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Selling my used Epaulet x Southwick Green Cord Sportcoat.  No wear or tear visible on the coat.   https://*****************/listings/54372-epaulet-green-cord-sportscoat     Sizing:   Measurements:  Chest, Shoulder, Sleeve, Length.  18.5" 16.5" 25" 29.5"
Drew has a difficult time confronting failure or delays.  Whenever there is a slowdown or a lull we'll always hear about it afterwards.  Only in the face of ENORMOUS scrutiny does he really come forward.  I'm at a position where I can only dream that sometime within the next 5 years I'll get a package from Korea.  It's only due to the diligence of a few and sheer mob power of complaints that we were able to get a simple spreadsheet out.  I open the spread sheet every other...
Last update on the spreadsheet was on the 5th by Drew
With the new style the local bar:    STYLEFORUM > FORUM > ETC > ETC   is no longer clickable because it's being hidden by the search bar.   The HTML for div="full-width-content" is still there
in a good or bad way? :)
yous should be able to add/edit a new row, make sure you have a google account so you can lock the row you edit
9 orders were completed 6/25 according to the spreadsheet
I emailed both the TOJ standard email and the drewspreadsheets@gmail.com  email.  My response was from the TOJ standard email. 
Finally got confirmation on my address change, it took 7 months but it's something.  No idea when the jacket will be made unfortunately.
It seems drew is making updates to the spreadsheet around every two days.  Unfortunately it's really hard to see exactly what he changedd.  Last update was done at June 24th 11AM EST
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