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Just got shipping confirmation on my MTO Individual Shirts!  Pink & Teal band oxfords.  Will post when I get them!
QDR waitlist, we aren't even mentioned
fantastic outfit
i picked up the teal and pink in band & cigar pocket!
Mike,   also noticed the first page of royal oxfords in: EPAULET BY INDIVIDUALIZED MADE TO ORDER SHIRTING PERENNIAL OXFORD & ROYAL OXFORD is not selectable in the drop down menu.
from my previous experiences with cigar pockets it's a regular pocket with a divider to hold a pen / cigar.  this one is thicker than ones that normally holds pen's so think the diameter of a normal cigar
Did the PERENNIAL OXFORD & ROYAL OXFORD beaded teal already sell out?  I barely got a chance to look at everything and noticed that color option is already gone.
amazing jacket, great photos too!
will the testers please upload photos? :)
Great outfit!  even better cat
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