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Idol Brooklyn has some great steals on A1923.   Edit: Nvm the brand is excluded from the extra 20% off.
Thanks @Synthese for the input.    I definitely see the similarities between Transit and Poeme with the overly faded/dyed designs and other derivatives. Might give it a go with a deeper discount but I'm not too keen on the flap pockets, which I just noticed.
Anyone handled pieces from Transit Uomo? Never heard of this brand but I'm interested in this linen coat.   https://svmoscow.com/men/item/87503
 It's a men's jacket and I want to say it's from Crust or maybe even older. I've also never seen the collared moto design for womens before. 
Why not just post a picture of the actual jacket so we can help you differentiate? Almost all of RO men's and women's jacket are different in design.
It's the same silhouette as all the mainline ramones...
Any recommendations for a pair of white or neutral colored suede/nubuck sneaker? Preferably minimal branding and capping at the price of $300.
That "new" design is just so hideous.
Most of Rick's cotton and silk/viscose blend tees tend to stretch and I would say it's safe to size down one. Hell even some of his wool knits stretch a lot. After a nice wash & dry it returns back to normal.
Any type of oil or product to stiffen back leather, horse in particular?
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