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Ive had my IRs for 5 years now. The only thing that is not great during winter is their traction. If you're on ice the soles turn into slippery nonsense. So, you can either get them resoled with grippy things, wear little clip on spikes, or just walk very carefully. Other than that use LP and be awesome. 
can't believe someone hasn't kopd yet.
Spoo, you still thinking of doing the LS trunk show in NY?
I would just like to point out that trying to find an apartment share sucks fucking ass.
Looking for advice: Buyer bought a nwt Hermes uniform shirt. The shirt was clearly described as not as Luxe as the standard Hermes. Buyer recieves the shirt, and says it's fake. Doesn't say why. I explain how it might be different than something he's seen previously, but it's legit. He says: That's fine, but it doesn't address the issue. I don't want this item. He opens a return, I escalate, and it's found in his favor. The rep said that unless I have a certificate of...
I'll help with strike. I don't have any money to buy things, but I'd like to engage in some way, so Im totally down. 
retailed for 10K? really? that seems like an exaggeration.        edit: I take back my previous statement. I went to the same sample sale, but this years edition. They did indeed have bolts of fabric with original prices of 10k and up. 
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