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 GADDAMN that yohji
 They are sized in mens.
If only Buzz was still buying.
Not quite thrift price, but probably 1/15th  of what they could pull at a consignment shop.  apparently, the 8K price is actually from a half off sale. Original retail was ~17k. part of the "1921" collection.
anyone know much about the Margiela timeline? picked up a pair of linen pants, but its Labeled "Martin Margiela". nor mason martin margiela or mason margiela. anyone know what year these might have been made / when they changed their name the first time?    
C&J cordovan 11E   Minty Filson    
RLPL and SUSU    
David Reeves Solid Navy Wool Sport Coat. No tag, but fits similar to 38 / 40 R/L. Please check measurements!    285 $185 $125 100     Shoulder (seam to seam across back): 18 Chest (pit to pit): 20 Waist (across slimmest point): 18 Length (from bottom of collar): 30 Sleeve length (shoulder seam to end of cuff): 26
I would file a chargeback if possible.
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