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@mosivy  any way you could make the pics in your posts larger?
Its the apartment I share with 2 roommates. I got very lucky.  What is not shown: the Vitra chairs and the Noguchi free form couch.
first selfie. Sorry for shit quality.   Zegna Couture / Yamamoto / Kiton  
You are right, if you don't have the pants it does indeed just look weird. If you stick around a while, you'll find that pinstripe jackets (along with a number of other patters) are regarded as "orphans" when they don't have pants. 
1. Balenciaga 2. Kiton 3. Zegna Couture 4. Saint Laurent 5. Louboutin 6. Versace 7. Tom Ford 8. Jil Sander 9. Luciano Barbera 10. Ferragamo
Low consignment pricing. spring 2015. Might keep if I can get over the cropped-ness. weird as fuck but pretty sick. 50/50 wool silk.    
Just picked up this guy for a benjamin. Most golden bear stuff I find is sort of off by a detail or two. I think they really got it with this one. Interesting color, fucking awesome mid weight leather, bemberg lining.    stock photo, the one i found doesn't have the pocket zips.     
I've experienced this too. $500 jacket, refused at customs, wouldn't pay for another shipment to london. They filed a chargeback and I kept the jacket and the money while paypal took the hit. 
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