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he sent a photo, the heel looks like it just came off, cleanly unglued. 
4 days since delivery, 20 days since payment.
Looking for advice: Buyer purchases a paid of pre owned wolverines. I didn't see any signs of damage other than light wear. Buyer messages me, saying that after he wore them twice, once of the heels came off. He says this constitutes a snad. Should I accept the return, offer a $15-20 to cover a cobbler regluing, or fight it? No returns in the listing.
Can't find any sold listings online. Anyone know the going rate for Tom ford dinner jackets like this? Can't tell if I should try to haggle down and but it. At 350 right now. 38 drop 9
These are the kinds of days that I open up the thrift thread, scan through it, and wonder what I'm doing with my life. 
 GADDAMN that yohji
 They are sized in mens.
If only Buzz was still buying.
Not quite thrift price, but probably 1/15th  of what they could pull at a consignment shop.  apparently, the 8K price is actually from a half off sale. Original retail was ~17k. part of the "1921" collection.
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