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Stick around, read lots of threads here, and you'll eventually be able to answer your own question.   That will take a while though, so best to probably post some pics. Just off the cuff though, generally charcoal gray jackets are suits with matching pants, trying to match them with pants of a different fabric will never look that good. 
They're on the narrow side of D. I'm selling because there's just barely not enough width in the toe box for me.
Some very nice brioni shoes recently picked up           Margiela replica    
If you're wanting to buy a tom ford suit on eBay, but don't have the experience yet to confidently identify fakes, then you should probably be asking yourself some questions.    You would likely be better served by reading more info online, trying on more things in person, and starting with brands that deliver a better cost to value ratio than tom ford. 
Sometimes I check the thrift thread and feel fine.    Other times I check the thrift thread and see spoo continue to dominate so hard that it makes me just slowly shut the laptop. 
Anyone here have good luck with iron on patches for moth holes, or some other method less costly than reweaving?   Normally i wouldn't be interested, but I picked up a mainline yohji yamamoto Shacket - pants combo in a really dark navy, with probably 6 tiny moth holes in different areas. I'd like to keep it for personal use, and considering the baggy nature of the pieces, it seems like tiny patches behind the fabric would work just fine for casual use. 
This thread has taught me to never dry clean anything. 
This is incredibly poor taste.   Edit: If anyone here is struggling with weight or eating issues, please speak with a health professional. There is always a way to get to where you want to be safely.
Shipping advice:   $1,600 item sold domestically. Ship USPS Express or Fedex? Never used fedex before but I remember reading at some point its more secure or something?
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