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Sup guys,   Just won a sale on italian ebay, ships international. I've got an invoice to ship, but he wrote me that if I use paypal he wants an extra %6. Obviously this is against ebay policy, but should I just pay and see what happens, or talk to him about it first? New seller,  820 euro hammer price, so the six percent he's asking for is like $65
Just got this e thrift in the mail. Made in UK shearling duffle coat for barneys.     
Damn thats legit as hell.
I've had two pass through my hands, and they are excellent. I would compare the quality to kiton or brioni. Really it doesn't get much better. I think its a very flattering cut, much more so than many of kiton or brioni's stuff. The only upside to the other two is that they will frequently have more luxe fabrics, but after the shine wears off cut and fit matter most. Had i the money I'd get a ton of it. 
Epic. What was the final price on it? 
what was everyone getting excited about? steep discounts?
Have all the good lbm's on yoox gone? 
 Totally possible. I guess we'll never really know, the mystery continues! 
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