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Amazing jacket from the Attolini. Condition is MINT. Still has the maker tag on the inside of the jacket. Looks completely unused.  Finished functional sleeves. Wool Silk Linen blend. Soft hand, quarter lined.       Shoulder (seam to seam across back): 20 Chest (pit to pit): 24 Waist (across slimmest point):22.5 Length (from bottom of collar): 31.5 Sleeve length (shoulder seam to end of cuff): 27
  Any ideas as to the date? edit: seems like 70's. pretty obvious considering the style. Also, the shoulders on this jacket look really, really nice. 
Some prime cuts from the last month or two            
Looks like an employee uniform
Could be right. I just had two tom ford parkas pass through my hands. One was retail and the other seemed to be a sample, with jank tags on the inside, but the coats were identical. Same materials, buttons, everything. But if you were to just look at the jank tag one you might have thought it were fake.
I would guess real just on the wine colored shearling front. It seems odd that anyone would go to the effort to fake a shearling, especially with real shearling.
wow crazy!
Snakeskin D&G anyone? Couple hundred at a local spot
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