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I think one problem with the discussion is how the parameters are set.  People tend to equate durability and quality when durability is just one component. When you start to consider things like how the sock breathes (letting your foot breathe), what happens to the sock when you sweat, the comfort of the sock there is no question that premium socks offer something different.    For the person who wants their socks to last the longest, you probably don't want a 100%...
Thanks, I actually found a really old tie manufacturer in New York and got my first batch in. I really love how they turned out. Here's a pic of my favourite
I put up a few on my instagram account. Have any of you guys heard of Liberty of London? I was really impressed with the prints on their shirts and ties. Also made my first visit to RRL and loved looking at the suits there.
Looking forward to reading your coverage of Mr. Porter and John Lobb.
What other shows are you guys going to? I'm trying to figure out how much time I need at each and am for sure planning on going to MRKet and Capsule.
Friday sounds great to me, looking forward to it.
Hi, This isn't totally on point for this column but I'm hoping SFers can help me out. I've found some fabrics that I want to make into ties. Does anyone have any suggestions where (or if) in the GTA you can get quality handmade custom ties?
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