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Watching my 'hawks and the Wild. I can't ever see who it is during the line changes, but the Wild have a strong right d-man, he's all over the place tonight. In a couple of tight scrapes so far (double PPs and such), Crawford has earned his pay.
Is that the "onion" or the bigger brother? I carry a smallish Gerber daily in dress clothes, but in jeans/uniform I have a Gerber 600 multi with M4 tear down tools (I'm in the ARNG)
Arrogant? Not wanting to look like someone who just shows up, works their shift and goes home is a bad thing? A drone is a mindless machine that only follows instructions with no thought or initiative. Any definition you were using, clearly in a negative manner, was not my intent. Ties are dress code. The bow tie is in my usual rotation, but given your advice I may wait a little while before I go for too much flair. Does anyone make a good, (I don't want to say rugged...
I just graduated college and my first "real" (huge air quotes there) job is as assistant manager of a retail pharmacy store. Shirt and tie is a given, but my job makes a suit or sport coat unruly, bothersome (I occasionally still work in the stock room to cover shifts and retrieve lost items for customers) and overly dressy given my position.   How do I stand out a bit from the drones? I was thinking a sweater over the shirt with a regular or bow tie from time to...
Hello,   I just graduated college, starting to take my style more seriously. I am an assistant store manager/pharmacy tech. for a large retail pharmacy and a specialist in the NG. I have a girlfriend of 2 1/2 years and a kitten.
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