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http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18061   Guidi & Vitello (TTS i believe)
@Synthese Are the pants pinrolled? Liking the silhoutte it produces.
mohawks. I've only seen these on a female irl and even then they look huge.
How does jun hashimoto boots fit? 
Did you fold the collar unzipped or is it able to stand up by itself? His horse version does not go limp at all.
I suggest you getting another tailor if that's custom clothes you're wearing.
Rakuten has the weirdest ranking system ever, recently purchased something from kanful that was ranked D but it was just some mediocre piling....
The zipper on my ~1.5 yrs old kva icarus just broke in half, can it be replaced?
New Posts  All Forums: