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This is all true re: China. I think the key is the ethos of the brand vs. the exact country they source from. If TS decided they were going to work with a factory in China, I'd trust in their decision because I imagine they'd be working more directly with the factory, would have vetted the factory, and that there'd be a reason that factory was especially good at making a particular garment. The Buy USA thing is a legit component of the decision-making process on clothes....
Cramertons, broken twill, and snuff. All EP except for the kicks.
Yeah Wiggins was probably just wearing some Nikes. Amateur.
What no 720s?
You've gotten two separate pairs of the Surf Trunks? I ordered them through the Workshop and haven't received them. Emailed them Friday about it and was told they'd ship within 24 hrs. But it's Monday morning and still no shipping notification. I've been a huge cheerleader for TS, but this kind of stuff is annoying. I ordered swimming trunks in April, and they can't fulfill them by Aug. 1? They've been up on the site for more than a week and I'm sitting here having...
Here's an outdoor pic (in shade)...
Finally rocking my Java seed stitch Ricets from an EFF a while back. L.O.V.E. This fabric. Would have been an unbelievable suit. Smooth like a worsted but lightweight and breathable and tons of visual texture.
You two have great taste! (My two tennis sneaks are mocha and snuff suede)
Drab Cramerton and Optic White ankles... Not in picture (white chambray NE shirt).
To the DC folks, anyone have a good recommendation for a tailor? Just got back from a long trip and cracked open all my EFF jackets - the shoulders fit great but they definitely need to be taken in at the waist.
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