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Some shit pics of cifonelli suit. 2007 bespoke, staple gray with pants. 42 R available.    
NIB Buday 12D US Shell Budapesters up for grabs.  
Hey guys,    An SF member took the pictures of a pretty rare jacket of mine I had for sale and is using them to sell his own jacket. I've asked him to take his own pics on SF, he closed the listing and now put a new one up on Ebay. I'm pretty pissed because I'm still interested in selling my jacket, but now there are two listings with the same exact pics. He took all of my pictures, without asking, and is using them to represent a different jacket.   SF name:...
I stopped waiting altogether. i don't remember anyone who excitedly pmed me about something actually deciding to buy it.
Where is this location?  edit: nvm its online lol
I quit 
Why are you using pictures I've taken of my jacket for this sale?     Please take these down and use your own pictures. especially if you've shortened the sleeves on your jacket, you're misrepresenting your piece. 
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