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great look!
Just got the 120 plaid wool.......... this shirt is RIDICULOUS.  I almost can't believe it's a wool shirt.  Very soft and fits perfectly as always.  
I got it last Friday.  The chambray is thicker that any normal chambray and has a crisp nature to it.  The color is a fantastic dark color and fits me great on a small.  I'm 5'8 150lb 37 chest. I normally take a small in epaulet's shirts
No problem! With Jeans:     With Trousers (Mink Cashmere):
EMERSON JODHPUR BOOT PLUM RADICA MUSEUM CALF by CARMINA (First Impressions and Thoughts)   First Impressions: I saw these come up on the Epaulet website a few weeks ago and thought these were right up my alley as I've been spying a dark Chelsa-like boot for a while but didn't like the look of the Chelsa.  These fit the bill and have a very unique color to them so I jumped on it.   Thoughts: The color is subtle but visible and these are my first Jodhpur boots so...
same here :)
Sigh... I have the same problem with my richer and poorer socks.  Strangely my J Crew dress socks are still fantastic.  I just got some Corgi and Anonymous this year so we'll see how long they last.
size 9 :) you're good
email sent!
works fine for me. Does anyone know what scored back means?  I totally forgot (Edit: It's the V on the back, it's very awesome) Mauro the grey flannel is something I've been searching for this entire season.  Very happy you have it
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