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three years...
This is amazing.
Picked up this lady for abut %85 off. Hoping to turn it for a bit more. Size 38 incase anyones got a special someone in their life.   
Considering I'll be moving to NY soon, I would like to be on the list.
If ya'll keep posting about my jacket I'm going to have to raise the price. 
1.5 inches
$265 can get you a solid new or lightly used suit by much better makers if you put in the time and effort into finding it. Getting a Belvest suit on eBay or something from Luxeswap's auctions for that price will actually yield a solid result if you play your cards right.  
Is this really from Bernie Madoffs stuff?
That suit will be really low quality, and definitely not worth the money.   If you're interested in suits, and what will look good, you should stick around the forum and do more research before buying anything. 
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