf. Good for a day wearing thicker wool trousers or a suit from a substantial cloth. Again, as you...
Corollary: on a flight to Asia this week via Europe, flew directly over western Ireland and saw on the in-flight map both Galway and Shannon and immediately thought of Edward Green boots...as opposed to, you know, beautiful cities with living, breathing people in them.
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