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How do I get the straight-line drape on trousers?  I ask because I wear all of my pants too tight and too low.  I am considering a made to measure suit and  I want to make sure a have a ballpark idea of how pants should fit so I can correct any glaring mistakes while being measured.  How much room should i have around the hips, thighs, knees? How do I determine how wide the hem should be to fit properly around my shoe? Thanks!
I am considering it but it is probably outside of my price range, especially with the additional alterations.    Knowledge is half the battle.  If i do decide to go that route, I am in a position to better communicate my concerns with the tailor, thanks to You and Despos.  Hopefully, it will translate to a good fit!
  Thanks for the consulting, guys.  I'll look for a suit with the least-bad fit and stick to more casual clothes whenever I can get away with it.  Since MTM won't work, I will put those pennies toward a bespoke a few years down the road.
Thank you OTCtailor! I really appreciate the help!   So, if I order a shirt from one of these online tailors, would I tell them I have a stoop-ed body type to get the best fit?   I am trying to make sense of this and I think I have it figured out.  Stoop-ed back is my body type and can't be corrected. Forward neck and sway back are forms of bad posture which can be corrected.The combination of these 2 things makes me awkward and gives me a quasi-erect appearance due to...
Here are some pictures of me in an undershirt. I tried to be as relaxed as possible. Any insight as to what type of posture i have will be a big help. Thanks!  
Thanks, Despos.  I will post some pictures in a t-shirt later today for a more accurate posture assessment.   When I unbutton the jacket it seems to swing backward for some reason. The opposite when I button it up. Its weird.
Whats up guys?   I want to thank everyone who modeled their suits and especially thank the tailors.  This thread taught me so much and is the most valuable source of information i found on suiting across the internet.    I heard the word "silhouette" thrown around here and there but i never quite grasped what it meant until i saw this gentleman's jacket:   Now I understand the silhouette, the lines, the balance and drape of a suit.  I want a jacket that...
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