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Great outfit!  even better cat
Just got shipping notification on my grey trousers! 
 I think the most determining factor right now is probably your shoulder size.  Right now you sound like a small but due to your weight you "could" fit a medium.  I have 16.7 shoulders and small WvG fits me very well.  If your shoulders are a bit broader then medium would make the most sense.
I wear a small slim fit Brooks Brothers, never tried the extra slim fit.  WvG is shorter on the overall length of the shirt and is more slim than my slim fit.  Sleeves are about the same as well as neck.
 I wear a SM BD and the fit is very similar to GBV small except there's not as much flair on the bottom of the shirt as GBV.  I actually find the regular SM a bit short on the sleeves for me so I get monkey arms for most of the casual shirts because I prefer a longer sleeve.  I'm 5'9 150lb for reference.
great look!
Just got the 120 plaid wool.......... this shirt is RIDICULOUS.  I almost can't believe it's a wool shirt.  Very soft and fits perfectly as always.  
I got it last Friday.  The chambray is thicker that any normal chambray and has a crisp nature to it.  The color is a fantastic dark color and fits me great on a small.  I'm 5'8 150lb 37 chest. I normally take a small in epaulet's shirts
No problem! With Jeans:     With Trousers (Mink Cashmere):
EMERSON JODHPUR BOOT PLUM RADICA MUSEUM CALF by CARMINA (First Impressions and Thoughts)   First Impressions: I saw these come up on the Epaulet website a few weeks ago and thought these were right up my alley as I've been spying a dark Chelsa-like boot for a while but didn't like the look of the Chelsa.  These fit the bill and have a very unique color to them so I jumped on it.   Thoughts: The color is subtle but visible and these are my first Jodhpur boots so...
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