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i know, crazy right? was really hoping they were cut long, but alas, they're super short and look like capris on me. lol.
picked these up, minty fresh. Anyone here a short guy with a 31 waist?    15.5 / 16 waist 39 outseam 28.5 inseam        
agreed, despite the light color, the cotton based fabric would lend itself to infrequent use and only during summer / spring. Not something one would want for their second or third suit. what is the color of your canali? if it is grey or charcoal maybe consider a dark navy suit?
felt like posting a positive story involving paypal in contrast to the usual crap they get from people:     this is a long story, which was really lame, but I'll condense it for y'all's sake.    -A woman buys a jacket from me, I ship it to the uk.  -On the way she decided that because it has finished sleeves, it can't possible be NWOT.  -She let's it sit in customs for two weeks and its returned to me.  -I tell her per ebay rules she needs to pay me again to reship...
This is an absolute staple sport coat from Isaia Napoli. It’s tagged a 40 Short, but fits slim like all Isaia jackets, so it may be better for a 38 short. all pockets are still sewn shut, no signs at all of use, it could be brand new! The fabric is a beautiful mid weight wool flannel, with 85 percent wool, 10 percent cashmere and 5 percent silk.   Base “S” Flap Pockets W/ Ticket pocket Side Vents Two Button Non...
hey guys, I just posted a 38L summer sport coat from orazio luciano la vera sartoria. Check my listing for deets. I've got another in a charcoal grey, that I'll put up for sale shortly.      http://www.styleforum.net/t/389338/summer-orazio-luciano-la-vera-sartoria-light-grey-sport-coat-38l-slim/0_40
Was that chanel your auction record? 
That was a hell of a week for Spoo
Those are fake, they say they come from aus but are shipped from china. One member here has some experience with it. 
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