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It's the same silhouette as all the mainline ramones...
Any recommendations for a pair of white or neutral colored suede/nubuck sneaker? Preferably minimal branding and capping at the price of $300.
That "new" design is just so hideous.
Most of Rick's cotton and silk/viscose blend tees tend to stretch and I would say it's safe to size down one. Hell even some of his wool knits stretch a lot. After a nice wash & dry it returns back to normal.
Any type of oil or product to stiffen back leather, horse in particular?
 Size 42 here and I have the blacked out pair from FW15 and I've also tried on a SS16 pair, they both fit large. Stretch boots def fit larger than most if not all Rick footwear (excl Adidas).
Has anyone handled the free hypervenom 2s (triple white)? I wanted a pair of all white runners and with the price point it's kind of tempting.   Alternatives?
I find it hard to achieve that layered look with the double layer tees. The tee has to be skin tight but it always starts to sag within the hour of wear.   Also, has anyone ever seen the size and "made in italy" engravings on the side of the boots in black ink instead of white?
Would the sock ramones or adidas collabs look weird on guys with larger calves?
Exactly. The store didn't even update me with tracking either but it's the only goods I've purchased from Japan in the last week excluding a package that is sitting with zenmarket.
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