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My earth chamois Aldens read more black or super dark gray to me than anything else, but it's inherently a casual material, so like you guys, find I'm wearing this with untucked shirts, sweaters or jackets generally covering the belt region anyway so never really worry about the belt matching per se. It's such an awesome leather/color. Wore the hell out of my Alt Wiens this winter so I tucked them away until fall.
Thought I remember Mike at EP running a Kudu shoe with Carmina and saying that it was indeed antelope. But I may be wrong on that.
Ripstop Rivets and Team Mocha
Was 100% inspired by your pic on this. Having only a jacket in that check style I had to flip things!
Steve, when did you say those brick lama full strap loafers would be in stock. Any way to reserve my size in advance?
Canvas Walts
I get that, but aside from a little less fabric needed, it just seems to me like it would be harder to craft a long sleeve shirt (and thus require more skill). I mean the long haul jacket I got through the workshop I think was $138. How is a short sleeve cotton shirt do close in price to that?? Look TS needs to price it to make money - just saying I'm not interested at that price no matter how cool they look.
TS folks, just some feedback here. At $98 those short sleeve shirts feel a bit steep to me, especially for something that I have to wait 3 months for. I mean from my POV, not sure why a thin SS cotton shirt costs as much as say, the Yosemite?
On another note, when are those gray suede and basketweave slip-ons dropping again?
"@eljlakers thanks for the honest feedback - I'd like to hear things from all sides, and especially what people don't like.    Agreed on the leather, it is going into Varvatos territory in the lighter colors. And we want to stay out of that area completely. The crucial tones for Couro Calvalho are all dark (Chocolate, Graphite, Dark Burgundy). The grain is still interesting and the overall color tone is consistent.    Fot the PTB, I'll post a pic on the foot later....
New Posts  All Forums: