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I just did a little research, apparently the ones that say "Hermes - Paris" can either be the heavy silk "Lorde", or the patterned "H" ones. Comparing the paisley to the crow one, the paisley feels much like heavier silk, so that might be the reason. 
Found these two yesterday, first Hermes, they feel like really nice silk, especially the paisley one, but I don't know much about the fakes, any ideas if they're real?                   
Hey Guys,   So I bought this piece from Nsuited during their sale a two weeks ago, I decided to return it but forgot about the week deadline, they might take it back, but they seem to be busy and aren't getting back to me just yet.    Anyhow, if they say I can return it I'll pull the listing, so this will maybe be available for a couple days, so act fast if you want it.    Tagged 40, but fits a slim 38 / drop 8   The bamboo / cotton blend is really incredible, its...
Is that shoulder measurement seam to seam? it seems a full inch wider than other cucinelli's I've tried on in a 50
I have never been much attracted to pocket squares, but holy hell those things are incredible. 
I understand all too well. 
If you're not entirely happy with it, I would be happy to take it off your hands.    Really though, these all look crazy awesome. 
Yay giveaways! WHOOP WHOOP
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