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Hey guys,    An SF member took the pictures of a pretty rare jacket of mine I had for sale and is using them to sell his own jacket. I've asked him to take his own pics on SF, he closed the listing and now put a new one up on Ebay. I'm pretty pissed because I'm still interested in selling my jacket, but now there are two listings with the same exact pics. He took all of my pictures, without asking, and is using them to represent a different jacket.   SF name:...
I stopped waiting altogether. i don't remember anyone who excitedly pmed me about something actually deciding to buy it.
Where is this location?  edit: nvm its online lol
I quit 
Why are you using pictures I've taken of my jacket for this sale?     Please take these down and use your own pictures. especially if you've shortened the sleeves on your jacket, you're misrepresenting your piece. 
this is what i wanted to hear.
I bought a cucinelli jacket that was super-fake.    opened a return case citing that it was not authentic. Seller escalated the case, eBay closed in my favor stating that they were issuing me a "courtesy" refund, which was in my account in a day.   the eBay case says nothing about shipping the jacket back. If I'm late shipping it back / don't do it (I plan to), would the refund be reversed?  theres nothing about a return shipment at all in the case.    the seller...
Buday Whiskey Shell Cordovan Shortwings.  Double leather soles with 56 brass nails, goyser welting, brass toe plate, rubber half heel. Fully leather lined interior with a comfortable insole. Shoes come with bags and lasted alder wood shoe trees.  Made in Hungary.   SOLD   Sizing These Buday shoes are tagged size 11 US and fit approximately one size larger.   Unused, Perfect condition. New with box, lasted trees, extra laces.   Get them here and avoid the five...
Extremely recent Kiton 50EU Green windowpane sport coat. Braided leather buttons, super soft fabric, minimal shoulder padding. Hand sewn functioning sleeve button holes. No damage, excellent pre owned condition.        Shoulder (seam to seam across back):18.5  Chest (pit to pit): 22 Waist (across slimmest point): 20 Length (from bottom of collar): 31 Sleeve length (shoulder seam to end of cuff): 25.5
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