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Would the sock ramones or adidas collabs look weird on guys with larger calves?
Exactly. The store didn't even update me with tracking either but it's the only goods I've purchased from Japan in the last week excluding a package that is sitting with zenmarket.
 Actually just received a custom duties collection note from USPS this morning, ~$330 value with 10% fee. I've probably done close to 30-40 transactions from rakuten and this is my first time I've been hit with customs. Coincidence..
If you're a size 48/50 I'd suggest going for a size 4 (maybe 3) in TVA. I'm a size 48/50 and own several TVA pieces all in the ranges of sizes 3-5 with mainly size 4s.   I also own that heavy jersey WJK hoodie (MA+ aviator substitute) in a size L that @nicelynice quoted a few pages back and it's very substantial, might even be closer to a parka. My only complaint about the WJK hoodie is that it can be very stiff especially the sleeves until it's worn in and it's very slim.
What's a preferred proxy service for Japan?
Love the last two geos.   Rename this thread to "the official thekunk thread".
  [[SPOILER]] Boring.
 Are these QS or easier to get? Use to collect trainers and these are captivating for some reason...
I also have a 30% code for Yoox to share, pm me your name and email.   Edit: Gone.
All Poeme Bohemien basics.
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