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Has anyone posted a leather washing/shrinking guide here before?   Thinking about throwing a Rick jacket into the washers.
Which season did the memphis pants/denim have a wider hem?
A grail Damir Doma leather that's too damn small, before BBS.   http://page23.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o146981821
 This is true, however, the SZ pic is spot on .
None.   1, I guess. Not a fan of velvety fabric and scoop/low necks.
I'm having a similar problem where the leather gets separated from the sole at a similar spot across 3 diff pair of boots so far. Not sure if the boots are too small or the age.
Could you not differentiate them visually? I mean all three are pretty different with the exception of high armholes / long sleeves.
Pretty sure he means you don't have to wait for an individual to help bid for an item while it's automatic.   The last time I used Zenmarket you could declare your package value with no problem just have to pay a very small fee.
I have some relatively large calves (IMO) with ~16" around and 6.5" hems as mentioned above gives off the leggings effect. If that's your case something that allows for stretch (Cotton/EA blend) would be your best bet.   No problem with 7" hem for boot tuck and cropped pants ftw.
 Correct. Deviant Japan also stocks it and for a fraction of the price, just use a proxy. Here's a fit on someone presumably shorter than the model above. 
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