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Got it. So these are tobacco, not fox. Many thanks for the comparison pic. I'll be in touch!
Jeff,I'd need 7.5 UK. Thanks south for the quick reply. Was actually in NYC last week for work but didn't get time to stop by unfortunately! I'll be in touch about these. Any chance you could post a pic of the fox suede next to snuff to get a sense of the difference?Thanks,Eric
And one more I forgot: 6. What is the sole? Leather or Dainite? Thanks again!Eric
Jeff,   Couple questions about the U-Tip fox suede shoe that Mark posted on the tumblr (http://thearmoury.tumblr.com/image/95501734120):   1. Would I take the same size in the modified Rain as I would in the standard Rain? 2. What sizes are available in this shoe? 3. I'm assuming fox is lighter and a bit redder than snuff? 4. What would the damage be on these? 5. Mark called it a derby on tumblr, but isn't this an oxford (looks sort of...
Mine is fully shearling lined to the toes. Katie once told me they last the shearling lines boots differently And to take the same size.
Maracca suede dubs in action. Apologies for terrible train platform fluorescent lighting
To those of you wearing Doyles, where in the world are you where it's jacket weather? Can't even think of rocking anything casual jacket-wise these days!
I got my French blue Doyle and snuff suede Tennis shoes today. Shoes are spot on (the 9 was perfect as you suggested Mike!). The Doyle is ever so slightly roomy but I think one size down would not have worked. Should be nice with a sweater underneath.
Those are classic as classic gets! Great stuff.
What is the 606 last like? I'm an EG noob but the Dover is definitely a bucket list shoe and I'm living this Utah grain leather.
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