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Was that chanel your auction record? 
That was a hell of a week for Spoo
Those are fake, they say they come from aus but are shipped from china. One member here has some experience with it. 
picked this up the other day, cool brown linen silk blend, haven't seen too many single breasted peak lapels from zegna. It's a little off on me, so available if anyone wants. PS anyone know what the "F" stands for in 50F?         
no 11 or 11.5 :( def would have gotten one of the chukkas
that chanel man, I don't know how you got that dude, but congrads.
Langlitz bra.
Alright Guys, here goes.    I bought this from the original owner, he said he never wore it, and neither have I. The fabric is really light and breathable, while still seaming durable. Quarter lined, 100 percent virgin wool. The wool has a slight stretchy quality to it, its really sweet. This thing would be awesome for anyone in hot or humid weather during the summer. It's cut really slim, so anyone that isn't a drop 8 would have too let the waist out a bit, but there's...
 thanks man!
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