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Leather stretches and the insole compacts after a few wears. Shoes that fit just-right on first wearing become a bit loose and shoes that feel tight on first wearing become just-right. I have had two pairs of Church and a pair of Vass start off too tight and are just perfect now.
Wear these lightly the first few times and the leather will stretch. Over time you will be able to close the V.
Hi All,   I currently wear size 7E for both Edward Green 882 and C&J 337. I should be 40.5 for Vass U last? Thanks.
Wow. Such a long post about nothing.
Isolation : your suits have shoulders that are too wide and the waists are too suppressed. They look like power suits from the 80's. They would look a lot better if the shoulders weren't so padded and the waist let out about 2 inches. The back should not have such a pronounced V silhouette. Seeing that these suits are from different tailors but share the same cut, maybe you requested them to me made like that?
I used to wear them quite regularly years ago but I found them way too inconvenient when working at the desk. Of course, if I were to have meetings all day then my preference might change. Now, only for dressy/formal occasions such as weddings.
Looking professional (in a European sense) in a hot, humid environment is almost impossible. Often you'd just need to dress like the locals, which would probably mean short-sleeve shirt, no tie and tropical wool trousers otherwise you would be over-dressed (and feeling miserable in sweat).
The price should be Listed Price divided by 1.20 (for VAT) and multiplied by 0.8 (for discount).   There should be no difference whether you adjust VAT or 20% discount first.
My Savoys.
I currently have the Strand and Savoy. The Aldwych will probably be my next purchase. Loake 1880s are great shoes for the money and I readily wear them in rotation with more expensive shoes.
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