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theres a guy on the forum selling a 38/40 kiton tux for ~1300 in the style you're looking for.
What's happening with this low gorge thing? I checked out the latest zegna couture line and it was the same thing. Can someone explain how this is desirable? it looks awful to me.      Zegna Couture:       Berluti:      
looks like a result of improper pick stitching to me.
damn i would love to see disclosure. 
deets on the A&S seersucker: if anyone is interested let me know, otherwise its hitting the bay   19.5 shldr 27 chest 25 waist 25 sleeve 34 length
Can I get an authenticity check on this? chanel ain't my bag.        
Hey does anyone know what happened to Nsuited? It looks like their affiliate thread has been deleted. I pmed them once or twice about some belvest's, but never heard back. 
 that's pretty cool looking. damn. looks like it would fit me too. ugh.
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