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The texture on that crosshatch is awesome, but I'm waaay more enamored with the proportion of those lapels. That is absolutely perfect and would be stylish 60 years ago and 60 years from now (so long as Trump doesn't sell Earth to the Martians). I hope my jackets have such perfecto proportions. Tremendous stuff.
Hey all - the Southwick jackets depart from Chelmsford, MA, right? Not much other info on the UPS tracking, and I'm out of town right now so can't check. But guessing I got my EFF jackets!
Wha??? That's fast!
About six years ago I had a really crappy version of this shirt that I loved until it fell apart. Got me thinking...
Mine is TTS.
People wearing a BD with a jacket on a regular basis are probably less than 5% of the population. People wearing well-fitting BDs and jackets, a tiny fraction of that. But in this case it's good to be in the 1%!
Yeah disagree as well. If the BD has a substantial enough collar, it looks great under a jacket. In fact, most of my BDs hold up better beneath the lapels than some of my point collars.
Fair points. Invites were sent out weeks before. It was blazing hot outside (90 degrees +), but the event was held in a banquet room in a nice hotel. The location was Lombard, Ill (about 30 mins east of downtown). In my opinion, even if they were notified a week before, gathering to celebrate a 50th anniversary at a hotel should be enough of a prompt to actual wear pants at least.
Agree 100 percent. Part of dressing well is knowing the context and occasion.
Unfortunately, I think you could replace that with Suburban_______.
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