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Shipping advice:   $1,600 item sold domestically. Ship USPS Express or Fedex? Never used fedex before but I remember reading at some point its more secure or something?
Anyone ever seen one of those giant promotional Levi's for sale? There's a pair at a local place, size 74 waist / 40 something length. ~$250 Can't find any sold listings for it. Small e, selvedge.
Its one significant pleat, then two much slimmer, shorter pleats. So I guess three pleat? or 1 and two half pleats? 
sick nasty
Very rare recent Bespoke Cifonelli suit. Completed in december 2006-2007. Mid weight gray wool. 3 roll 2 jacket. Soft but durable fabric.  the extra lines in the back of the pants are from an incorrect pressing.  No discernable damage or stains. Great preowned condition. No tagged size, so please check measurements.    Does not include hanger.    Inches / Centimeters   Shoulder (seam to seam across back): 18.5 / 47 Chest (pit to pit): 21.5 / 54.5 Waist (across...
Some shit pics of cifonelli suit. 2007 bespoke, staple gray with pants. 42 R available.    
NIB Buday 12D US Shell Budapesters up for grabs.  
Hey guys,    An SF member took the pictures of a pretty rare jacket of mine I had for sale and is using them to sell his own jacket. I've asked him to take his own pics on SF, he closed the listing and now put a new one up on Ebay. I'm pretty pissed because I'm still interested in selling my jacket, but now there are two listings with the same exact pics. He took all of my pictures, without asking, and is using them to represent a different jacket.   SF name:...
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