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I stopped by barneys in LA to check out the new Cifonelli RTW line. Though they only picked up a handful of pieces, it was really interesting checking them out. Quality is excellent. I was surprised by the smaller lapels on the suits, when the SC's had a wider notch. Would love to have one of their SC's if I had the cash. The shoulder and chest shape was really excellent.
Thrift Bros:   I am in LA. Anyone know of cool things happening in / out of the thrift world?   Here until Tuesday.
Hmm. I think they were priced at 700 or so each, I'll go back and check on tuesday. I just went on a date with one of the employees, so maybe I could get a discount 
Does anyone here know if Tom fords embroidered dinner jackets are significantly more expensive than his standard fabric ones? A local shop has two shawl collar dinner jackets with unreal elaborate embroidery all over them.
Yeah, they sold for just under $400, so I'm kind of disinclined to take a return, but I'll just see how it goes.
I just sent back some more info, saying they were def authentic. I think if the buyer keeps pushing I'll just wait it out / deal with the return process through eBay customer support.
They were listed with no returns.
Hey guys,    So I sold a pair of chanel flats earlier this week, and the buyer has doubts to the authenticity because the chanel stamp on the bottom of the flats is lower on one shoe than the other. the flats were super well made, excellent quality leather and perfect finishing, so Im positive they're legit. Is there anything I can do besides just offer a return?
three years...
This is amazing.
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