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Ugh bro.
I've got about 18 positive feedbacks, one neutral, and paypal is still holding my payments in purgatory for two or so weeks, saying they'll stop when I have more feedback. Is anyone familiar with this? When is it supposed to end?
Ok, I'll probably price it higher next time, thanks for the info.
charvet. did i price it too low?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/EPIC-Charvet-Tie-Gold-And-Blue-Unreal-Sheen-/261385426597?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item3cdbc916a5
Hey guys,   only picked up one tie at my last trip to the thrift, though it was a charvet. and it sat at home a couple days until I decided to try and up my photo game. I've got one of those lamps that has five bendy heads on it, which i can use to point down at something put in one super bright white light and four natural yellow ones, then I got a hand held lamp with another really bright white light, and decided to try and model Spoo's tie photos with a black...
Picked this up the other day. Borrelli navy corduroy sport coat. 40 / 38 long. Seems recent, the "B60" model with nerano shoulders, functioning cuffs (and ticket pocket!) . fits me pretty well, but the shoulders could be taken in by 1/4th of an inch, and it could be slimmed down a bit. I guess If i keep it I would have that done. Pretty stoked though. It seems to be a made-to-measure for one "Leboit, P". Anyone familiar?    Extra buttons in the pocket, too!        
Spoo,    How did you get to be so awesome.
Hey guys,    I've been reading through all of this, and I have to say its pretty inspiring. Over the last year I've pretty much gone from ground zero to filling out my wardrobe a bit and flipping a little over 1k worth of stuff, which for me (lowly college music student) is pretty awesome. It's cool to think that you can do something interesting and fun (thrifting), and end up making more than ~$9 an hour, which is what society tells me my time is worth.    Anyway, I'm...
Great Cucinelli sport coat that doesn't quite fit me right. It was apparently a sample, which might account for why there is no content tag, though I was told it was 90% cashmere 10% wool when I bought it, and it definitely feels like it.   Made of a very light and playful fabric, this piece would be great for someone in a warmer climate, or for summer use elsewhere.    Functioning button holes, 3 roll 2 construction, side vents, brown suede elbow patches, very minimal...
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