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Pic of said traveller
Just picked this and a traveller jacket up for below consignment prices. Anyone know what year this bomber is from? Can't find it for sale currently. reversible LP storm system goose down quilted bomber.
Is WestLinn supposed to be referring to the neighborhood outside of portland? 
Charvet makes quality silk, so if you want it to be un-wrinkled, I would simply untie it and let it hang from the skinny part, so that the larger parts are both hanging down. Leave it for a couple days and the wrinkles will likely disappear.   Don't iron it!   and don't give it to a dry cleaner either. Both those actions will likely leave it in worse shape. $40 for charvet anything is great. don't sweat it.    if you absolutely need to tie it for presentation, there...
yeah that should really be the end of it. Does anyone else get slammed with these requests? I get them on probably %60 of my international sales. 
Hey guys. So i just sold my biggest ticket item yet, at 2k. International express to london, but the buyer just asked me to value it at $100 "because he already paid taxes in US and it will be shipped faster". I usually just brush these off as I print and buy shipping through ebay. But I'm a little worried about this one. Is there any chance that writing the proper value can backfire against me? I guess I'm just anxious about him getting nailed with a ton of taxes and...
 When I started out, I found three pairs of big E vintage selvedge levi's with a back sinch, so they were from the 30's. they were at a buffalo exchange for $20 a piece. I left them because they weren't 501xx. I think they said 505.  I still think back to that day with great remorse. 
A thing? Can't tell from net and don't know work wear much.
Man, some of those looks are awesome. Love that belted overcoat / robe. So cool.
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