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Is this really from Bernie Madoffs stuff?
That suit will be really low quality, and definitely not worth the money.   If you're interested in suits, and what will look good, you should stick around the forum and do more research before buying anything. 
Listen to despos. Don't steam it. Take it to a tailor and have it pressed. 
  Perfect condition Isaia Napoli from recent collection. Fall / Winter weight flannel with deep and rich colors. Really an excellent piece. No shoulder padding at all, as is standard with Isaia’s Dustin model. Tagged EU 54L, but isaia fits generally a size smaller, and the Dustin model slimmer still. Would be excellent for a 40L or a slimmer 42. Please check measurments to be sure! Handmade button holes on lapel and body. Sleeves are functional!...
Deets on the bay. Brand new, current label. Super soft suede looks ballin.   Shoulder seam to seam: 20.5 Chest: 23 Sleeve: 25.5 Length from bottom of collar: 33   http://www.ebay.com/itm/261984842927?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
sorry, a typo. sleeve length is 26.5
Hey guys, looking for a spot of advice:   I'm looking to buy a pair of LWB's in #8. A local store stocks Alden, but they didn't have the perfect size for me, so they have another two pairs in larger sizes coming in a week.   Ive got two questions:   1) I feel pretty great in an 11D barrie, but I have a little bit of pinky toe pressing thats making me nervous. The back / heel feels amazing though. Should I size up by .5, or maybe look into finding a B/E size?   2) I...
Calling Spoo...   can anyone tell if this is legit?   picked up this berluti wallet online, seller said it was "leather" but I took a chance on it being alligator instead of stamped. I can see little "pours" that I think are an indication of authentic croc/gator? but I'm not sure. Can anyone tell if its legit? I guessed berluti wouldn't sell an embossed wallet, but I guess you never know.    
Just bought that guys isaia casentino pea coat. Let me know if that bomber doesn't work out.
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