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Some recent finds. Most higher end thrift price / low consignment.   Berluti 9.5     Attolini suede SC     Brioni SC 36S     Eidos SS16 M     Tom ford patrol jacket 52
agreed. I feel in my heart of hearts %100 douche saying it correctly. 
Condolences for your loss. Looking forward to seeing his work though, Its a nice thing that you're finishing his last piece.
Tom ford thrift fit
that bitch is cray 
Here's to hoping Luxeswap moves into manhattan and takes over the scene. 
 It was the most recent in a long chain of shitty interactions with people at INA. especially the mens only store. I wish there were a way to contact the owner, If my employees were acting like that I would really like to know. Tried looking up anything to contact, but it just seems like it'll get fielded to the people I'll likely be writing about.
Went into INA in NYC today, locals might know it. They had a redic fur lined rlpl overcoat up in front. I asked if I could try it on, the guy said "do you have 4,800 to buy it?" I said not really, He said I couldn't try it on. Having reached my shaming quota for the day, I left. Wished I were in luxe swap.
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