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To those of you wearing Doyles, where in the world are you where it's jacket weather? Can't even think of rocking anything casual jacket-wise these days!
I got my French blue Doyle and snuff suede Tennis shoes today. Shoes are spot on (the 9 was perfect as you suggested Mike!). The Doyle is ever so slightly roomy but I think one size down would not have worked. Should be nice with a sweater underneath.
Those are classic as classic gets! Great stuff.
What is the 606 last like? I'm an EG noob but the Dover is definitely a bucket list shoe and I'm living this Utah grain leather.
My current handsewn lineup (quickly getting out of hand): L-R (top) New color 8 CXL shearling lined chukkas from Rancourt (vibram Christy) Blue suede sashiko crepe sole chukkas from Rancourt via Hickorees Peanut brittle grain chukkas from Quoddy L-R (bottom) New color 8 CXL tassel loafers from Rancourt Navy CXL camp mocs from Oak Street Natural CXL ranger mocs with RLH ranger sole from Rancourt
So one more addendum. Dustin at PDG was awesome to work with and I highly recommend going through him. Not that Rancourt us difficult at all by the way. They've always been responsive to my emails too. Dustin I'm already dreaming up my next order! One other thing: lead time was 40 days from placing the order to delivery.
$365 thru Dustin at PDG. They are TOASTY! Lined all the way to the toes. Basically like house slippers with a badass sole.
Shearling lined chukka and tassel Lauder with navy suede tassel. Apologies for this being in 3 messages. Laughably bad at this via the phone.
(Very) early b-day gift to myself. The aforementioned special orders, both using Color 8 CXL: [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
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