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Langlitz bra.
Alright Guys, here goes.    I bought this from the original owner, he said he never wore it, and neither have I. The fabric is really light and breathable, while still seaming durable. Quarter lined, 100 percent virgin wool. The wool has a slight stretchy quality to it, its really sweet. This thing would be awesome for anyone in hot or humid weather during the summer. It's cut really slim, so anyone that isn't a drop 8 would have too let the waist out a bit, but there's...
 thanks man!
Can anyone identify this?   Found something pretty interesting today in the women's section, 99% positive its mens. Its like a shirt-jacket (blouse?). anyway, pretty sweet tweedy fabric, no content tag or maker, only a "made in france". it's got a pocket cover with no pocket on the inside, which is weird, quarter lined and finished seams on the inside, the lining is either silk or imitation silk-polyester stuff. canvassing on the chest / into and through the button...
   Yeah I'm pretty low on the goth-ninja scale. 
Despite my lurking, %90 of what I wear is SWD. Can't say I'd have much use for leather pants, unless they're for riding. Always down to check out jackets though. I commissioned a langlitz four years ago and it's been my trusty sidekick ever since. I have been thinking about a second thought, maybe one that isn't specifically used for sliding across cement. 
Unfortunately I didn't include that info. Just that the pockets were sealed, and it was unworn, and pictures of the finished sleeve along with measurements.
I got the jacket from the original owner, who said he never wore it after he had the sleeves finished. When I got it I looked it over and the pockets were all still sealed and the spare buttons were still there, i had no damage or signs of use, so i put it up as NWOT. Do you guys think that finished sleeves is enough to say it's used?
Hey guys, I'm in a spot of trouble. I sold the la vera jacket to this woman on Feb 27th, and it's been held at customs ever since. The tracker says its just waiting for her to pay and pick it up.  The jacket had all its pockets still sewed shut and had no signs of use, thought the sleeves were finished. the first owner said it was unworn, so I described it as "new without tags".   Today I get this message:   Hi _____ Thanks a lot for your email.  As I was waiting for...
Weird thing happened to me.    Listed an isaia sport coat, sort of a strange one, hard to get a buyer. A guy bids on it, then a day later some random account that is just a string of letters and numbers places a bid. No feedback, so I check his account, it was created that day. I sent him a message that if he messaged me back where he was located and that he intended to pay for the jacket, I would let his bid stand. He didn't, so i deleted his bid.    the other guy...
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