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I would file a chargeback if possible.
Hey guys, for some reason I have a pending balance on my paypal account, similar to when I started using eBay. I haven't had any pending balances that I couldn't withdraw in like two years. Anyone else run into this?
Retail $1,000. Worn once. Tagged US 11E.
Idk, from what I've seen Isaia really changes their manufacturing a lot. I've seen shirts with amazing hand sewn buttonholes and others with crappy looking machine done ones, with the same label on them. Idk about plastic buttons, but i wouldn't really be surprised if they used them on their "sport" shirts. 
This a thing? I don't really think it's real shearling, kinda hard to tell though other side of tag says "lining: 70 acetate 30 cupro" theres no fabric lining that I can find, so I imagine it refers to the "fur".
dang bro
jesus christ.
Black orphan $30 Worth it or pass?
Dressing well can be done at different levels of formality. If you're feeling tension, its probably because your level of formality is too high. Dressing well while avoiding the "where are you going after this?" sorts of comments is the pursuit of many here.    Edit:    I would look into the way different fabrics / cuts / colors / jackets impact the perceived level of formality. Its a more nuanced subject than it appears. 
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