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you would need to post pictures of the labels on the inside of the jacket for anyone to help.
Hey dudes,   So, I picked up a pair of NWT 3X1 jeans from a new-ish ebayer, he described them only as "jeans" and provided the pictures from barneys online.   Got them thinking they were standard denim jeans, turns out they're very lightweight cotton twill fabric, which is pretty much useless to me. Opened a case saying he didn't accurately describe them, ebay ruled against me. Anything I can do? or should I just bite it and make sure to ask about fabric type / weight...
Just tried on a couple pieces from this brand, thought they were really rad. Don't really know much about it.   Anyone else have any experience, or know of anyone selling some of their pieces?   Particularly liked their black linen pieces.   http://www.sixty-nine.us/collections/general/products/crossover-alls   http://www.sixty-nine.us/collections/general/products/cocoon-dress-black-linen
 The jelly, it overflows.
Curious to see pictures.
I would steer clear of those. Though I have no hard evidence to say so, i assume that any clothes made to ride the train of a movie (first Gatsby, now Kingsman) are not ultimately going to be that great. If you're looking for a DB suit like the ones featured in that movie, I would recommend looking into DB suits as a whole, and other brands not associated with the marketing team of a hollywood movie. 
Im sort of a 48L, but in slimmer italian brands like Isaia Im a solid 50R/L. do you guys think the beige valstarino in the 52 would be too large for me?
  Tie between a NWT 2014 Cucinelli down parka with fur hood trim and a cesare attolini camel hair polo coat. Both made 1k.
Anyone know how to see what the final price was on a best offer item that sold? I used to be able to see it if I clicked the "print" button on the sold listing, but it seems that doesn't work anymore. Any ideas?
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