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Just an FYI, Hickoree's seems to have re-opened orders for the made-by-Rancourt Sashiko chukkas: http://www.hickorees.com/brand/rancourt--co/product/th-s--co-chukka-moccasin-navy-suede-and-indigo-sashiko-fabric. Can't recommend them highly enough!
Sashiko time again...
This shoe was actually the inspiration for my original GMTO idea with Steve - my main reason being that I wanted Dainite instead of leather.
Thanks for the update Matt - was great to hear you describe the inspiration/design process on these and always great to see a well worn pair of boots!
Thanks (as well as bkotso) for the sizing recommendations!
To keep on this theme, can anyone make a waist size comparison between Walt/Driggs and J.Crew Bowery or chinos? I'm a comfortable 32 in JCrew - what size would you suggest in Walt/Driggs?
French blue Doyle. Jacket in hand is my little man's!
My first pair of Carminas - plain captoe in dark brown suede from The Armoury 3 years ago. Still my faves and still the only Simpsons that fit me. The sole edge needs some love I know...
On the road with my Color 8 CXL tassel loafers...
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