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Amazing bomber jacket from when Marc Jacobs was at its peak in menswear. 100% heavy weight cashmere fabric with full body and arms  sheared fur lining. I believe its beaver, but the fur content is not marked. Fur is incredible feeling and amazingly warm.  PLEASE NOTE: There is a section in the upper chest area where the fur is coming undone. The jacket will have to be repaired by a fur specialist.  There are three pictures at the end of the listing of the damage. The...
Its so nice. I have literally no use for it, I've been trying to convince myself that because i never have a real need to wear a suit, when I do i should go full out.  Ugh. Bespoke from 2013 as well. 
Attolini chalk stripe in brown flannel S160's. 38/40L Really torn on having the waist taken in and keeping
Streetwear people. Is this old Rick Owens? No identifying marks, but super nice leather and really skinny long sleeves. Kind of looks like a stooges?
Full lining, winter weight. Seems to be half or full canvas. Not the original owner, but I think it was made in NYC.
Great condition. Some small scuffs, hardly any use. Amazing pair of shoes which retail for above $2,000. Tagged 9.5.       Tagged Size: 9.5 Outsole length: 12 Outsole width: 4
  Amazing Suede jacket by Cesare Attolini. This jacket is made by their tailors, not the outerwear factory, so its up to the standards of their(amazing) suits and sport coats. The patch pockets are sewn on by a single thread. Pick stitching on every seam, functioning hand sewn buttonholes. Softest Suede there is.    Jacket is pre-owned, so there are some slight signs of use. The faintest discoloration on some of the shoulder...
Some recent finds. Most higher end thrift price / low consignment.   Berluti 9.5     Attolini suede SC     Brioni SC 36S     Eidos SS16 M     Tom ford patrol jacket 52
agreed. I feel in my heart of hearts %100 douche saying it correctly. 
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