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Just purchased my first Kent Wang polo and I love it. The thickness of the fabric is definitely a plus, as it drapes better and does not wrinkle as easily. Sizing was crazy, however. I'm 6 feet, 180 pounds and reasonably fit. I take a slim fit medium in Brooks Brothers polos but had to size up to a XL in the Kent Wang. Both fit me very well but the fabric quality on the Kent Wang is superior.
I have a 1963 Constellation that belonged to my grandfather. It was in rough shape when I got it after being unused for a few decades. I took it to a consignment jewelry shop that had a professional watch repairman on their staff. Repairs took a couple of weeks and cost $500 for a complete cleaning and repair with all Omega parts but his labor.
Honestly, I would not worry about it too much. I have worn prescription sunglasses for 20 years and nobody has ever noticed that they are more or less dark than anything else.   You may want to investigate high-quality eyewear boutiques; I have found them to do a better job than a place like Pearle or LensCrafters. They can help you select a set of sunglasses frames that will complement the lenses well.
 Me too. I'm six feet even and the Large is the perfect length. I even mistakenly sent one through the dryer and it didn't shrink too much and is still a good length.
Fit is very narrow, much narrower than a pair of Park Avenues. Length is normal but I would suggest going one size wider than what you would normally wear.The Amok is OK but the suede at the toe box is wearing at a faster rate than the rest of the shoe so I will probably not spend the money to get it resoled. The toe box has a harder cap to give it some structure and I have noticed that the suede there wears thinner after brushing it after wears. Allen Edmonds said that...
 The fabric and style of the tuxedo shirt is to die for. Unfortunately, the fit did not work for me. I ended up spending twice as much on a shirt with the same style that had inferior fabric, IMO, to get one that fit me better.
  I have the KW Handgrade brouge (not benchgrade) and the AE Rutledge. I am no great judge of shoe quality, but they appear to be a similar value. The KW shoes have a more comfortable last, small details like a fiddleback sole, and are lighter. The AE look to be a bit better constructed, are heavier, and have a nice lining. As for leather quality, the two are different but both have high quality leathers. The AE leather is more rigid, while the KW is a bit softer and more...
Spend an extra $25 and get yourself an outstanding navy grenadine tie from Kent Wang.
I believe it's the brown. I don't thnk that these came in a "snuff suede" option, but the brown would be as close to that as possible. I'm wearing my chocolate ones right now and the color is definitely different. That said, the shoes in the advertisement would need to be cleaned when you get them. Sapphir Suede Shampoo would work really well for that application.   Personally, I would probably try to pay a few extra dollars and try to find a new pair on sale because the...
If you want something really slim fitting, check out Kent Wang. Quality is second to none, but you need to be fairly tall and skinny to fit into it properly.
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