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Calling Spoo...   can anyone tell if this is legit?   picked up this berluti wallet online, seller said it was "leather" but I took a chance on it being alligator instead of stamped. I can see little "pours" that I think are an indication of authentic croc/gator? but I'm not sure. Can anyone tell if its legit? I guessed berluti wouldn't sell an embossed wallet, but I guess you never know.    
Just bought that guys isaia casentino pea coat. Let me know if that bomber doesn't work out.
At buffalo, Chanel flats @ $65 pretty good shape. Kop?
If you're talking about sport coat sleeves, get them shortened by your local tailor.   as far as finding a brand that compliments a small chest and general frame, try eidos napoli. 
Good look!
Deets on the bay, discount for SF members!       http://www.ebay.com/itm/261968848441?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
If I remember correctly, Hermes started a bespoke program where they ship their measurements off to Pacs de luca (I think?) with some collaboration on the design, but that is not the MTM program. anything I've seen from their RTW and MTM does not have a french silhouette. 
Perfect condition, pockets still sealed shut. Suede elbow pads and under collar. Five functional leather buttons on each cuff, center vent, triple pleated patch pockets.   Tagged 58 EU   Chest: 23 Waist: 20.5 Sleeve: 26.5 Length: 31 Shoulder:19.5   850 800 750 690 645
Perfect condition sport coat in pure wool. Medium weight. Five functional buttons on sleeves, ticket pocket, dual vent, single breasted. Tagged EU 62 R. Its amazing.    Shoulders: 19.75 Sleeve: 26.5 Length: 32.5 Chest: 25 Waist: 23   More photos incoming!    850 800 750 690 645
New Posts  All Forums: