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 Spring 2015. I hand wash the more delicate Rick tees and air dry them. For machine wash, in cold cycle and dry at the lowest setting.
Ssense's stylist should get a raise. Most of the brands on there are styled well like those layering with the Rick coats.
A huge update on Spence with older season Moody outerwear. Bunch of coats and mid-neck intarsia and a padded reversible bomber.   Decent prices with an extra 10% off code floating somewhere but expect to be hit with customs for orders over $800. 
  By Walid floral print trousers in cotton. Sadly linen version is out of my size.
Cropped pants? Shorts suck.
Does Antonioli deduct VAT or the fee if price is lower than $800?
Don't think Rick makes the sock sneakers in calf leather. Either way go lamb if calf does exist because the stretch is better and more comfort.   Like these but the branding is too much...   https://www.rickowens.eu/en/US/men/products/rm16f6821lns98-98
Nothing lowtop. Preferably chunky footwear to offset the drop crotch look.   Never a fan of his pods, much prefer his cropped pants.
Idol Brooklyn has some great steals on A1923.   Edit: Nvm the brand is excluded from the extra 20% off.
Thanks @Synthese for the input.    I definitely see the similarities between Transit and Poeme with the overly faded/dyed designs and other derivatives. Might give it a go with a deeper discount but I'm not too keen on the flap pockets, which I just noticed.
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