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Long haul in olive canvas.
First wear of Sundown shirt
Better shot of those brick lama loafers (which sounds like an Indie band name).
They've been great for me so far. They're on the looser side so no issues with too much tension on the seam. And the material is pretty robust for how light and cool-wearing it is.
Brick llama full straps. So damn comfy on the first wear.
EP items in action: Gauzy rainbow herringbone Navy tonal seersucker White chambray and tobacco cotton linen Walts Navy sanded canvas Walts (look more petrol blue than navy in reality)
Went with the ivory tattersall and green uni oxford. Two interesting staples for the price of a Gitman. Great stuff Mike.
What's availability on these gonna be like Mike. Like jump in ASAP or will there be time to pick some stuff out later tonight?
Ocho unlined Dovers.
First go with the Portugal salt rinse denim. Love this thang.
New Posts  All Forums: