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if you've got the money to throw at it, I'd say go for it.  or sell it to me. 
That thing looks like it belongs in a museum. I'd be in a tough state altering it, but I probably would if I had a good tailor to do it. 
loro piana pants: $50 shipped   15.5 waist (stretchy thing that can be covered or opened) 28.5 inseam (none to let) 38.5 top to bottom 8.5 leg opening   borrelli: $sold   16 waist 38 1/4 top to bottom 28 inseam (1.75 inch to let) 8 width leg opening         the loro piana's have a movable tab that either covers or releases a little stretchy section. good for after a meal or if you're sitting down a lot. 
I feel like with this kind of stuff, its more of an investment in advertising, I'd be surprised if they made more than one or two. If someone has any more insight on that, please fill me in, I've always been curious about these kind of wildly out there things with stratospheric pricing. 
Currently Visiting chicago for the first time. It's crazy how true the differences in dress are vs the west coast. Anyone have any tips for sales or thrifty places to hit right now? I've got two days in the city. Any help is very much appreciated.
I'm crying over that SC. fucking being 38L sucks ass. 
ugh bro.    Spoo how are you not keeping that winter weight for yourself? 
Yes:      "Hi! For quick identification of your item and leaving you a feedback please write eBay item number on your packaging. I would really appreciate if you sent the tracking number after shipping the item."     Is this legit or should I cancel the transaction? I had worldwide shipping everywhere..
hey does anyone know this buyer zappeastusa4 ? he just bought something from me and has 149K feedbacks. That's like buying full time all day every day... no feedback as seller that I can find. sketch?    http://www.ebay.com/usr/zappeastusa4
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