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I know. The thing is dead mint too. I was amazed.
we should get a crowdfunding together to just buy this guy this hat so we don't have to see this bumped anymore.
Congrats Matt! If I ever have an excuse to be in your area I will def come by.   
Sweet mother of god
Looking for critiques on my pic too. Ive been trying out photoshopping the background white for some main pics. does this look good? over saturated? anything I'm missing?   Before / after. Using lightroom wand to up exposure on the background. I don't actually remember doing anything to the body of the pic apart from bring the blue out to match the color in person.          
Good look! Its 26, mistakenly put the body length in.
2 button. Super ultra light shoulder padding.
Full canvas, hand sewn buttonholes, incredibly soft leather details, two interior leather pockets,  triple patch front with leather inside front pocket. Functional cuffs, unlined except for sleeves. Textured fabric that doesnt wrinkle like pure linen.  Wears a bit warmed due to the %46 silk. Great all weather jacket. No damage, front button is loose. Single vent, really cool elbow pleats in the sleeves.   %46 Silk -%54 Linen   Shoulder (seam to seam across back):...
The best parka you can buy. %100 Goose Down fill Wool Cashmere Silk Blend Parka. Coyote fur trim on the the hood collar. Hood is removable.  Amazing leather detail. 6 front pockets, Extra buttons, Brand new with all tags. Incredible deep textured navy herringbone fabric.    Tagged EU 54      Chest: 26.5 Waist: 25 Sleeve length from shoulder: 26 Length down back: 35 Shoulder seam to seam across the back: 23
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