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Like every night that ends in "...day"?
That's why I'm anxious to try it. What's the word on that brown suede split toe? Style: 2475MODLast: 74945Leather: Hidro JasperSole: Vibram Topy Who's in?
But it should look essentially like the ones that St. Crispin's does, right? In your estimation, would that make the sole profile a bit thinner?
And some pics of that Vibram topy-type sole would be helpful too. I'm trying to make a case for how cool/useful it might be!
I could do millerighe but maybe Patrik can get us a few pics of the Vibram sole in action and that might convince you . Don't want to hold this up over that though.
I think it would be like this (please correct me if I'm wrong, Patrik). I've seen these used extensively on St. Crispin's.  
Any interest in that new Vibram topy-like rubber sole that Leaves said EB could do? Been itching to try that sole out, but it has a nice low profile. @justinkapur what say you?
I would have a hell of a hard time saying no to this one. So bad ass. Might I suggest No. 10 here - Hidro Jasper: 
I know I'm thinking waaay ahead here, but are you all going to do another run of the swim trunks for next summer? Got a chance to wear them again last week and they are just perfect. Would love another color (olive?) or even a pattern if that's even possible with the material.
Peat's Sake, Honey Nut, and Lyle Lovat are EP Hall of Fame fabric names. Nothing will ever beat the Raekwon fabric though (can't remember the exact name!).
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