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Anyone here have wisdom on cleaning suede? The attolini suede is in great condish but the shoulders have some darkening on them, and a tiny pen mark. Any good products out there? suede erasers? 
About 98% sure this is attolini. soft as buttah. Whole thing hand sewn, really a thing of beauty.         
  I would be this and more for spoo if I got some rick and guidi.
Can anyone give me recs on pricing? Ive got a 2003 Dior suit up. Really nice condition, but I have no idea how much to expect for it. Any ideas?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIOR-HOMME-Hedi-Silmane-2003-Leather-Look-2-Piece-Suit-Jacket-Pants-52-Runway-/262628936701?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT
I know. The thing is dead mint too. I was amazed.
we should get a crowdfunding together to just buy this guy this hat so we don't have to see this bumped anymore.
Congrats Matt! If I ever have an excuse to be in your area I will def come by.   
Sweet mother of god
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