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looks cool wear it and be cool
No content tag inside, but feels legit.  you really think its not worth more than 2k?  this guy went for 5k? 172351555596
Anyone have recommendations for pricing this as BIN obo?   Kiton navy mid/heavy weight %100 Vicuna overcoat eu58.        
Also I picked up an M.a+ reverse deer leather aviator jacket. sleeves were shortened, so idk if it works on my 6'3 body, but still pretty rad. looks like this but sleeves end at wrists.  
Heres a coupe recent digs. all nyc resale prices, before anyone gets too stoked. well under market value / %10 though. Dior shearling is FW7, Hedi's last season. Brioni vicuna is brioni vicuna.                 
shut down EVERYTHING
Under %10 so I feel like it deserves to be here New isaia alpaca / wool overcoat. So soft and squishy and legit
I am a music nerd, so this may not appeal to all. but this song is crafted very well, and is really fun to listen to if you enjoy a bit of dissonance every now and then. plus the baroque thing is too fun in general.   
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