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AD and Steph are just freaks. As a neutral what a pleasure watching those two.
Unlined. Interested to see how well they keep their shape through another couple seasons.
Captoe brogues on Rain.
As an LA native, I can vouch that April can be colder and more dreary than January and February sometimes...
Seriously.  On another note, I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but just got my first two EPNY shirts yesterday and they are just a cut above anything other than my MTM dress shirts. Like far superior to any other casual-to-dressy shirts I've ever owned. Won't be my last, it goes without saying. Also have my first pair of Walts on order so can't wait for those. Lastly, I picked up the snuff suede belt and if anyone is on the fence, go for it. Just a beautiful...
Nope. I don't put trees in any of my handsewns except for a pair of tassel loafers that are a touch tight (hence hoping to open them a bit). I think it sort of runs counter-intuitive to the idea of handsewns and also I worry about trees stretching the CXL too much as these fit pretty much perfect.
Natural CXL ranger mocs after 18 months.
Thanks Gabriel. Below are some pics (including one showing how closely the laces meet). They really are wonderful shoes. Last is 74945 for reference.
Leaves,Just received my wonderful MTO in this last. Only problem is the instep is quite roomy. Toes and width are perfect and love the shape of the last otherwise. Any suggestions? A tongue pad? Sole insert? I'll likely take them to my local cobbler to get his opinion. It's not far off, just more generous than any other dress shoe I've tried.Would the 804 last have a lower instep (or just generally less volume)? Have to say that the finishing on these EBs is superb.Thanks!
This is confusing! Guess it shows not every person even with the same height/weight is the same!
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