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I wouldn't say totally different in terms of the LMs. You can get Carminas pretty easily in the $450 ballpark and the LM line is approaching that. But yes you're right in Carminas vs classic line😁😁.
So the more I wear my Meermins vs. my Carminas, the more pronounced the difference in sole hardness. My Carminas keep getting more comfortable with each wear - the Meermibs just seem to stay rock hard. And that's both classic and LM pairs.
Another day out for the burgundy wingtip derbies. These are really becoming my go-to shoe.
Maiden runout for the snuff suede sneaks. I was totally against the luxury sneaker movement but these changed my mind when I saw them. Can't say no to snuff suede! And they are great on the feet as well. And in natural light...
The goal was a shoe that felt casual but looks more dressy so I think that was accomplished!
Thanks! One regret is that I think the lace attached to the tassel would have been better in the navy suede of the tassel rather than the Color 8 CXL. No biggie though.
Broke out the custom color 8 CXL tassels today. Snug but should stretch nicely.
I might take you up on that! Any takers here for the small at the original price? This has literally been worn for 5 minutes inside.
So here's some more feedback on the speckled chambray. Cloth is beautiful - buttery soft and really interesting visually. It's slightly thinner and a flatter weave than I had imagined but it would seem like a great casual piece by itself or during the summer under a casual sport jacket. Impressed with the collar, which stands up well despite the softness of the cloth. However...I echo the sizing issue. This is my first EP shirt of any kind and I think I'm somewhere...
So count me in as long as it's on Dainite and with no brogue.
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