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Anyone recognize this?
Buying sunglasses online is the ultimate shot in the dark. but man I still kinda want to try these.
Amazing jacket. Great preowned condition. Thick hearty zippers and supple amazing leather. Measurments are taken with the first zipper zipped, the jacket will be slipped with the second zipper zipped instead.  Tagged EU48 Made in italy.  No signs of wear on leather that I can see, some scuffs on zippers. Approx 1.5-2k retail. Shoulder (seam to seam across back): 17.5  Chest (pit to pit): 19.5  Waist (across slimmest point): 18  Length (from bottom of collar): 24  Sleeve...
Dilema incase anyone has had the same experience:   buyer opens not received case, says package was never delivered. Tracking shows "status not updated" after the package went out for delivery. Buyer opens INR case over 60 days after the sale, paypal refunds buyer, says I should file an insurance claim, but USPS doesn't accept insurance claims past 60 days. Am i SOL?   if I am not, will usps give me more than $50 for it? I didn't buy extra insurance. Shipped priority...
Damn that sucks. some nice boots :(
Stick around, read lots of threads here, and you'll eventually be able to answer your own question.   That will take a while though, so best to probably post some pics. Just off the cuff though, generally charcoal gray jackets are suits with matching pants, trying to match them with pants of a different fabric will never look that good. 
They're on the narrow side of D. I'm selling because there's just barely not enough width in the toe box for me.
Some very nice brioni shoes recently picked up           Margiela replica    
If you're wanting to buy a tom ford suit on eBay, but don't have the experience yet to confidently identify fakes, then you should probably be asking yourself some questions.    You would likely be better served by reading more info online, trying on more things in person, and starting with brands that deliver a better cost to value ratio than tom ford. 
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