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First recent hermes tie. Super nice.
  Opened link - press buy it now - "error" - refresh - this item has sold. Fucking cock tease of the week. 
any competent tailor will be able to compensate for unequal shoulder height. The back is substandard for any tailor, and should not be accepted at all. 
Yeah man thats a tough one. Looks old as hell. I was thinking maybe langlitz, but they've been good about labeling. 
 Is there anything on the inside of the inside pocket? can you take a picture of the material in there?
In spirit of art thrifting. Picked up this lithograph cause it looked amazing, sitting at a local mom and pop un framed. Got it for $3. Went home and found out the artist sells them for 900 a pop, this one was for the 86 expo, and isn't available anymore. Artist name is Ted Harrison. Side picture to avoid glare.
looks like the boots could be looks like the boots could be by MOMA or Officine Creative
    Fucking epic super recent cashmere/linen kiton. tagged 44. practically no shoulder padding.    wish this thing fit me so hard. available. 
Checking the authorities on shipping matters here:     $350 New with tag and box scarf. 1 pound, 2 ounces. shipping to london, purchased with $39 in shipping charges, but shipping is listed as first class international. I think I meant to list it as priority international. Anyhow, should I buy priority at $40, or first class at 20? Would I be jeopardizing my seller protection by buying a different (albeit better) shipping?      advice much appreciated! 
I still want Luxe swap credit to happen. C'mon spoo, lets get that rolling. Luxe-Bucks.
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