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Sorry for the thread derail, but could anyone tell me know model and last of aldens the shoe on the left is? It's excellent. 
For sale here is a brand new with tags current Fall / Winter 2014 / 15 Wool Cashmere Silk blend down puffer jacket with fox fir trim. This jacket is currently for sale on Brunello Cucinelli's website for $6,355, not including sales tax.    The jacket is for sale online and can be viewed at cucinelli's website under the outerwear section in fall winter 14.   2400 2000 1900   Fabric Content: 87 wool, 6 Silk, 5 Cashmere.   Down Fill   Argentinian Fox Fur Hood...
 I can get behind that. 
 I'm curious about your reaction to this.  maybe this guy has laid the flag on a small table, then taken pictures of it. maybe a full sized table. Would that make a difference? or Is it the idea of material gains with an american flag involved? Would it be better if he had hung the flag then taken pictures of it with a mannequin in front? Like you, not trying to start an argument. I'm genuinely curious because I live in a very liberal area and my social circles do not...
The last couple pages of this thread...   I think it might be time for me to take a break from reading all the ranting. This shit has gotten weird. 
Steve madden is a low tier brand that focuses on quantity over quality. Finding a discontinued item is not realistic. Fortunately, if you're really dedicated to the idea, nearly every sunglasses brand puts out an aviator style.    That said, you should probably set your goals on different sunglasses. those look pretty unattractive imo. 
Sup guys,   Just won a sale on italian ebay, ships international. I've got an invoice to ship, but he wrote me that if I use paypal he wants an extra %6. Obviously this is against ebay policy, but should I just pay and see what happens, or talk to him about it first? New seller,  820 euro hammer price, so the six percent he's asking for is like $65
Just got this e thrift in the mail. Made in UK shearling duffle coat for barneys.     
Damn thats legit as hell.
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