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Damn. Which season is this from?
I'm not in any need now, but after spending some time in a quilted bomber i just picked up, I don't think I'll be able to send it to any old place for upkeep. Does anyone have any experience bringing their outerwear to a LP boutique for any alterations / repair / cleaning? Any ideas what the pricing is like?
Indeed. I unstitched the pockets of the bomber myself, the other is pretty close to mint as well. maybe a couple wears. top score of the year for me, for sure. 
pretty much what was going through my head when i opened the package.
Pic of said traveller
Just picked this and a traveller jacket up for below consignment prices. Anyone know what year this bomber is from? Can't find it for sale currently. reversible LP storm system goose down quilted bomber.
Is WestLinn supposed to be referring to the neighborhood outside of portland? 
Charvet makes quality silk, so if you want it to be un-wrinkled, I would simply untie it and let it hang from the skinny part, so that the larger parts are both hanging down. Leave it for a couple days and the wrinkles will likely disappear.   Don't iron it!   and don't give it to a dry cleaner either. Both those actions will likely leave it in worse shape. $40 for charvet anything is great. don't sweat it.    if you absolutely need to tie it for presentation, there...
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