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Im not really sure why you would care so much about a sartorio by who suit. Its a sartorio suit. The basting stitches indicate its new, I doubt anyone would go to the lengths to restitch basting stitches in. The buttonholes look nice to me, I wouldn't worry so much. 
Alright assholes here's your shot for some minty fresh Kiton goodness straight from the mothers teet. Spring Summer 2013, none of that old crusty shit from 2002.   retail was $6,800   the tag pic is of another jacket, tagged 38 its just here to show its really truly a 2013 model. This jacket is EU50.    cashmere silk linen blend, mid weight. Functional button holes, flap pockets, dual vent, with a gleam so clean you'll cry tears out of your eyes.      Shoulder...
I would stay with these two:   Maison Marginal: will have more interesting cuts, if your into "fashion" Incotex: will be more conservative, but likely more lux fabrics.   Also consider Panta, does MTM pants for under $400, which rank up there with the best.
Minty fresh gift card. They sell allen edmonds and inis meain, as well as some other rad stuff. 
Move to NYC ---> get sweet recording studio job ----> keep thrifting, not selling -----> lose sweet recording studio job ----> thank god for the closet full of thrifts to sell.
First neg feedback.    Buyer wanted me to falsify customs forms, sent a bunch of really confusing google translate messages, then wanted me to refund him customs charges.    left this feedback:   "EBAY PESIMO THROUGHOUT, the agreements are to meet them. NEVER AGAIN WITH THIS E"   called eBay, they said they can't remove it because he's stating an opinion. I asked for a supervisor to call me back.    thoughts? would very much like this thing removed.
Trying to ship priority to Czech republic, but for some reason the print your shipping label function only allows first class mail. Anyone here experienced this? 
Anyone know if the original APC "Cure" model is worth more because its discontinued? picked up two NWT pairs. 
#20002 lol
New Posts  All Forums: