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Colors and lighting look excellent. I think the deapth of field could be a little wider on some. The mannequin shots look a tiny bit out of focus? maybe thats just the compression?     Overall looks great and I would feel comfortable as a buyer.
I do not offer returns, and the request came almost 3 hours later. Which is weird.  Maybe I can try offering to let him use my pics to resell if he wants? 
Question regarding cancelling a transaction. A buyer just purchased and paid for a jacket from me. BIN at $3,600. (this was a not-obo item)    2.5 hours later he asks to cancel the transaction stating he just learned he wont be able to afford it because of bills. The moneys already transferring to my bank account.    do I have to honor the cancel request? Can I just tell him to resell it with my pictures? I have no returns stipulated. I was very happy to offload such...
Anyone got some recent recommendations for great alterations work in Brooklyn? I live in clinton hill. Figured it would be cheaper if I can find a spot in BK, but Im wary of bad work. I need to find somewhere to take Attolini/kiton/brioni stuff and not have it ruined.
  I had a very similar thing happen. First i went through the whole CM discovery phase, and after 2 years slowly began to work my way back into what i guess you call SW&D. I've got a few grail CM's, brioni 3pc, Attolini Sc's ect, and lots of interesting trousers now, but most of the CM phase just serves as reference at this point. Understanding how the foundation of it all works allows you to contextualize the "fashion" cycle. Now I end up with wearing more odd stuff like...
%10 rule?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯      
56% Cashmere, 29% Silk 15% Nylon Amazing jacket from Rick Owens mainline. 2012/13. Pockets sealed, tags attatched.  (Retail tag with price is not attached), though garment care tag and extra buttons are.  New! Amazing soft textured fabric. Very slim cut. Lowest two sleeve buttons are non functional,  so sleeve alteration is easy. Color is Black, a little hard to capture. Shoulder (seam to seam across back): 17  Chest (pit to pit): 18.5  Waist (across slimmest point):...
Good used condition. Some signs of wear, pills worn off a bit under arms ect. Measurements forthcoming. Fits TTS for isaia 50. Full canvas. 
Amazing bomber jacket from when Marc Jacobs was at its peak in menswear. 100% heavy weight cashmere fabric with full body and arms  sheared fur lining. I believe its beaver, but the fur content is not marked. Fur is incredible feeling and amazingly warm.  PLEASE NOTE: There is a section in the upper chest area where the fur is coming undone. The jacket will have to be repaired by a fur specialist.  There are three pictures at the end of the listing of the damage. The...
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