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Pre owned, in beautiful condition. I believe it is from 2013 or 2014. A rare thing to be up on these forums. Beautiful camelhair that feels almost as soft as cashmere, substantial and durable. Entirely handmade, double top stitching everywhere, collar completely hand attached, full canvass. Everything you'd expect from Cesare Attolini   Retail likely near 10K     $1,850 1,450   Please note: price does not include shipping. INT shipping available.    Shoulder Seam...
Guys, I've been wanting to get a briefcase for a while now, but Im having trouble finding something thats not too business-y while still looking fresh.    I think this thing is super legit. Does anyone have any brands they know of that I should keep an eye out for on the bay that might look like this?  
yeah there were a lot of culturally narrow things in the movie. [[SPOILER]]
I saw it too. It was fun seeing all the tailoring in the movie. The film overall was really ruined for me by the empty characters and sexism. 
11.5 D I've always written off old floorsheim shell, I guess I just figured it would not be anything close to current alden ect. Should I reconsider? 
all the casual jackets i've seen by them have been pretty cool. I think they're almost exclusively sold by barneys. Pretty bad resale value, but if its NWT and a size 32 or so I'll buy it off you. 
 Thats awesome man, congrads.
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