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These are the kinds of days that I open up the thrift thread, scan through it, and wonder what I'm doing with my life. 
 GADDAMN that yohji
 They are sized in mens.
If only Buzz was still buying.
Not quite thrift price, but probably 1/15th  of what they could pull at a consignment shop.  apparently, the 8K price is actually from a half off sale. Original retail was ~17k. part of the "1921" collection.
anyone know much about the Margiela timeline? picked up a pair of linen pants, but its Labeled "Martin Margiela". nor mason martin margiela or mason margiela. anyone know what year these might have been made / when they changed their name the first time?    
C&J cordovan 11E   Minty Filson    
RLPL and SUSU    
David Reeves Solid Navy Wool Sport Coat. No tag, but fits similar to 38 / 40 R/L. Please check measurements!    285 $185     Shoulder (seam to seam across back): 18 Chest (pit to pit): 20 Waist (across slimmest point): 18 Length (from bottom of collar): 30 Sleeve length (shoulder seam to end of cuff): 26
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