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Get It While It's Hot!!   550  500   For sale is a fantastic sport coat by Orazio Lucano La Vera Sartoria.   Tagged a 50/40, but measures a 38 Long. Medium weight worsted wool, in a deep charcoal grey color. Completely hand made, pick stiching everywhere, you know the drill. It has no signs of use, bottom pockets unopened. Beautiful functioning button holes have been added. Has not been worn!    Measurments:    Sleeve: 26 Chest: 20 Waist: 18.5 Shoulder seam to...
Best shirt haul from a single store to date. the rest of the stack (5 more) were zenga's, all XXLT. The borrelli is the fattest most awesome linen ever. Can't figure out how to rotate picture...    
I could probably ghetto-rig a base out of a short mic stand I have laying around. 
So I found a mannequin that I might get on the CL asking price is $50, It's a little different than what most people here have, would this work pretty well? would the shoulders be a problem? apparently its got a wire bit so you can hang it from a ceiling, but no wooden stand.   Advice?    
Right?  The guy had to be half blind to think that one was grey.  ugh.
Sorta thrift I guess:   I picked up 2 la vera sartoria sport coats from a guy "NWOT" for a pretty good price. One's grey and the other is almost black. Unfortunately the guy described them both as being grey, and the one that is actually grey has two small snags / holes at the arm pit, and a slight stain, which weren't described. If any 38L's out there want to cop from me for $350 a pop, pm me, otherwise I'm going to try and return them. 17.75 shoulders, 26 inch...
Ugh bro.
I've got about 18 positive feedbacks, one neutral, and paypal is still holding my payments in purgatory for two or so weeks, saying they'll stop when I have more feedback. Is anyone familiar with this? When is it supposed to end?
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