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Can't wait to see if theres another come monday. Seriously though, all of these Grey leather is anticlimactic for me. Seeing all of these styles I like but with the unfortunate color is frustrating!
What exactly can you wear grey with anyway? Do they look good with jeans and such? Considering buying a pair since they're on clearance. 
If you're interested in giving them away I'm a size 10.5D, as long as he doesn't want them of course. Trying to build a small selection of shoes for myself. If not then forget I asked.
I'm in the market for exactly the same thing with measurements closer to a 39r. 40r would work for me as well though.
Appreciate it! This pretty much confirms the tan for me. The darker ones seem to be a bit darker than I had wanted, and the tans are right on the money. Appreciate everyone's help and recommendations in this thread, very helpful!
Hmm. Interesting point. Maybe I should get one of each then, in the immediate sense I suppose tan would make more sense as I really plan to wear them year round. I may invest in a second pair in the future though. My goal was to get a shoe that I could wear daily or almost daily through college, so winter is really when school is in session, but as I said these are my first pair so perhaps I should get the ones I can wear more immediately.
That would be fantastic actually. Appreciate the help!
Thanks for the reply. I've been brooding over it a bit and came to a similar conclusion, as after looking at some pictures online the Dark Brown seem to be a fair amount darker than the official website images suggested. I may end up making the trip into the city to try a pair in the correct color, but at the least I'm going to try on the black ones at Nordstrom for fit. 
I can't decide between the Natural Tan McTavishes or the Dark Brown cognac. This is likely to be a workhorse shoe for me, primarily worn with jeans and khakis. Dark brown seems to contrast better with the Khakis so I'm leaning towards them at the moment, but unfortunately it would be quite a drive for me to see either color in person as my local Nordstrom only stocks the black ones. Can anyone offer any insight?
Appreciate the reply, McTavish is exactly what I was looking for, I was thinking suede might be a bit too much for a first choice anyway. Hopefully will pick up a pair soon. The Macneil's are nice as well, but they're more expensive and I honestly liked the McTavish more anyway. What can I say, I'm a sucker for fancy decorations! 
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