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Thanks! Not buying CPs! Just needed a reference point for another maker!
Question for folks here. How does the sizing (primarily in length) compare between EP tennis trainers and Common Projects' similar style? I need that as a reference point. For context, I wear a US 9/EU 42 in EP tennis trainers. Thanks for any help!
Agree with Justin and Peppercorn. Part of the fun, now that I have a wardrobe plenty big enough, is the anticipation of a unique order, or just seeing a shipping notice pop in my email out of nowhere.That said, think about the economics of this more than the "fun." You may want Mike to be a "real shop" and carry lots of inventory, but the more inventory he has to carry (and take a chance on it not selling at any margin) the higher prices he has to charge across the board....
Mike, I'm way late on this and we talked briefly about the Alden situation a few weeks back. But here are my thoughts: I have four pairs of Aldens and all but one are strictly casual shoes for me. And casual shoes for fall through early spring at that. I'm not a guy who likes to wear commando sole boots in June, no matter how badass the construction of that boot is. I really can't envision myself buying any more Aldens unless it's a unique makeup (all about the...
Highly recommend the big foliage flannel. That thing is cozy as hell and the colors are nice and lively for dreary winter days.
Co-sign. Never understood the allure of a fake serial number on the side of the shoe, especially since it apparently costs $150 for CP to apply it on the side given the price difference.
If anyone is on the fence about these, consider this pic. It's a cardigan vest bought by my wife's grandfather in the 70s in England, handed down to her father and then to me a couple years ago. Made by William Lockie.
Mike was rocking these the day I met him and they honestly looked exactly like regular jeans.
TS folks, have the shadow plaid workshop glaciers also shipped? Haven't seen anything about that!
Had a drink w/ Mike last night in SoCal. As if it needed to be said in this thread, Mike is just an awesome guy. Thanks for the great discussion and nerdy menswear insights. I'll put some karaoke on the agenda next time I'm back in LaLa Land!
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