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"Ah, sadly we burned through all of that fabric. We just have our remaining stock online." Mike, someone on this thread indicated they were returning a small in this. If it indeed comes back in, could you give me a heads up? I'm ready and willing!
Mocha in the sun. Depth of color on these is amazing...
I'm even classier: fist voyage for mocha trainers.
Is humus darker than snuff? Hard to tell on my phone but it looks darker.
Thanks for the heads-up. Mike could you set this aside?
Mike, any plans to restock the Kaihara Redcast Broken Twill? I waited too long and the small has sold out!
Has anyone been on eBay lately and seen people selling used Carminas for more than Skoak sells brand new? Or new ones for $100 more than Skoak is selling? It's pretty comical.
I'm not cobbler, but I think the term for those jagged edges is pinking. But yeah, they look extremely similar.
A friend noticed my mochas this morning and said "I have some shoes like that". I didn't want to be an ass so I let it be, but inside I knew..."not like this you don't". I feel the same way. I can honestly say that I have the nicest shoes in the room 99.9% of the occasion. That's less a brag and more an indictment of most people's shoes. But I can relate to the internal feeling of shoe smugness!
Can't stand the bar lacing on sneaks or dress shoes. Don't understand the point to be honest.
New Posts  All Forums: