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Found this old guy yesterday. it felt like some crappy 60's tie, then saw the back. it was kinda beat so i didn't get it, could go back though, its at one of the little mom and pop places near me. figured it would be worth posting though.       
Pm me if you're interested. 
Thanks for the reply. I always thought the sizing had more to do with the shoulder width than the chest, and being at 19 inches I figured 42 was a close bet. If sizing has to do with the chest as a primary factor rather than secondary, I thought wrong.I ended the listing,  (EDIT) double checked measurements: chest 25, waist 25.5 (ugh) 19.75 shoulder (wtf i suck) . Im putting this listing at 48/50, seems like a solid bet.  thanks for the help. also changed to best offer. 
yeah I guess you're right. I figured since its july it would be the most desirable time to buy a seersucker, but I guess not if its sizing is way off.  How much would you guys price this at? I've looked at A&S a bit, and the hammer prices are all over the place. 
yeah the chest and waist are huge. think I should end it and realist at 100 or something?
Just started my first .99 auction for something. sort of nervous.    http://www.ebay.com/itm/261532241289?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649    
No one is going to fake Chester Barrie. There are a lot of dated slubby silk jackets out there. It it has a high gorge someone might want it, post pics of the full face of the jacket. If the lapels are really low its likely not worth anything.
are the shoulders on the LP bespoke really 16.75? you say it measures roughly 42 in its size. crazy piece, arms two different lengths, wild.
  For sale is a really unique sport coat in a grey POW fabric with blue details. Made in a durable and comfortable mid weight flannel, it’s sure to last years. Exceptionally little shoulder padding, quarter lined, duel vents. triple PLEATED patch pockets, they’re incredible. elbow pads in pattern matched fabric, so if the elbows ever wear out, you can just take the pads off. buttons have been added, but without any sort of button holes, so they can be...
This is the first bespoke cifonelli I've seen on here, I think. Was hoping it fit a little younger, but alas, it has a pretty sturdy shoulder and is ventless. measures a 42 reg if anyones interested!   
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