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Pretty sure he means you don't have to wait for an individual to help bid for an item while it's automatic.   The last time I used Zenmarket you could declare your package value with no problem just have to pay a very small fee.
I have some relatively large calves (IMO) with ~16" around and 6.5" hems as mentioned above gives off the leggings effect. If that's your case something that allows for stretch (Cotton/EA blend) would be your best bet.   No problem with 7" hem for boot tuck and cropped pants ftw.
 Correct. Deviant Japan also stocks it and for a fraction of the price, just use a proxy. Here's a fit on someone presumably shorter than the model above. 
Want but the struggles of being short. Nice cross between IS and recent patterns of SFTM.  
Intarsia and geo jackets have similar silhouette and the same funnel neck design. The geo has more details (e.g. zippers and extra pockets) and a wider neck which gives it a more aggressive look.   Can't go wrong with either jacket in oiled calf or hammered lamb.
Has anyone shipped to Germany lately?   Buyer wants to mark down an item from 600 -> 60 and I wouldn't do it if customs is a hassle over there.
Mainline down or no bueno. DRKSHDW is too light, even F/W collection, for NYC winters.   Edit: I'm assuming you're talking when it starts shitting snow.
Any stockist out there that has these Ann low tops in this particular colorway besides their webstore?   https://www.anndemeulemeester.be/footwear/shoes-bertoia-antique-grey-scamosciato-antique-grey
 Spring 2015. I hand wash the more delicate Rick tees and air dry them. For machine wash, in cold cycle and dry at the lowest setting.
Ssense's stylist should get a raise. Most of the brands on there are styled well like those layering with the Rick coats.
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