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To whoever was looking for the shearling mollino -  
 It comes in black too but this color is def more interesting/better.
@Zamb Anything similar to the asymmetric fly cropped pants (brushed cotton?) in the upcoming season? The pair I bought is in heavy rotation but it's too thick for warmer seasons.
That overcoat is tempting but it's pocketless.
  Looks so much better without the zippers.
 Mountain F/W12 i think.
Linda Farrow
      Asymmetric or regular lacing system.
 It's a thick horsehide. I haven't worn the jacket for over a year and I soaked it in plain water a few months back to remove some odor. I applied a layer of conditioner over it after a few days of air drying and it was fine. Pulled it back out recently and this happened. I'm assuming it has something to do with soaking it.
Got the sleeves of my leather jacket wet and white streaks/marks appeared on the back of the sleeves. I thought the leather was dried so I applied some Saphir reno and it was only a temporary fix.   Any product I can use to remove the mark?
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