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Mocha in the sun.
Seriously. You know there are starving children in Africa who don't have any shell to wear, and you guys are straight hoarding them!
For reference I'm 5'8" 155 and the 38 fits me beautifully.
My job is in trade and I just have to say, these punitive duties are a scourge on economies. If there were Canadian and Australian shoe companies making comparable products, surely people in those countries would purchase from those makers. Frankly, it's not the preferable situation to buy shoes made in Spain or Romania from a Swedish retailer. But the fact is that these makers are unique and the duties should reflect that. And in our global marketplace, if a retailer is...
Got the derby cardigan. Oh man - been literally searching for three years for the perfect sweater and the fit could not be better. Kudos Mike! Also, pretty sure I dropped 5 lbs just trying it on for 5 mins. That thing is warm. I felt like Martin Lawrence jogging.
60% is borderline robbery. I would dispute the hell out of that.
@ironist amazing Edward Green Galways
Second run out for these polo suede loafers.
I believe Mike at EP has said something to that effect.
Three days of EP shirts concludes with red cast broken twill (and EP snuff suede belt):
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