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Thats because its not.
Ive had customers chargeback and paypal ate the costs and protected me because i followed the seller rules.
 If the buyer of that paid i quit for life
Any ideas on how to price this? Any fur experts on here can confirm fur type? Marc Jacobs thick cashmere w full (Chinchilla?) lining. Fur is not tagged. Some of the fur has come unstitched and there's a tiny nickel sized part on the chest near the armpit that has a bit missing. So it'll need to be repaired.  [[SPOILER]]
Think I could get more than 600 for this? Marc Jacobs cashmere bomber, sheared mink inside.
Anyone here have wisdom on cleaning suede? The attolini suede is in great condish but the shoulders have some darkening on them, and a tiny pen mark. Any good products out there? suede erasers? 
About 98% sure this is attolini. soft as buttah. Whole thing hand sewn, really a thing of beauty.         
  I would be this and more for spoo if I got some rick and guidi.
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