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felt like posting a positive story involving paypal in contrast to the usual crap they get from people:     this is a long story, which was really lame, but I'll condense it for y'all's sake.    -A woman buys a jacket from me, I ship it to the uk.  -On the way she decided that because it has finished sleeves, it can't possible be NWOT.  -She let's it sit in customs for two weeks and its returned to me.  -I tell her per ebay rules she needs to pay me again to reship...
This is an absolute staple sport coat from Isaia Napoli. It’s tagged a 40 Short, but fits slim like all Isaia jackets, so it may be better for a 38 short. all pockets are still sewn shut, no signs at all of use, it could be brand new! The fabric is a beautiful mid weight wool flannel, with 85 percent wool, 10 percent cashmere and 5 percent silk.   Base “S” Flap Pockets W/ Ticket pocket Side Vents Two Button Non...
hey guys, I just posted a 38L summer sport coat from orazio luciano la vera sartoria. Check my listing for deets. I've got another in a charcoal grey, that I'll put up for sale shortly.      http://www.styleforum.net/t/389338/summer-orazio-luciano-la-vera-sartoria-light-grey-sport-coat-38l-slim/0_40
Was that chanel your auction record? 
That was a hell of a week for Spoo
Those are fake, they say they come from aus but are shipped from china. One member here has some experience with it. 
picked this up the other day, cool brown linen silk blend, haven't seen too many single breasted peak lapels from zegna. It's a little off on me, so available if anyone wants. PS anyone know what the "F" stands for in 50F?         
no 11 or 11.5 :( def would have gotten one of the chukkas
that chanel man, I don't know how you got that dude, but congrads.
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