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 The jelly, it overflows.
Curious to see pictures.
I would steer clear of those. Though I have no hard evidence to say so, i assume that any clothes made to ride the train of a movie (first Gatsby, now Kingsman) are not ultimately going to be that great. If you're looking for a DB suit like the ones featured in that movie, I would recommend looking into DB suits as a whole, and other brands not associated with the marketing team of a hollywood movie. 
Im sort of a 48L, but in slimmer italian brands like Isaia Im a solid 50R/L. do you guys think the beige valstarino in the 52 would be too large for me?
  Tie between a NWT 2014 Cucinelli down parka with fur hood trim and a cesare attolini camel hair polo coat. Both made 1k.
Anyone know how to see what the final price was on a best offer item that sold? I used to be able to see it if I clicked the "print" button on the sold listing, but it seems that doesn't work anymore. Any ideas?
Ugh man. I'm sorry. 
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