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Seems like we'll be passing through September without anything.  Fuck you paypal bank draft.
Brandname: Downfall
Selling my used Epaulet x Southwick Green Cord Sportcoat.  No wear or tear visible on the coat.   https://*****************/listings/54372-epaulet-green-cord-sportscoat     Sizing:   Measurements:  Chest, Shoulder, Sleeve, Length.  18.5" 16.5" 25" 29.5"
Drew has a difficult time confronting failure or delays.  Whenever there is a slowdown or a lull we'll always hear about it afterwards.  Only in the face of ENORMOUS scrutiny does he really come forward.  I'm at a position where I can only dream that sometime within the next 5 years I'll get a package from Korea.  It's only due to the diligence of a few and sheer mob power of complaints that we were able to get a simple spreadsheet out.  I open the spread sheet every other...
Last update on the spreadsheet was on the 5th by Drew
With the new style the local bar:    STYLEFORUM > FORUM > ETC > ETC   is no longer clickable because it's being hidden by the search bar.   The HTML for div="full-width-content" is still there
yous should be able to add/edit a new row, make sure you have a google account so you can lock the row you edit
9 orders were completed 6/25 according to the spreadsheet
I emailed both the TOJ standard email and the  email.  My response was from the TOJ standard email. 
Finally got confirmation on my address change, it took 7 months but it's something.  No idea when the jacket will be made unfortunately.
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