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dang bro
jesus christ.
Black orphan $30 Worth it or pass?
Dressing well can be done at different levels of formality. If you're feeling tension, its probably because your level of formality is too high. Dressing well while avoiding the "where are you going after this?" sorts of comments is the pursuit of many here.    Edit:    I would look into the way different fabrics / cuts / colors / jackets impact the perceived level of formality. Its a more nuanced subject than it appears. 
Does ring jacket ever have sales in their tokyo shop?
So shipping insurance added through the Ebay shipping check out process is pseudo-legit, while added insurance through paypal usps checkout is significantly shitty?
has anyone ever actually successfully made an insurance claim through usps? Im under the impression that the added insurance is pointless and you'll just get jerked around indefinitely if you actually try to cash it in.
shipping question.    Buyer paid for two jackets, both at $400 a piece, with 40 a pop intl shipping. Located in south korea. he paid for priority express, but paypal shipping labels are only available for standard intl priority shipping. Should I just put them both in one box and ship standard priority, or would it void seller protection?
Wish those suede boots were a size larger.
@mosivy  any way you could make the pics in your posts larger?
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