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I got both the whale and sheep shirt.  The sheep shirt is insane and I highly recommend it to anyone who can get one in either navy or grey
Very very cool!
Here are some macro shots of the new Seersucker shorts.  They are amazing.  Fair warning they are fairly sheer so wear appropriate underwear :)      
yeah the wool lining was a bit much haha.  Sorry for so many questions I'm just trying to not have remorse before I send my return package.  Do you normally wear larges?
How did you find the fit?  I'm returning my medium for a small because it's just slightly too bulky right now.  I am worried I won't fit the small's shoulder.
Oxblood!  Thank you sir :)
After a few months of waiting, I finally got my MTO VASS double monks!       Larger Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/MEsa2
 Amazing color on the LBM!
is this pre or post soak?
A few more WvG shirt pictures for the contest   Wool Flannel & Llama   And the Panda Camo (I dropped my remote and it broke, the look on my face is the exact point the remote dropped from my hand)
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