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Beat me to the punch!
Gabriel told me the Inca grain is softer and almost like a hatch grain while the scozia is like a country calf and maybe better suited to boots and more casual shoes. Gabriel, be sure to correct me if I have that wrong. FWIW, my MTO is an oxford/suede combo using the inca grain.
That Hidro Oceano is so awesome. I was trying to think of some way to incorporate it. I actually think an oxford or boot with that suede and a medium brown calf would be amazing too. Great choice!
Got it. Everyone jump in on both the Kudu styles, and that's an order!
Leaves or Gabriel,   Can either of you compare Carmina's loden suede to EB's loden suede? To me the EB loden looks a touch darker. Is that accurate?
Mike, that was my thinking too. Let's get these rolling while the euro is in the dumps! How many people do you need - is it 6 you need to pull off a GMTO, or something higher? Thanks!
Mike, any update on the Kudu Carmina pre-orders?
+1! Though I'm more interested in the heavy stitch captoe!
Here's a great pic of Carmina burgundy calf in the sun (courtesy of ScottMC on the GF thread). I have these exact shoes and they are awesome. I'd say they are a little less red than this pic would indicate and super versatile (at least with suits, as that's all I every wear them with). It's a great color, in my opinion: 
Fred, If you don't mind me asking, what was the model number on this one, and what last did you choose? Sorry if you've mentioned these already. Thanks!
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