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In for pre-orders!
Would you ever do an Alden boot run with cigar shell cordovan and a commando sole?  I think I'd spring for that in a heartbeat...
You guys got any more teaser pictures of the upcoming sneakers, preferably in the grey? :D
  Thrilled to hear about the grey calf option!  Haha you probably got another buyer here.
I ordered one of these, too.  Looking forward to seeing yours!
  Wanted to repeat this question!  Thanks, guys.
  Excellent, thanks!  I'd just be looking for a couple staples, so that works out perfectly.  I'll look forward to dropping by. By any chance, does that mean I could email in an order now in one of the more common Walt fabrics and pick it up in person once I've moved in?  Or should I just wait for another Rudy window?  No pressure here again!
Great write up on the upcoming Vass shoes, thanks for that! One question - I'll be moving up to NYC in another month and a half.  Are Rudy fit trousers purely an online MTO thing, or would a couple misc. Rudy pants be available for purchase at the shop?  It's no problem if they aren't and I realize I can't be picky with colors, but figured I'd ask!  Thanks!
Those look fantastic.  Really wish I had one in L.
I bought a pair of sanforized jeans between 11 and 12 oz.  I know that the relatively lighter weight denim won't produce the same contrast fades as a heavier, even 14 oz. weight, but I'm still very much curious how it'll turn out.  Does anyone have any photos of faded ~11.5 oz. denim?   Regardless of pictures, what should I expect with this pair down the road?  Thanks!
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