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Carmina captoe derbies courtesy of skoaktie:
Cold spring sunshine on Sashiko (say that fast 5 times):
LS alpine grain boots...
Concur with all of this except for the patch chest pocket. For some reason, that feature always strikes me as too far on the side of casual.
Wear so far on my waxed flesh trail oxfords. Can't explain how much I love this leather. The more beat up they get the better they look!
I too take the same size in Rain and Forest and find Forest slightly more forgiving. No boots in either though.
I'll also refloat the idea of a polo suede U-wing oxford. Anyone?
I certainly didn't mean all Made in USA brands charge excessively, but some do and capitalize on that feeling. If anything TS is probably on the low end of that price spectrum (especially something through their workshop). Not to get into a whole outsourcing discussion here because people might already be bored with this topic, but jobs flooded overseas because our demand for consumer goods far outpaced our internal ability to deliver them at a price that matched our...
Can't argue with anything you just said. I think they fill a bit of a void in that they are more flattering in general than LL Bean stuff, but retain the small company vibe that many people look for these days (as opposed to JCrew).
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