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Ugh bro.
I've got about 18 positive feedbacks, one neutral, and paypal is still holding my payments in purgatory for two or so weeks, saying they'll stop when I have more feedback. Is anyone familiar with this? When is it supposed to end?
Ok, I'll probably price it higher next time, thanks for the info.
charvet. did i price it too low?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/EPIC-Charvet-Tie-Gold-And-Blue-Unreal-Sheen-/261385426597?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item3cdbc916a5
Hey guys,   only picked up one tie at my last trip to the thrift, though it was a charvet. and it sat at home a couple days until I decided to try and up my photo game. I've got one of those lamps that has five bendy heads on it, which i can use to point down at something put in one super bright white light and four natural yellow ones, then I got a hand held lamp with another really bright white light, and decided to try and model Spoo's tie photos with a black...
Picked this up the other day. Borrelli navy corduroy sport coat. 40 / 38 long. Seems recent, the "B60" model with nerano shoulders, functioning cuffs (and ticket pocket!) . fits me pretty well, but the shoulders could be taken in by 1/4th of an inch, and it could be slimmed down a bit. I guess If i keep it I would have that done. Pretty stoked though. It seems to be a made-to-measure for one "Leboit, P". Anyone familiar?    Extra buttons in the pocket, too!        
Spoo,    How did you get to be so awesome.
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