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Agree on this. My 8.5 Barries are on the roomy side but I can't go down to 8. The 9s in my EP tennis trainers fit spot on. If your Barries fit snug you probably need to go up 1 size in EP sneaks.
Broke down and got the horsehide sport trainers. Now trying to hold myself back from the white tennis pre-order (I have two existing EP sneaks, the museum ones coming, a pair of Stan Smiths and two Lavers). I mean, where else will I get stingray kicks?
Damn you Frank for snagging one and for looking so good in it!
Mike I have the NE broken twill shirt from you so feel like the red would be slightly redundant. No particular hurry on the emerald. I can wait for the restock. Got enough blues and whites to last me for ages.
TS stuff across the board (shirts/vest/plethora of jackets) fits me exceedingly well. No complaints from me.
Oh sure rub it in now! 
Well, I snoozed, and I lost. The emerald in Small is gonzo. Mike, is there a restock coming in that color?
The recommendation is same size at NE shirts right?
Haha! I'd be honored! That flint kudu might be a nice option if they don't have a dark brown.
Anyone know if Rancourt has a dark or snuff tone suede that can be made into an unlined loafer? Recently saw an awesome dark brown suede unlined Venetian and I'm stuck on that idea.
New Posts  All Forums: