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This is true, hence getting suit shop to measure me up.   And then based on how it fits ill have a good idea of size for future suit hunting    Prior to this, id go to a store and try stuff on.
I actually have no idea what my size is... i think 34-36....    If its fits ernesto, then all his :)
Yeah... I am also waiting on a suitshop suit
Nothing like a little reality check to bring my expectations back down to earth
This is what i am thinking, but was hoping someone might say,, they are great and thats a great deal for a great suit :)   Edit: after a little search it seems this is actually the company http://www.himarkmartintailors.com/home.php   And here is the deal http://www.scoopon.com.au/deals/46624/delivered---bespoke-tailored-wool-suit?skipwall=1&utm_source=scoopon&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsnational
Off of the current topics i know. However does anyone have any feedback, good or bad about a company called English Bespoke Tailors?   There is a deal for  "Just $349 for a Bespoke Tailored Wool Suit, Fully Personalised to Your Style - Hand-Made from Scratch & Delivered to Your Door!" at 59% discount apparently.
Wraith, i am still going to buy a pair to try them, whats up with the purple sole though ? Did you choose that or did they come like that without even asking?
Im hoping to have mine in the next week or two
Nothing wrong with feeling good about getting complimented on what you are wearing.
  +1 .. i would be interested to see more pics and details Wraith. Was the $221 a recent price? How long have you had your oldest pair for and are they still going strong? I would like to know more about how you measured your foot and if the more recent pairs fit better than previous if you have adjusted your measurements since your first pair. Any info would be appreciated
New Posts  All Forums: