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Cool, sent you an email just to make sure the number is still correct.
 I'm sorry that your business affiliates are getting involved but this comes back to everyone's gripe about a lack of communication about a pre existing order.  We are basically playing a role of a repossession team trying to find out what's going on.  I'm still way back in the queue for 11/13 but I'm moving soon and I've sent out two emails with an address update without any return.
 I can stop by to help out tomorrow night
 Could you link or move the list of participants to the top of the thread so we can see who's in it?  Also I'm listed twice :)
I wear J Crew small & small slim and I own the speckled chambray in small.  37 chest, 5'8 150lb.  Great fit in the body & sleeves even after 2 washes.
so anyways...... How about that MA-1!  The pictures look great!  Are there any more detailed measurements on the arms?
Fit pictures:         I just want to say thank you to SiJin and Mauro for helping me out with the sizing process.  I was arrogant in thinking I knew my size (originally slated at 31) but after some communication with SiJin the size 33 were definitely the better choice in terms of comfort and fit.  
Honeycomb looks great for shirting material, I think the grenadine would make for a nice set of chinos
@diniro great fit!  Thanks for posting your size
Just got the all go after talking with SiJin.  Pants will be here tomorrow but I won't be able to pick them up until Monday.  I hate to say that I'm a weekend warrior because I want to wear these on the weekday...... but all it would be doing is getting office chair fades :(
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