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Stop goading me on this one Mike!
However the pricing shakes out, it's clear that Carmina did not like playing in that sub-$400 space. Perhaps the demand at that price was overwhelming their production capacity. Maybe aside from getting pricing consistency between US retailers, non-US retailers and their own e-commerce site, the fact is that they feel these price points better reflect the true value of the shoe. Just speculating - I'm annoyed too, but #firstworldproblemstotheextreme.
I have a similar shoe in dark brown calf and they are among my most worn dress shoes.
Menswear never sleeps...
New site works fine for me Patrik.
Definitely hefty! Thick and pretty dressy for canvas. I imagine they will get softer over time. Definitely recommend though.
Color 8 CXL tassels. My go to sockless shoe these days.
Sanded canvas MTOs out for their first spin on a crisp Sunday morning. Almost a petrol blue rather than true navy. These might be my favorite of the bunch.
@eljlakers - those are amazing! Congrats. Thanks Tricky! Can't wait to break them out.
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