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A few more WvG shirt pictures for the contest   Wool Flannel & Llama   And the Panda Camo (I dropped my remote and it broke, the look on my face is the exact point the remote dropped from my hand)
 Maruo-   The suit looks fantastic, I'm also wearing a WvG OTR suit in Green Flannel with a WvG Edo Animal Print 
Do you have a fit picture by chance?
Kap120: The sleeves for all my BD small shirts have been the same size.
Mauro-   I'm still a relatively new customer to you (3-months) and from a consumer standpoint I am most interested in your shirting patterns / fit and well-made standard wear (sweater, shirts, suiting).  You choose excellent fabrics and styles which are quite contemporary and work for my style.  The reasons I choose to buy your clothes over other makers is your amazing patterns as well as your choices in construction.  I'm still on the edge of ordering the Hoodie but a...
Copped the Khaki, Edo Animals, and Samurai!  I'll have to take in the Edo Animal later because only the after dinner was not sold out :D
In case anyone is on the fence about the Navy MDR, it's wonderful!   The navy is very dark and the calf is very soft.    
Does it say:  90% wool, 10% polyamide
crap i just read it was a size 40.... my apologies.
I have stopped machine drying my shirts and hang dry now!
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