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Sashiko time again...
This shoe was actually the inspiration for my original GMTO idea with Steve - my main reason being that I wanted Dainite instead of leather.
Thanks for the update Matt - was great to hear you describe the inspiration/design process on these and always great to see a well worn pair of boots!
Thanks (as well as bkotso) for the sizing recommendations!
To keep on this theme, can anyone make a waist size comparison between Walt/Driggs and J.Crew Bowery or chinos? I'm a comfortable 32 in JCrew - what size would you suggest in Walt/Driggs?
French blue Doyle. Jacket in hand is my little man's!
My first pair of Carminas - plain captoe in dark brown suede from The Armoury 3 years ago. Still my faves and still the only Simpsons that fit me. The sole edge needs some love I know...
On the road with my Color 8 CXL tassel loafers...
Thanks! Just rocked them again today. Pretty much the perfect early fall shoe. And going from super comfortable to insanely comfortable. Plus the crepe sole would make them unbelievable ninja shoes - I can sneak up on anyone!
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