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A friend noticed my mochas this morning and said "I have some shoes like that". I didn't want to be an ass so I let it be, but inside I knew..."not like this you don't". I feel the same way. I can honestly say that I have the nicest shoes in the room 99.9% of the occasion. That's less a brag and more an indictment of most people's shoes. But I can relate to the internal feeling of shoe smugness!
Can't stand the bar lacing on sneaks or dress shoes. Don't understand the point to be honest.
That's a killer makeup but I need another boot/shoe like a need a hole in the head. I'll look forward to seeing the pics!
Another Mocha just arrived... Dear lord, forgive my complaining yesterday. Hands down the best leather I've ever seen or felt on a sneaker. I almost feel guilty having used this leather on a sneaker when it is clearly intended for a higher purpose. Almost. Seriously though, if the intention was to deliver a luxurious sneaker at a fantastic price, the target was met, and then some. Tremendous work Mike.
"Suede trainers look boss! Glad that your Couro Cromo shoes will be out for delivery tomorrow. I hear you on the delay, and it's certainly something that we'll look to avoid in the future. Our Shell Cordovan grenade was a big learning lesson for me, and I'll never offer a large scale project like that without having every party totally on board. As a rule, our sneakers are generally going to be about 4 months from order submission to delivery at our doorstep. That's a...
My feeling as well. I do wonder how they are actually doing in terms of selling shoes that can easily be had online for 30 to 40% less. It's sad because for me (and I suspect a lot of people) the Armoury was where I first learned of Carmina. I'd love to patronize them but can't justify that steep price difference.
I got a pair in brown calf and they were a touch darker than I would have wanted. I was looking for something in a true mid-brown hue but they are closer to dark brown than tan.
Cognac suede sneaks. Patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting the arrival of my mocha courier chromo sneakers, which I first pre-ordered Oct. 2. Not to sound ungrateful at all (because I recognize that Mike knocked down the price on these for those if us in the pre-order and very generously supplied a with that 15% off code) but an almost 8-month lead time for sneakers seems kind of silly in retrospect. Again, I'm totally appreciative of all that the EP guys do and...
First outing on these, perfect for a rainy day.
Epaulet x NE OCBD #collarrollnation
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