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11.5 D I've always written off old floorsheim shell, I guess I just figured it would not be anything close to current alden ect. Should I reconsider? 
all the casual jackets i've seen by them have been pretty cool. I think they're almost exclusively sold by barneys. Pretty bad resale value, but if its NWT and a size 32 or so I'll buy it off you. 
 Thats awesome man, congrads.
God damnit i want some shell longwings so bad. 
I'm not the best opinion around, but if you're in london, why not consider a bespoke piece from a proper savile row tailor? Maybe anderson and sheppard? I imagine it would be around the same cost as the Tom Ford MTM (maybe a bit more) and would undoubtably look better.    Maybe if you're certain you'll never need the tux again, you could get it converted to a standard suit after the wedding?
hey guys,  Two years ago I thrifted a gaberdine overcoat from the 60's, tagged "bergdorf goodman mens shop". The thing was totally handmade, its awesome.    then I just saw this sulka jacket on ebay. Its got the exact same embroidered "passport" pocket in it, and the same golden lining. Does that mean that the bergdorf jacket I got was in fact made by sulka?     
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